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New Products From SEMA 2013

New and Noteworthy Diesel Parts From the Automotive Aftermarket

Feb 26, 2014
Photographers: Jason Gonderman, Monica Gonderman, Agustin Jimenez, Courtesy Of The Manufacturers
Every year, more than 100,000 people descend on the quiet desert town of Las Vegas, Nevada, for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show, known simply as SEMA. This is the place where automotive aftermarket and OEM companies come to show off their latest and greatest projects and products. The explosion of growth in the diesel performance industry has led to a veritable smorgasbord of new and exciting products for oil-burners. Since there is no way we could even come close to fitting all the new and exciting parts in this magazine, we present to you a small sampling of the most innovative parts and pieces of the 2013 SEMA show.
Photo 2/25   |   The most-wanted parts of the 2013 SEMA show were the ones not for sale. There were a lot of people drooling over this supercharged 7.0L Duramax, which as of now is not available to the public.
Ram Gets Goosed
For the ’13 model year, Ram introduced a new frame, which includes provisions for a factory-installed gooseneck hitch on the 3500; this has been carried over to the 2500 for the ’14. Now B&W, a leader in aftermarket trailer hitches and accessories, has introduced an option for trucks that were not ordered with the factory towing package. B&W’s GNRK 1314 installs much like a standard gooseneck hitch, has been carefully engineered and certified to match the Ram 3500’s massive towing capacity, and features B&W’s Turnoverball design.
B&W Trailer Hitches
800-810-4918 • www.turnoverball.com
Photo 3/25   |   B And W Trailer Hitch
Spare Fuel
Need the extra range an auxiliary fuel tank provides but don’t want a large transfer tank mounted in the bed? Titan Fuel Tanks has just introduced its Spare Tire Auxiliary Fuel System, a first-of-its-kind 30-gallon cross-linked polyethylene tank that is designed to be one-size-fits-all and fit in the space commonly occupied by a vehicle’s spare tire. The tank weighs only 30 pounds and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, a filter kit, and an electronic fuel transfer control unit. For the real long-hauler, this system can be used in conjunction with all of Titan’s other product offerings, giving users the ability to have up to 100 gallons of fuel onboard, all in underbody locations.
Titan Fuel Tanks
800-728-4982 • www.titanfueltanks.com
Photo 4/25   |   Titan Spare Tank Fuel Cell
Light Weight
Racers and performance enthusiasts alike will clamor over Champion’s new purpose-built 5W-30 Blue Flame synthetic performance diesel motor oil. Meeting all API-CJ4 standards, the new Blue Flame 5W-30 has been proven to provide better wear protection than most competing 15W-40 heavy-duty motor oils, while meeting or exceeding the requirements of Ford, Cummins, International, Caterpillar, Mercedes, and many more. Sweetening the deal, the formulation of the new Blue Flame oil has been found to provide up to a 4.5 percent increase in fuel economy in real-world testing.
800-821-5693 • www.championbrands.com
Photo 5/25   |   Blue Flame Oil
Quick Change
American Force Wheels has just introduced a new feature handy for the indecisive custom truck owner. Enthusiasts can now more easily tailor their wheels to their vehicle with color matching. American Force has developed an innovative faceplate insert, which attaches to the face of the wheel, delivering owners options that are customizable and unique. Each plate weighs only a couple of ounces; bolts directly to the front of the wheel spoke; and can be painted, powdercoated, airbrushed, or wrapped to match or complement your ride. They are available now and fit a large variety of wheels.
American Force Wheels
888-367-1728 • www.americanforcewheels.com
Taller 1-Ton
BDS Suspension introduced its 4-inch lift kit for the redesigned ’13 Ram 3500 four-wheel-drive trucks to a throng of adoring SEMA fans. The new kit includes left- and right-side-specific 4-inch Pro-Ride coil springs, which are designed to fit the unique front coil mount of the Ram 3500 diesel trucks, a pair of ¼-inch steel radius arm relocation brackets, heavy-duty front track bar bracket, and a forged drop pitman arm. Completing the kit are brake line relocation brackets, extended bumpstops, rear blocks and U-bolts, and a choice of either BDS-5500 or Fox 2.0 series shocks. This kit is designed to provide a level stance and clearance for 37-inch-tall tires.
BDS Suspension
517-279-2135 • www.bds-suspension.com
Photo 8/25   |   Bds 2013 Ram Lift
Getting Grabby
People still love shifting their own gears. If you’re one of those folks, chances are you’ve also upped the power your truck puts down, and you probably tow a trailer as well. The clutch experts at Valair had on display their Organic Towing dual-disc clutch for 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins trucks. Designed to fit the G56 six-speed transmission, the clutch features a nodular iron flywheel, billet floater plate, a heavy-duty roller pilot bearing, and a 3,800-pound diaphragm pressure plate. Drivers will be treated to factory-like pedal feel and driveability from stock up to 550 hp. And by using a strap-driven floater plate, Valair has eliminated the noises often associated with dual-disc clutches.
