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LED There Be Light - Driving and Accessory Beams

High-output, low-power-draw lamps for your diesel project

Nov 8, 2013
Photographers: The Manufacturers
One of the fun things about building a diesel truck is you get to modify it to your liking from top to bottom. A good way to personalize your diesel while also upgrading the functionality is by adding custom lights. Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are becoming very popular because they use much less power than conventional bulbs, last a lot longer, and can take some serious abuse, thanks to their filament-less, solid-state design. If you’ve been searching for the right LED lighting for your ride but are overwhelmed by the choices, check out the list of lights we’ve compiled here and transform your boring, pedestrian project into one with some function and flash.
You Choose
The TS3000R lamps by J.W. Speaker give you the choice between a powerful pencil beam that projects 2,600 feet or a DOT-approved driving pattern that travels 1,600 feet. The driving beams have a 60,000- candela rating while the pencil beams shine with an impressive 117,500 candelas. Lens covers are available in amber, blue, or clear polycarbonate, and the 6-inch lights have an IP67 rating, which means they are safe from dust and can be submersed up to a meter under water. The rugged, die-cast aluminum casings make them weigh in at a little more than 3 pounds each. J.W. Speaker offers the TS3000R in either black or silver to match the color scheme of your project.
J.W. Speaker
(262) 251-6660 • www.jwspeaker.com
Photo 2/25   |   J W Speaker Led Lights
Project Yourself
High-output LED headlamps by Spyder Auto can give your diesel the high-end look of a European supercar in a matter of minutes with a simple installation. Halo-style projectors are combined with running lamps and parking lights for a truly unique look. Numerous styles are available for almost any modern diesel, whether you are building a Ram, Super Duty, Duramax, VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, or even a Chevy Cruze. Spyder Auto also sells LED taillights so you can customize the way your diesel looks when it is coming or going.
Spyder Auto
(626) 934-8884 • www.spyderauto.com
Photo 3/25   |   Spyder Auto Lights
Top It Off
You can make your dualie stand out from the crowd with LED roof and side marker lamps from VMS Racing. The lights are available with smoked or clear lenses to match your truck’s styling. The LED cab and side marker lamps by VMS Racing are a direct replacement for your 1-ton Cummins, Duramax, or Power Stroke and can be installed in minutes.
VMS Racing
(305) 231-3388 • www.vms-racing.com
Photo 4/25   |   Vms Roof Lights
The SR-Q by Rigid Industries packs four powerful LEDs into a compact, 5x1.8-inch rectangular package. The lamp may be small, but it uses just 20 watts of power to create 1,568 raw lumens of light. The light can be flush-mounted and is rated IP68, which means it’s waterproof and completely safe from dust. Rigid Industries offers the SR-Q with white or amber LEDs and numerous beam patterns, along with lenses in red, amber, green, blue, clear, and smoked.
Rigid Industries
(480) 655-0100 • www.rigidindustries.com
Photo 5/25   |   Rigid Industries Led Lights
Tap Tap
The LoftLite by Brandmotion is an interior lamp that can be turned on or off with a simple tap of your finger. The light is designed to OEM specifications and comes in either bright white for a modern look or soft white for a more classic feel. It can be wired to turn on when your doors open and turned off or on with a quick push on the lens with its built-in, soft-touch switch. The LoftLite can be mounted anywhere in the interior you need another light source, such as overhead, in the door panels, or in cargo areas.
(734) 619-1250 • www.brandmotion.com
Photo 6/25   |   Brandmotion Led Lights
Bar None
Baja Designs has a wide variety of options for your auxiliary lighting needs, including the OnX series of lightbars. Sizes range from a small, 8-inch bar all the way up to 51 inches, and the lightbars are rated at IP69K, which means they are impervious to everything from dust and water to high pressure and steam cleaning. The Baja Designs OnX series is made in the USA and can be ordered with various beam patterns, amber lights, and even infrared lights for use with night-vision devices.
