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New, Cool, Diesel and Truck Products

Slick 50: Hot New Diesel and Truck Parts Debut at SEMA 2016

John Lehenbauer
Dec 19, 2016
Photographers: Manufacturers, John Lehenbauer
As automotive-aftermarket trade shows go, the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the undisputed “main event” for parts manufacturers worldwide.
The SEMA show is the venue for companies to put their best feet forward, introducing and showcasing the latest innovations and technologies—mechanical and cosmetic—for modifying cars or trucks.
Naturally, new products for diesel-powered vehicles, especially trucks, are at the top of the list of things we seek out while roaming the many aisles of SEMA’s Central and South Halls. With 2016 marking the show’s half-century celebration, here’s a rundown of 50 exciting new diesel and truck products that debuted at SEMA.
Photo 2/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Afe Power Intercooler Tubing
2.8L Air Improvers
New from AFE Power are BladeRunner intercooler tubes for the 2.8L Duramax I-4 engine that powers the ’16 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. The tubes, which increase airflow by 14 percent, are direct replacements for the stock ducting (the OEM intercooler is retained), and they’re finished with a texture-type powdercoating to resist heat and corrosion.
AFE Power
(888) 901-7693
Photo 3/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Ppe Silicone Hose Kit
Cooling Protection
Pacific Performance Engineering has developed a complete upper and lower silicone hose kit that covers the 6.6L Duramax engines in all ’01-to-’16 Chevrolet and GMC 2500HD and 3500HD trucks. The direct-replacement hoses are 5mm thick with 4-ply, heat-resistant internal fibers. The kit includes 304 stainless steel T-style fittings that help eliminate the chance of leaking at critical unions; stainless, worm-driven, T-style clamps; and a billet quick-disconnect.
Pacific Performance Engineering
(714) 985-4825
Photo 4/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Hypertech Programmer 50 State
CARB-Legal Programming
Hypertech’s MaxEnergy 2.0 power programmer is now 50-state legal for ’07-to-’11 Chevrolet and GMC 2500/3500 trucks with the 6.6L Duramax engine and ’08-to-’10 Ford Super Duty trucks with the 6.4L Power Stroke. The programmer provides three power stages, and it stands out to us because it now has CARB approval for two diesel engine platforms and, according to a company representative, work is being done to gain approval for more.
(901) 385-1888
Photo 5/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Engine Works Cummins Connecting Rod
Tungsten Anyone?
Engine Works has developed a billet-steel connecting rod for 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins engines. These custom, heat-treated chromoly/tungsten rods are CNC machined, stronger than 4340 alloy rods, and are 300 grams lighter than stock pieces. The bearing caps are attached with four 3/8-inch ARP rod bolts for added strength. The bushings are made from top-quality, U.S.-made bronze. Using an odd metal alloy to eliminate connecting rod failure in a high-performance engine really piqued our interest.
Engine Works
(800) 251-0331
Photo 6/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Northern Radiator Performance Intercooler
Cools Big Boost
Having an intercooler that can handle large amounts of boost used in high-performance diesel engines is important. That’s why Northern Radiator developed its line of stock-replacement performance intercoolers. The ’coolers can handle boost pressures nearing 100 psi and temperatures of up to 500 degrees. They are designed to provide cooler, denser air by using internally reinforced tubes that feature chambers with micro-sized fins to increase surface area and stir airflow for increased heat transfer. Northern Radiator has intercoolers that fit Dodge, Ram, GM, and Ford trucks with turbocharged diesel engines
Northern Radiator
(320) 235-2288
Photo 7/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Diamond Eye Performance Intake Elbow Kit
Improved Intake Airflow
Diamond Eye Performance introduced its new Performance Air Intake Elbow kits for ’94-to-’07 Power Stroke–driven Fords and ’89-to-’07 Cummins-powered Dodge Ram trucks. The mandrel-bent, powdercoated elbows feature CNC-cut flanges, improve airflow, and lower exhaust gas temperatures.
Diamond Eye Performance
(800) 635-9950
Photo 8/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Bd Diesel Cummins Turbo
Screaming Deal
Are you looking for more power from your truck’s turbocharged Cummins engine but don’t want to redo the entire system by installing a bigger turbo? BD Diesel Performance now has a new drop-in replacement unit, the Screamer Turbo. It fits ’07½-to-’16 Dodge Ram and Ram trucks, and it can produce an estimated 100 hp more than the stock turbo without modifying the ECM tune. The Screamer features a 64.5mm Ballistic 7+7 blade compressor wheel and a BD-tuned 70mm 12-blade turbine wheel that reduces backpressure and increases flow; these items work together to lower exhaust gas temperature. Who doesn’t like bolt-on power?