Valair Inc.
940-468-4542 • www.valairinc.com
Photo 9/25   |   Valair Clutch
Electronic Traction
Auburn Gear has released a locking differential for the Dana 60 axle that instills confidence by eliminating the gear and pneumatic system failures that have been known to occur with other aftermarket and factory units. The gear geometry of Auburn’s new differential minimizes complexity, locks gears to the differential housing, and thus transfers torque directly from the case—not through the gears. Backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty and Auburn’s exclusive Differential Replacement Exchange program, you can count on many years of trouble-free service.
Auburn Gear
260-925-3200 • www.auburngear.com
Photo 10/25   |   Auburn Dana 60 Locking Diff
More Dualie Love
Weld Racing has expanded its line of forged-aluminum dualie wheels to now include 20-inch-diameter offerings, giving truck owners a greater range of tire choices. The new 20-inch wheels will carry all the same features that have made the company’s 17- and 19.5-inch wheels so popular. All wheel styles will feature a proprietary nano-ceramic barrier to protect against mud, abrasion, salt, and corrosion, locking in the wheel’s mirror finish with no dulling or discoloration. These hardworking wheels will have a load rating of 3,500 apiece, offering uncompromising style and utility.
Weld Racing
800-788-9353 • www.weldracing.com
Full Flow
High-performance diesel race engines have enormous airflow needs, so much so that racers oftentimes forgo the air filter entirely. While this does provide completely unrestricted airflow, it also places the engine’s turbocharger in harm’s way. As air is sucked forcefully into the charger, the risk is there that any nearby dust, track debris, small animals, or stray children may get pulled in, causing damage to the compressor. Airaid saw this need and developed the Race Day filter. These filters are designed strictly to keep large debris out of the engine, and nothing more. Constructed with sturdy polyurethane casings and a durable wire mesh screen, they are built without any filter media. These units are not intended for the street or anything other than a controlled racing environment.
888-876-8984 • www.airaid.com
Photo 13/25   |   Airaid Air Filter
Go Big
Lincoln Industries rolled out its newest line of pickup truck accessories: After Effect bull bars and side steps. Available in 5-, 6-, and 7-inch diameters, each After Effect product is 100 percent made in America of chrome-plated stainless steel. Born out of the semitruck market, these bull bars and side steps are for the person who demands the biggest and the best. Future products will include exhaust stacks, tips, and other truck accessories.
After Effect
855-290-9466 • www.aftereffectproducts.com
Photo 14/25   |   After Effect Modified Ram
Make Sparks
Miller has just made it easier for the motorsports, automotive repair, and home user to own one of the company’s legendary Syncrowave TIG welders. The Syncrowave 210 has a new, more operator-friendly interface and is AC/DC TIG and DC stick-capable. This unit is the first to offer Miller’s Pro-Set feature and is multi-voltage capable. At 100 pounds lighter than previous models, the 210 is easily transportable, and it features integrated storage compartments for consumables. Inverter-based circuitry allows the unit to provide full welding output from 230 volts while drawing less than 30 amps.
Miller Electric
800-426-4553 • www.millerwelds.com
Photo 15/25   |   Miller Syncrowave 210 Welder
Fuel Boost
Low-quality or contaminated fuel can cause a whole host of problems in today’s advanced diesel engines. Thankfully, there are products that are designed to make up for the shortcomings in our current fuel supply. New from Royal Purple is Max-Tane, a diesel fuel treatment that is designed to work as a fuel system cleaner, cetane booster, stabilizer, pump lubricator, cold flow improver, and demulsifier. Max-Tane increases the fuel’s cetane by up to 8 points; prevents fuel gelling in cold weather; cleans deposits from fuel injectors, combustion chambers, intake valves, and the piston crown; is compatible with both ultra-low-sulfur diesel and biodiesel; and is safe for diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters. A 20-ounce bottle of Max-Tane will treat up to 100 gallons of fuel.
Royal Purple
Photo 16/25   |   Royal Purple Maxtane
Swap Options
Gale Banks and his team never disappoint, and at this year’s SEMA show they rolled out an array of powertrain options that will soon be made available to the public. On display were the 6.6L V-8 866T (Banks’ nomenclature for its Duramax crate engine) for both marine and commercial applications with power outputs from 275 to 575 hp, the 3.0L V-6 630T capable of 221 to 268 hp, and the Sidewinder 5.9L Cummins Bonneville race engine. Unfortunately for us, the Sidewinder is one engine we will not be getting our greasy hands on.