Baja Designs
(800) 422-5292 • www.bajadesigns.com
Photo 7/25   |   Baja Designs Led Light
So Intense
ARB’s Intensity packs 32 LEDs into a single driving lamp for an extraordinary output of 8,200 raw lumens with a temp of 6,500 K to replicate daylight. It’s designed to take abuse, is rated at IP68 for complete protection from dust and water, and was vibration-tested to military specifications on a shaker table. The Intensity by ARB comes with a strong, TIG-welded mount with theft-resistant fasteners, and it can be ordered with either a spot or flood beam pattern.
(866) 293-9078 • www.arbusa.com
Photo 8/25   |   Arb Led Light
The Utility Light Bar by AnzoUSA is more than just an auxiliary light source; it’s also the charger for two built-in, dual-mode LED flashlights. Both ends of the 60-inch lightbar pop out so they can be used as either a flashlight with the LED mounted in the end, or as a lantern using the lightbar LEDs. The AnzoUSA Utility Light Bar can be mounted in your pickup bed, inside a trailer, or anywhere else you need lots of extra light and easy access to rechargeable flashlights.
(888) 360-3696 www.anzousa.com
Photo 9/25   |   Anzo Usa Light
Night Moves
4Z Products’ Automatic Cargo Light lights up your pickup bed as soon as you open your tailgate. The system comes with dual, flexible, 4-foot LED strips that are designed to be mounted under your pickup’s box rails and light up your entire cargo area. The 4Z Automatic Cargo Light connects to your truck’s lighting system and has an override switch that allows you to turn the system off when the tailgate is down.
4Z Products
(701) 220-9467 • www.automaticcargolight.com
Photo 10/25   |   4z Products Bed Lights
Double Duty
Looking for two lightbars in one? The Dual LED Off-Road Bar by Bulldog Lighting is able to change the color of the output at the flip of a switch. Toggle the switch up for bright white light to help you see off-road, or flip it down for amber to make sure others see you. The Dual LED Off-Road lightbar by Bulldog Lighting uses a housing made of aircraft-strength aluminum and is proudly made in the USA.
Bulldog Lighting
(855) 533-2855 • www.bulldog-lighting.com
Photo 11/25   |   Bulldog Led Light
Hip Square
KC Hilites’ compact C3 light allows you to add high-output lamps to small areas such as foglamp housings. The 3-inch-square lights use four LEDs to produce 1,600 lumens at a color temperature of 6,000 K with just 16 watts. The KC Hilites C3 has a die-cast aluminum housing that’s rated at IP67 for protection from dust and water, and it can be ordered with either a flood or spot beam pattern.
KC Hilites
(928) 635-2607 • www.kchilites.com
Photo 12/25   |   Kc Hilite Led Lights
Here is a neat option for those who need a unique mounting solution: The LSM200 by Lazer Star allows you to securely mount one of its LED lights right above your front license plate. The bracket is built to fit spotlights and lightbars up to 20 inches wide from the company’s powerful LX Series. The Lazer Star LSM200 gives you a quick way to easily mount a high-output white, amber, or even an infrared lamp for night vision at bumper level.
Lazer Star
(800) 624-6234 • www.lazerstarlights.com
Photo 13/25   |   Lazer Star License Plate Light
Remote Ops
The GoLight Remote Control Spotlight by Magnalight is an LED turret that shoots 2,520 lumens out to 900 feet wherever you aim it. Using the wireless remote up to 150 feet from your diesel, or dash-mounted switches, lets you rotate the 36-watt lamp 370 degrees and tilt it 140 degrees at two different speeds. The GoLight by Magnalight meets marine standards for use around saltwater, can handle temperatures down to -40 degrees, and comes with a three-year warranty.