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030
Photo 9/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Sb Filters Nissan Xd
Breathe Deep
S&B Filters introduced its new performance cold-air intake kit for 5.0L Cummins-powered ’15-to-’16 Nissan Titan XDs. The intake increases airflow by 48 percent while stopping 99.8 percent of the dirt. The kit is easily installed using original airbox’s mounting points.
S&B Filters
(909) 947-0015
Photo 10/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Aeromotive Pro Series
Feed the Beast
Big horsepower calls for large quantities of fuel. Aeromotive developed its new Pro-Series fuel pump for just that reason. The brushless electric pump uses a spur gear to deliver 3.4 gpm at 60 psi with a 13.5-volt power supply, or 3.0 gpm at 60 psi with a 12-volt power supply. Ya gotta love a fuel pump that can empty a fuel tank in a matter of minutes!
(913) 647-7300
Photo 11/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Yukon Dura Grip
Get a Grip
Having solid traction on any surface is essential for modified trucks (especially pickups that are used in competition), and Yukon Gear & Axle’s Dura Grip positraction is a differential that addresses the need for good grip. The Dura Grip is based on an older, race-proven four-pinion design Yukon fused with modern manufacturing technologies to increase strength and durability. The internals are machined from forged 4320 steel and also feature composite clutches. The fully rebuildable unit is available for Dana 60, 70, and 80 axles.
Yukon Gear & Axle
(888) 905-5044
Photo 12/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Energy Suspension Body Mounts
Old Body, New Mounts
As a truck ages, its body mounts and bushings deteriorate, causing the body to sag and the rig to sway with every bump or groove in the road. To address this issue for ’80-to-’98 Ford F-150, -250, and -350 trucks, Energy Suspension has developed a new polyurethane body-mount set. The package comes with everything needed to replace the original hardware: six sets of mounts with zinc-coated sleeves, cups, washers, and fasteners for installation.
Energy Suspension
(888) 292-1250
Photo 13/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Gibson Exhaust Dual Extreme
Double Trouble
New from Gibson Performance Exhaust is the Stainless Steel Dual Extreme DPF-back exhaust system for crew cab, longbed ’15-to-’17 Ford Super Duty pickups (two- and four-wheel drive) with 6.7L Power Stroke engines. The 4-inch system has two exits, one behind each rear wheel, with a 6-inch stainless steel tip on both. The tips are available with black ceramic coating or a polished finish.
Gibson Performance Exhaust
(800) 528-3044
Photo 14/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Hayden Transmission Cooler
Super Cool
Although finding a suitable place to mount a transmission cooler on your pickup can be frustrating, Hayden Automotive’s new Blue Streak Performance transmission cooler combo helps ease that mental pain. The unit, which can be mounted anywhere, features a 37mm heavy-duty cooler that’s capable of transferring 20,000 Btu of heat per hour, paired with an 8-inch, high-performance electric fan that’s highlighted by a four-pole motor and staggered-angle, high-velocity blades for maximum airflow.
Hayden Automotive
(888) 505-4567
Photo 15/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema American Force Tactical Wheels
Face It
The new Tactical Series wheels from American Force Wheels are available in five distinct designs that include 3-D inserts to enhance the wheel. The inserts are machined from a solid block of forged T6061 aerospace-grade aluminum in a five-step process that guarantees a superior fit and finish, and they can be painted to color-match the vehicle. Wheels are available in sizes ranging from 20x9 to 26x16.
American Force Wheels
(888) 297-5586
Photo 16/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Vibrant Hd Tube Clamp
Flexible Connection
The new Heavy Duty Clamp Assemblies from Vibrant Performance are ideal for aluminum turbocharger piping where a flexible connection is needed. The clamps allow for up to 12 degrees of axial movement, have a burst pressure rating of 800 psi, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. They are available in five different tubing sizes and come blue or black anodized.
Vibrant Performance
(905) 564-2808
Photo 17/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Hellwig Titan Swaybar
Sway Not
Hellwig Suspension Products has developed a larger three-way-adjustable sway bar for 5.0L Cummins-powered ’16 Nissan Titan XDs. The bar is a full 1 inch in diameter, made of solid heat-treated 4140 chromoly steel.
