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RV Hot Products - Gear For Life On The Road

Adam Blattenberg
Jul 28, 2014
Halulite Pots
New from GSI Outdoors are lightweight cooking pots in three sizes, including 2-, 3.2-, and 4.7-liter versions. Designed with the ultra-lightweight aficionado in mind, Halulite Ultralight Hard-Anodized cookware is made of a proprietary alloy that is light like titanium, but less expensive, more heat-efficient, and with better heat distribution. Locking, double stainless-steel bail handles make for easy handling. The lid includes strainer holes to make draining water simple. Silicone thumb pads on the lid allow you to strain hot liquids without burning your hands.
GSI Outdoors
Photo 2/18   |   GSI Outdoors Halulite Pots

Power Walk, Speed Hiking or Trail Running, this boot covers them all. Lightweight synthetic upper, utilizing LOWA’s injected PU sole technology and monowrap construction results in super support and stability. Each shoe features a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining, plus an NXT sole for traction and durability. Available in mid-height or lo-cut models, for men, women, and juniors. Women’s version constructed specifically to meet women’s unique needs.
Photo 3/18   |   LOWA Innox GTX Hiking Shoe

Powerstep Plug-and-Play
AMP Research has just taken the Powerstep with Plug-and-Play automated running boards to the next level of innovative refinement, simplifying the electrical installation. The revolutionary plug-and-play wiring system makes installation a breeze, eliminating any need to access the door panels as part of the normal installation process. Simply plug it in to the electrical system. It provides a factory-wired solution without having to tap into factory wires,—innovative refinement at its best. In addition, AMP Research has an optional Pass-Through Harness to create a duplicate OBDII port, just in case you needed that port for another accessory.
AMP Research
Photo 4/18   |   AMP Research Powerstep

EBC Extra Duty Brake Pads
We’ve got EBC brake parts on more than a few of our tow rigs and toys. They are truly the best brake parts we’ve ever tested. New from EBC are their Extra Duty brake pads, specifically designed for large trucks that tow and haul. These pads are ideal for hauling travel trailers, toy haulers, horse trailers, basically anything that adds more weight than the stock pads can handle.
EBC Brakes
Photo 5/18   |   EBC Extra Duty Brake Pads

One Handle Does It All
The best RV cleaning products are versatile. Shurhold Industries’ One Handle Does It All System quickly and easily allows users to snap different accessories to the same fixed-length or telescoping handles. Keep one handle in your RV that can quickly snap to any of the more than 20 cleaning brushes, floormops, and soft non-scratch scrubbers to attack black streaks on the RV’s exterior. There’s even an attachment to add a paint roller. Also use it while boating by adding the fishingnet or paddle attachments. Other attachments include an angled floor broom to sweep inside and around the patio, while squeegees help dry the entire rig, not just the windows. Shurhold Industries
Photo 6/18   |   Shurhold Industries One Handle Does It All System

The SmartPlug connector and inlet protect against the leading causes of fire and electrocution: loose connections and overheating. The unique sleeve configuration allows any pressure or force to be absorbed by the assembly’s body, not the electrical pins, a huge benefit in a constantly moving RV. SmartPlug is effortless to orient and connect, even in the dark.
SmartPlug Systems
Photo 7/18   |   SmartPlug Systems RV Connector

Hobie Mirage Sport
Those looking for a touring boat to explore the islands in the middle of the lake or along the coastal shoreline will appreciate Mirage Sport’s ease of handling and stable hull. The Lowrance Ready System electronics are easy to install. Two built-in rod holders and the shape of the boat, which prevents water slap to avoid disturbing fish, will make anglers smile. Sailors—experienced and beginners alike—will enjoy the flexibility that comes with the optional sail kit. Users, especially birdwatchers and photographers, will quickly see the advantage of Hobie’s iconic and efficient MirageDrive pedal-propulsion system. It keeps hands virtually free to concentrate on tasks like eating, drinking, fishing, taking photos, or holding binoculars.
Photo 8/18   |   Hobie Mirage Sport Kayak

TruFuel is pre-packaged, ready-to-use fuel for two- and four-stroke small displacement engines, such as lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and rescue equipment. Engineered with premium, high-octane, ethanol-free fuel and mixed with the highest-quality synthetic oil, TruFuel dramatically increases reliability and performance in both types of engines. Because it is ethanol free, TruFuel prevents the corrosion and build-up issues that plague those who use pump gas for their fuel or premix, ensuring peak performance, and protecting your investment on power equipment.
Photo 9/18   |   TruFuel