(800) 369-6671 • www.magnalight.com
Photo 14/25   |   Magnalight Remote Light
Illuminated Grille
Searching for a really unique look? Paramount Restyling’s Revolution Series grilles have LED rivets that light up. The grilles are based on the Evolution Series that feature wire mesh pieces that are customized for the front end of your Chevy, Ford, GMC, or Ram. The Revolution Series by Paramount Restyling uses 304-grade stainless steel that’s 2 mm thick, with black powdercoating.
Paramount Restyling
(866) 988-8348 • paramountrestyling.com
Photo 15/25   |   Paramount Restyling Grille
Reflection Time
PIAA’s 530 is a 3½-inch lamp that uses a computer-designed, multi-surface reflector for precise beam control. Each lamp has two 3-watt LEDs that are aimed into that reflector to project either a 20-degree long-range driving beam, or a 70-degree true fog beam pattern. The PIAA 530 emits light with a color temperature of 6,000 K, has a mesh grille available, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
(800) 525-7422 • www.piaa.com
Bumper Blasters
The Pipe Light by Delta Lights is a kit with 3-inch lamps that’s designed to be tucked up under your bumper like a dual exhaust system. There is a 16-watt array of four LEDs in each of the two lamps included in the system. The Pipe Light by Delta Lights has mounting brackets that are integrated into the black powdercoated housings, and it is made in the USA.
Delta Lights
(909) 673-1900 • www.deltalights.com
Photo 18/25   |   Delta Lights Pipe Light
Law-Abiding LED
Stay legal by lighting your license plate with these License Lamp LEDs from Truck-Lite. The lamp has three LEDs packed into the compact ¾-inch housing that’s designed to be weatherproof and tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 185 degrees. The License Lamp by Truck-Lite is rated to last 100,000 hours, comes with a lifetime warranty, and requires no tools for installation.
(800) 562-5012 • www.truck-lite.com
Photo 19/25   |   Truck Lite License Plate Lights
Step Up to the Bar
Engo USA’s B-Series lightbar uses 60 separate LEDs that run on 3 watts each and combine to create an intense 10,800 lumens of light. The lamp uses a lightweight, die-cast aluminum housing that’s rated at IP67 for dust and water protection, and it has built-in heat sinks and a hardened glass lens. The B-Series by Engo USA has a color temperature of 6,000 K, comes with a one-year warranty, and is available with a 60-degree flood or 30-degree spot beam pattern.
Engo USA
(360) 573-0882 • www.engousa.com
Photo 20/25   |   Engo Usa Led Light Bar
Big Chipper
The Light Cannon by Vision X uses a single 25-watt LED by “Big Chip” manufacturer Luminus to produce usable light out to 1,000 feet. The 4.5-inch lamp has a hybrid aluminum and polycarbonate housing that weighs just 2 pounds and is rated IP68 for protection from dust and water. The Light Cannon by Vision X is available with clear, yellow, blue, red, or blackout polycarbonate lenses with choices of driving, flood, or spot beam patterns in each color.
Vision X
(888) 489-9820 • www.visionxusa.com
Photo 21/25   |   Vision X Light Cannon
Gleaming Cube
Another 3-inch option is the Wurton Scout, which combines the power of four 5-watt bulbs to create 1,850 lumens of light output. The 3-inch-square enclosure is rated at IP68 for keeping out dust and water, and the LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy. The Scout by Wurton comes with a limited lifetime warranty and can be ordered with a spot, flood, or diffused beam pattern.
(949) 753-6006 • www.wurton.com
Get Framed
For those looking for increased visibility for their trailer, the GloLight Series by Optronics combines a central array of LEDs with a smoothly illuminated frame to increase visibility in all situations. The outer ring uses a diffusion lens to produce a warm, even light pattern that shines brighter along with the center LEDs when the brakes are activated. The GloLight Series features sonically sealed weatherproof housings with industry-standard plugs for easy retrofit of incandescent lights, and the company also sells a variety of LED side marker and clearance lamps for your trailer or dualie.
Optronics Inc.
(800) 364-5483 • www.optronicsinc.com
Photo 25/25   |   Optronics Led Lights



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