Hellwig Suspension Products
(800) 367-5480
Photo 18/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Amp Research Xtreme
Steppin’ Up
AMP Research has taken its PowerStep retractable running boards to the next level, with the new PowerStep Xtreme. The Xtreme is designed specifically to handle the harsh environments and conditions many trucks are subjected to. Two electric motors per board provide ample power to handle caked on mud, freezing temperatures, and other extreme conditions. The motors, drive system, and wiring harness are all OEM quality, and the running boards are made of high-strength die-cast aluminum that is high-texture powdercoated for maximum grip and corrosion resistance.
AMP Research
(800) 309-6823
Photo 19/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Wagler Dx500
Billet Bullet
Wagler Competition Products’ new DX500 engine is the first all-billet Duramax diesel engine ever assembled. The 500ci DX500 was designed and machined to meet the extreme power demands of top-level diesel competition using the racing industry’s best components and technology. Wagler manufactures the billet blocks, heads (with ductile iron inserts), and intakes in-house.
Wagler Competition Products
(812) 636-0391
Photo 20/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Heatshield Products Lava Wrap
Cool Lava
Reduce engine-compartment temperatures and increase horsepower with Heatshield Products’ new Lava Exhaust Wrap. The wrap is 25 percent stronger than fiberglass wraps and can lower underhood temperatures by up to 50 percent. The use of the special fiber made of volcanic rock enables the wrap to handle continuous heat up to 1,200 degrees. The wrap’s ability to retain higher exhaust temperatures in the system increases flow velocities by decreasing gas density. This in turn increases exhaust scavenging that lowers air intake temperatures and creates more horsepower.
Heatshield Products
(844) 732-2665
Photo 21/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Arp Studs
Studly Fasteners
New from ARP is the main stud kit for 3.9L Cummins I-4 (4BT) engines. The centerless-ground studs are heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and they’re rated at 220,000-psi tensile strength. The kit comes with 10 ARP2000 main studs, 10 8740 chromoly steel 12-point nuts, and 10 hardened and parallel-ground chromoly washers. The kit also includes a 0.5-ounce packet of ARP Ultra-Torque assembly lube.
(805) 339-2200
Photo 22/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Bds Suspension Recoil Traction Bar
Wrap Buster
Axlewrap is a common problem that plagues trucks with big tires and engines that make a lot of torque. The new Recoil spring-loaded traction-bar system from BDS Suspension was designed to eliminate wrap and improve traction, without hindering suspension travel or ride quality. The patent pending design facilitates tuning the bars’ spring tension for optimal performance. Vehicle-specific kits are available for most stock-height or lifted GM, Ram, and Ford trucks.
BDS Suspension
(517) 279-2135
Photo 23/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Any Level Lift
Smart Stance
The new suspension system from Any Level Lift allows you to adjust the ride height of your truck’s front and/or rear from 0 to 13 inches with your smart phone. The patented design uses a Panhard mechanism to keep the truck centered over the suspension, hydraulically actuated lift, and a steering setup that’s designed to eliminate bumpsteer and maintain correct steering geometry at different heights. These functions work together to ensure trucks have consistent ride quality at any height.
Any Level Lift
Photo 24/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Ross Racing Pistons Duramax
Pick a Piston
Ross Racing Pistons introduces its new forged custom Duramax pistons. The pistons are custom made using dedicated forgings and are designed for better cooling and to handle ultra-high boost. Customers can select from multiple dish and cone designs, as well as various ring combinations. The pistons are able to handle compression ratios up to 16.5:1.
Ross Racing Pistons
(800) 392-7677
Photo 25/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Sinister Diesel Powermax 6.0l Ford Turbo
Power Made Easy
The new Series 3 Powermax turbocharger from Sinister Diesel provides bolt-on performance for ’03-to-’04 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke engines. The turbo is able to produce up to 200 additional horsepower without intake or exhaust modifications. The new Powermax features a CNC-machined, precision-balanced 64mm billet compressor wheel with longer blade length for greater airflow, and it requires only minimal tuning and fuel upgrades for proper operation.
Sinister Diesel
(888) 966-6543
Photo 26/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Valvoline Heavy Duty Oil
No Mileage Worries
Valvoline’s new Heavy Duty with MaxLife Technology 15W-40 motor oil is formulated to maximize the life of diesel engines with more than 125,000 miles on the odometer. The synthetic-blend lubricant protects against some of the causes of diesel-engine breakdown: wear, deposits, leaks, and soot.