Fuel Tool Fuel Transfer System
Once installed in the bed of your truck, the PT500 accesses fuel from your vehicle’s gas tank and transfers it to waiting gas-powered equipment or fuel tanks. Whatever the need, recreational, commercial, farm, marine, municipal, residential, and wherever you are, you will have the convenience of safely available fresh filtered gas whenever you need it.
Fuel Tool
Photo 10/18   |   TruFuel PT500 Fuel Transfer System

Diesel Fuel Treatment
Prolong’s Diesel Fuel Treatment is formulated with premium detergents that clean injectors and the entire fuel system by removing gum, deposits, and sludge build-up, which increases fuel economy and decreases black smoke. The formula meets Cummins L-10 diesel fuel additive specifications for injector cleanliness, and Cummins N-14 diesel fuel additive specifications for corrosion protection with low- and high-sulfur levels. In addition, the product helps maintain diesel emission compliance and protect against corrosion and premature pump and injector wear. To use, pour Diesel Fuel Treatment into the vehicle’s fuel tank before you fill up. One 12-ounce bottle treats 16 to 20 gallons of fuel.
Photo 11/18   |   Prolong Diesel Fuel Treatment

Pro Polish
Just like their owners, RVs need UV protection from the harsh rays of the sun. With Shurhold Industries’ Pro Polish, owners minimize fading by applying this SPF to their RV. Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to protect an RV from UV rays and environmental fallout. It repels water and provides a deep, high-gloss shine. It can be applied to fiberglass, gelcoat, clear coat, and aluminum. Better than an old-fashioned wax, Pro Polish is a polymer-based formula with cosmetic-grade ingredients and UV inhibitors. Pro Polish goes on quickly and easily, and buffs out with less effort.
Photo 12/18   |   Shurhold Industries Pro Polish

Power House Generators
These generators are whisper quiet and loaded with features not seen on most other powerplants. Each unit provides pure-sine wave AC power, so they’re safe for medical equipment, and are available from a petite 500 watts up to a healthy 3,100 watts. The available wireless start keeps you in control and out of the elements, while a wheelie tow bar makes transport a cake walk.
Power House
Photo 13/18   |   Power House Generators

Fuel Bomb Diesel Additive
Diesel fuel quality can vary considerably. Low-quality fuel can lead to incomplete combustion, rough idle, reduced fuel economy, and poor engine performance. Hellfire 8+ Cetane Booster modifies combustion in the engine by lowering the flash point of the fuel. It encourages early and uniform ignition, which leads to quicker throttle response, smoother idle, and better fuel economy. Each 16-ounce bottle treats 125 gallons of diesel fuel.
Diesel Power Products
Photo 14/18   |   Fuel Bomb Diesel Additive

MaxxAir II
The deluxe MaxxAir II offers twice the vent area of the original MaxxAir, while mounting to the same holes. Installation is simple. The unit readily fits over most 14-inch standard RV roof vents using the included exclusive easy-open hinged brackets. The cover makes ventilation possible, even during inclement weather.
Photo 15/18   |   MaxxAir II RV Roof Vents

Husky Fifth Wheel Tail Gate With Camera Mount
Starting with a high-quality aluminum fifth-wheel-style tailgate, the crew at Husky Liners stepped it up a notch by building in a durable, weather-resistant, back-up camera mount. Now, you can use this unique safety feature in your truck and still have all the benefits a fifth-wheel-style tailgate offers.
Husky Liners
Photo 16/18   |   Husky Fifth Wheel Tail Gate With Camera Mount

Magellan RoadMate RV GPS
Magellan’s RV9165T navigation system has a 7-inch touchscreen, is Bluetooth ready, and comes packed with RV-specific destinations like campgrounds, National Parks and more. Route customization is also available, based on your vehicle’s length, width, weight, and height.
Photo 17/18   |   Magellan RoadMate RV GPS

Banks Ram-Air Intake
Banks Ram-Air Systems for 6.7-liter Ford diesel trucks are now available for 2014 model year vehicles. This intake outflows the stock intake by 26 percent, maximizing the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. An oversized cold-air inlet promotes superior airflow and blocks power-robbing hot under-hood air. A large, conical lifetime reusable element provides high-flow filtration and requires fewer cleanings, compared to the stock flat-panel air filter.
Banks Power
Photo 18/18   |   Banks Ram Air Systems For Ford Diesel