Gale Banks Engineering
800-709-1697 • www.bankspower.com
Cleaner Air
While Injen is no stranger to the air intake market, the company is stepping into the diesel game in a big way. The company had its new intake kits for the ’11 to ’13 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke and ’10 to ’12 Ram 6.7L Cummins engines on display. Each comes complete with a rotomolded airbox with built-in filter minder and the company’s huge, dry-element SuperNano Web filter. To clean the SuperNano Web filters, owners simply reverse the flow of air with a low-pressure air nozzle or shop vacuum with a nozzle adapter. Both kits added nearly 20 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque when tested on the dyno and will come with CARB approval.
909-839-0706 • www.injen.com
Photo 19/25   |   Injen Air Cleaner
Keeping Cool
Flex-a-lite has expanded its line of direct-fit Flex-a-fit aluminum radiator and electric fan combos to now include ’04 to ’07 Ford trucks equipped with the 6.0L Power Stroke. This new radiator assembly replaces the stock beltdriven fan and shroud, eliminating more than 20 pounds of weight from the engine, and includes the company’s exclusive clutch-fan emulator that plugs into the existing control system, sending feedback to the ECM and avoiding potential check engine lights. The system increases coolant capacity by 16 percent and is the largest production radiator ever built by Flex-a-lite. Providing airflow is a pair of 15-inch electric fans, which can move up to 6,800 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air, the highest airflow of any Flex-a-lite electric fan system. An optional transmission cooler kit mounts a Translife cooler to the radiator, and the package comes with all hardware needed for a complete install.
800-851-1510 • www.flex-a-lite.com
Photo 20/25   |   Flex A Lite 6 0l Power Stroke Radiator And Fan
Aftermarket Active Air
For the ’13 model year, Ram introduced the Active Air intake system on its 6.7L Cummins-powered heavy-duty trucks. Removing this system from the truck leads to an upset truck and a dash full of warning lights, which, as you can imagine, created quite the headache for the aftermarket. AFE has brought to the table its solution to this unique problem: the Magnum Force Pro Stage-2 intake system for ’13 to ’14 6.7L Cummins engines. This system uses a powdercoated and heat-shielded airbox with a one-piece intake tube. The beauty of it is that the system replaces the factory intake tube and airbox lid, while leaving the bottom half (containing the electronic actuator) in place, preventing trouble codes. In testing, this new system outflowed the factory piece by 113 percent.
AFE Power
951-493-7155 • www.afepower.com
Photo 21/25   |   Afe Active Air Cold Air Intake
Warn Industries, the leader in design and manufacturing of high-performance self-recovery winches, rolled out its latest in the PowerPlant line of air compressor–equipped winches. With 12,000 pounds of pulling capacity, the PowerPlant 12 is the perfect companion for the weekend off-roader. This winch has been upgraded to feature stainless steel fasteners, a new pressure switch, revised connector, new hose and accessories, and a new flat-black finish. In addition to its winching duties, the PowerPlant 12’s air compressor is able to fill four 35-inch tires in less than 10 minutes and power air tools as well.
Warn Industries
800-543-9276 • www.warn.com
Photo 22/25   |   Warn Power Plant
Back In Black
K&N Filters, the world’s leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters, had on display its newest offering, the Blackhawk Induction System. Crafted from lightweight aluminum tubing, these systems reduce restriction, improve airflow, provide outstanding filtration, and also look impressive under the hood. Each Blackhawk air intake design has been rigorously tested and the power and torque increases provided are impressive. All Blackhawk intakes use a black Dryflow synthetic washable air filter, which protects the engine without the need for oil.
K&N Filters
800-279-4398 • www.knfilters.com
Photo 23/25   |   K And N Blackhawk Intake
Modular Ford Protection
Driving in the Australian Outback can be a treacherous proposition if you’re not prepared. The leaders in outfitting exploration vehicles, ARB, had the company’s latest product for protecting the front end of heavy-duty trucks on display. Since it was engineered and built as a modular design, customers will enjoy the flexibility of three different bumper options to meet their specific needs. These bumpers can be outfitted as just the lower full-width bumper, with center upright to protect the grille, and with wing hoops on the sides to protect headlights from potential harm. This unit can also accommodate Warn’s 16.5ti, and smaller, recovery winches. While the ’11-to-current Ford Super Duty bumper is being released first, GM and Ram bumpers are not far behind.
866-293-9078 • www.arbusa.com
Photo 24/25   |   Arb Outfitted Ford Super Duty
More Active Air Options
Owners of ’13 or ’14 Cummins-powered Rams wishing for a complete replacement intake for their Ram Active Air–equipped trucks have S&B Filters to thank for providing that option. The company’s new intake kit uses the same motor that drives the factory Active Air swing gate, preventing unwanted trouble codes. Constructed of rotomolded plastic, the sealed intake comes with silicon couplers and new silicon filters, in both dry and oiled versions. Want more air? The S&B intake gives the option to remove the swing gate from the arm and reattach when wanted. Even with the gate removed, the arm remains active, which prevents the truck from throwing a code—even with both inlets open.
S&B Filters
909-947-0015 • www.sbfilters.com
Photo 25/25   |   S And B Air Intake



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