(800) 832-6825
Photo 27/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Fabtech Dirt Logic Ford
Big Change
Fabtech Motorsports offers a Dirt Logic 4.0-inch coilover conversion for its ’17 Ford Super Duty lift kits. The conversion replaces the front coil springs and shocks, providing the ultimate off-road damping with a superior highway ride. The kit is available for 4-, 6-, and 8-inch radius arms and four-link Fabtech lift kits.
Fabtech Motorsports
(877) 432-2832
Photo 28/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema G2 Axle And Gear 8lug Spacer
Spaced Out
If you are using oversized rear tires on your dualie and there is minimal clearance between them, G2 Axle & Gear has an eight-lug, 2-inch wheel spacer that can help. Installing the precision-made 6061 T6 aluminum spacers increases the air gap between the tires. The spacers feature pre-installed studs, lug nuts, and thread locker for simple bolt-on installation.
G2 Axle & Gear
(310) 900-2687
Photo 29/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Aisin Transmission Pan
Bigger Capacity
PML has a deeper transmission pan for the Aisin AS69RC found behind 6.7L Cummins engines in ’13-and-newer Ram 3500/4500/5500 trucks. The sand-cast aluminum pan increases fluid capacity by 3 to 4 quarts and provides a drain plug and locations for mounting sensors. This pan caught our eye because of its solid fitment to the newer Aisin transmission and its well-thought-out design.
(800) 335-4345
Photo 30/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Shell Rotella Filter
Cleaner Crude
Shell Rotella has a new line of oil filters for light-duty diesel engines that efficiently capture dirt and contaminants and provide the greater capacity diesels need for reducing wear. The filters also meet stringent requirements set by engine manufacturers for flow rate, burst strength, media area, and valve integrity.
Shell Rotella
Photo 31/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Transfer Flow Tank Nissan Titan Xd
Extended Road Trip
The 26-gallon fuel tank in the new 5.0L Cummins-powered ’16 Nissan Titan XD can limit a truck’s mileage range. So Transfer Flow developed a new 50-gallon replacement tank that provides additional fuel capacity for those extended highway excursions. The tank fits in the factory location and is made of 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel that is powdercoated black. The tanks are internally baffled to reduce sloshing and come with mounting straps and hardware for installation.
Transfer Flow
(800) 442-0056
Photo 32/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Cummins Allison Conversions Adaptor 7.3 Ford
Well Adapted
If it is time to replace the worn-out transmission behind your Ford pickup’s 7.3L Power Stroke engine or you are looking for the better fuel economy that comes from having more transmission gears, then CA Conversions has the setup you need. The company introduces two new products: the 7.3L Power Stroke adapter and flexplate. When used together, the parts facilitate mounting an Allison 1000/2000 five- or six-speed automatic transmission behind a 7.3L engine.
CA Conversions
(865) 253-1133
Photo 33/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Egr Automotive North America Titan Fender Flares
Stylish Protection
EGR Automotive North America offers new fender flares for the ’16 Nissan Titan XD. They’re made of tough fade-resistant ABS plastic that is CAD-designed and vacuum-formed for an OEM-level fit. Existing factory attachment points are used with specially designed hardware, so no drilling is required for installation. The fender flares come in three styles: OEM, bolt-on, and rugged.
ERG Automotive North America
(909) 923-7075
Photo 34/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Powermaster Ultra Duty Starter 2
Crank It Over
New from Powermaster Performance are several additions to its Ultra Duty Series of high-torque diesel engine starters. The units, available for Cummins, Ford Power Stroke, and GM Duramax engines, generate 260 lb-ft of torque—more than enough for cranking over most modified oil-burners in the toughest environments and conditions.
Powermaster Performance
(630) 957-4019
Photo 35/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Industrial Injection Compound Turbocharger Kit
Big Boost
Industrial Injection introduces a new competition compound-turbocharger kit for Duramax engines, featuring S300SX-E 66mm and S400SX-E 76mm BorgWarner Airwerks turbos. The ’chargers spool quickly and are able to produce enough boost for an astonishing 1,000 hp when paired with the proper amount of fuel.
Industrial Injection
(800) 955-0476
Photo 36/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Westin Automotive Products Hdx Light Bar
Night Bright
The new curved HDX lightbar from Westin Automotive Products is highlighted by a combination of beam patterns that will brighten your path in the darkest conditions. The windshield-mounted auxiliary lighting includes one 30-inch Dual Phase LED combo-beam unit and two built-in 6-inch LED spot lights. The extruded aluminum lightbar includes two 10-gauge-steel mounting brackets that mount to the inner door flange and allow the bar to be rotated for better light dispersal.
