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Mar 19, 2014
Photo 2/10   |   Snow Performance Extreme Environment Water Methanol Injection Pump
According to BD Diesel Performance, in single-pump applications, the Flow-Max lift pump delivers ample fuel for more than 600 hp for late-model Cummins engines. The ultra-quiet motor design utilizes a vibration isolator, and the quick, versatile framerail mounting clamps make installation easy. The gerotor design flows 150 gph, and filter cartridges can be purchased at the local auto parts store.
BD Diesel Performance
Photo 3/10   |   Bean Diesel Performance Honey Badger JR
Honey Badger JR
If you need increased flow to support aggressive tuning or larger injectors, or just want to replace your worn-out, stock HPOP, the Honey Badger JR 7.3 high-pressure oil pump from Bean’s Diesel Performance is a solid way to go. You will get more horsepower and better fuel mileage due to increased atomization. The Honey Badger JR is designed for ’94 to ’03 7.3L Power Stroke engines. Coming soon: The Honey Badger SR will support up to 400cc injectors.
Bean’s Diesel Performance
Photo 4/10   |   Bostech Ball Tube O Ring Kit
Ball Tube Fix
The ’04 Ford 6.0L high-pressure oil manifold (with wavy rails) is known for having leaks from the ball tube’s (nipples) O-ring. When the oil cooler fails (and they do more often than you would think), it causes the EGR cooler to eventually fail. The oil temps then exceed what the OEM O-ring (located between the rail and the ball tube) was designed to handle. This leads to a low-volume, high-pressure oil leak (3,000 psi!) that eventually causes the injector seal to fail. Bostech Fuel has created a tool to let you remove the tension ring and retighten it. With a Bostech ball tube/O-ring kit you can fix your truck for significantly less money.
Bostech Fuel
Photo 5/10   |   BDS Suspension Ram Trucks 4 Inch Suspension Lift System
First To Market
BDS Suspension has proudly announced availability of the new 4-inch suspension lift system for the new ¾-ton Ram trucks. The front kit is designed around BDS’ unique radius arm system. It’s built from laser-cut ¼-inch steel, which improves the factory suspension geometry. The kit includes everything you need to safely lift your truck and still be able to run 37-inch tires.
BDS Suspension
Photo 6/10   |   BD Diesel Performance Flow Max Lift Pump
Constant Injection
The Snow Performance Extreme Environment water-methanol injection pump is now available in all Tow-Max and MPG-Max diesel injection systems. This pump is able to consistently maintain higher pressures for longer periods than other pumps available. This product was an outgrowth from the research and development for Snow Performance’s new commercial truck systems. These systems were designed to live with the highest injection duty cycles when exposed to the harsh environments of external mounting (for best cooling). This pump can inject all day!
Snow Performance
Photo 7/10   |   Federal Mogul National Oil Seals
Axleshaft Seal
Federal Mogul, via the National Oil Seals brand, has come up with a one-piece front axleshaft seal that permits faster and easier installation while providing superior sealing for Ford Super Duty 4x4 trucks. Intended for F-250 through F-550 4x4s with the Spicer 50 or 60 Monobeam front axles, the new design does not require a snap ring and can be installed by hand.
Federal Mogul
Photo 8/10   |   Pro Comp USA L Wrench
When you need to remove or replace your wheels, tightening and loosening the lug nuts can be quite the chore. The new L-wrench from Pro Comp makes the job easy! The L-wrench exerts additional leverage and the telescoping shaft comes in handy in tight spots (like when working on a wheel with a flat tire). The wrench comes with a set of thin wall sockets in sizes to access the lug nuts without damaging the wheels.
Pro Comp USA
Photo 9/10   |   Mac Pivot Plate
Pivot Plate
Mac’s Pivot Plate is an articulated engine lift plate that pivots the weight of the engine, tilting it (and an attached transmission) up to 35 degrees to make installation a lot easier.
Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs
Photo 10/10   |   Rancho Performance Steering Stabilizers
Straight Steering
The line of Rancho performance steering stabilizers now includes Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs, all the way back to 1950. Built with core RS7000MT monotube series technology, RS7000MT steering stabilizers help provide ride and handling characteristics that are ideal for off-road driving or towing. Monotube technology included in RS7000MT steering stabilizers allows for quick dissipation of heat from use and helps to protect the shock from overheating and failure during extreme use. Brushed and plated RS7000MT steering stabilizers can potentially help reduce wheel shimmy, bumpsteer, and vibration.



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