Westin Automotive Products
(800) 345-8476
Photo 37/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Kleinn Air Horns Ram Horn Onboard Air
Getting Air
If you own a ’10-to-’16 Ram 2500/3500 and you feel the factory horn isn’t loud enough, Kleinn Air Horns offers a new Train Horn and OnBoard Air System that will certainly compensate for the deficiency. The direct-fit system comes with all the brackets and hardware needed to install the horns, 150-psi air compressor (that includes a quick-disconnect tire inflator), and 3-gallon tank. The heavy-duty compressor is able to handle air horns and small air tools, support airbags, inflate tires, and handle other pneumatic equipment.
Kleinn Air Horns
(520) 579-1531
Photo 38/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Diamond Diesel Pistons Duramax
Diesel Slugfest
Diamond Racing Pistons has released a new series of HD Diesel Performance pistons. There are pistons available for the 6.7L Cummins, 6.7L Ford Power Stroke, and 6.6L GM Duramax. The pistons are made from Diamond’s 2618 alloy and feature a three-dimensional radius and contour dish to reduce hotspots and stress cracking while allowing use of factory and aftermarket cylinder heads, as well as forged-steel top-ring inlays to handle high cylinder pressures. A unique skirt design and Moly coating help improve cylinder wear.
Diamond Racing Pistons
(877) 552-2112
Photo 39/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Engine Works Performance Transmissions
Transmission Toughness
Engine Works has a new line of performance replacement transmissions for GM, Ford, and Dodge/Ram diesel-powered pickups. The transmissions are available in three different performance stages to support different applications. Stage 1 is built to handle an added 100 hp and tow 4,000 pounds, while Stage 2 is able to make up to 250 hp over stock and support 10,000 pounds on the hitch. But if the truck runs 10- to 12-second quarter-mile e.t.’s, has more than 250 additional horsepower, or tows in excess of 10,000 pounds regularly, then Stage 3 is able to withstand the added abuse.
Engine Works
(800) 251-0331
Photo 40/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Auto Meter Tach Adapter
Tach Time
Have you ever climbed a grade while towing a heavy load and wished your truck had a cool Auto Meter tachometer to help you keep an accurate eye on its diesel’s rpm? Of course, this hasn’t been possible, as oil-burners don’t use an ignition system—more specifically a distributor—from which a tach signal can be taken. Well, the once impossible is now possible, thanks to Auto Meter’s Diesel Tach Adapter. The brand-new device uses a diesel engine’s alternator for sourcing rpm data and facilitates installing the tachometer of your choice from the company’s vast catalog.
Auto Meter Competition Instruments
(866) 248-6356
Photo 41/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Spec D Tuning Led Taillights
Optical Solution
Add style and function to the ’14-and-up Chevrolet Silverado with Spec-D Tuning’s new LED Light Bar taillights. The lights provide higher visibility with numerous bulbs that shine through a translucent lens. The bright and consistent output helps increase driving safety while giving the truck a unique look.
Spec-D Tuning
(909) 839-2533
Photo 42/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Undercover Ridgelander Defender
Versatile Hauling
Having a tonneau cover on the bed of your truck limits storage space for camping gear, ice chests, bicycles and such. UnderCover Truck Bed Covers’ new Ridgelander Defender bedcover handles the need for more versatility. The Defender features the Tango Track system, four quick-mount legs, and two Vortex Aero bars that can be used in conjunction with more than 30 Rhino Pack accessories (bike carriers, fishing rod holders, and cargo racks). The Defender allows you to maximize cargo hauling with a bedcover.
UnderCover Truck Bed Covers
(866) 900-8800
Photo 43/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Snow Performance Stainless Steel Braided Line
Photo 44/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Snow Performance Stainless Steel Braided Line 2
Fine Lines
Snow Performance has introduced a stainless steel braided line upgrade for its water-methanol injection kits. The system includes 100 percent methanol-resistant lines, necessary -4 AN fittings, and a 3/8-inch NPT (inlet and outlet) pump.
Snow Performance
(866) 365-2762
Photo 45/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Flaming River Big Switch 400
Big-Amp Switch
The Big Switch 400 is a new battery-disconnect switch from Flaming River Industries. The heavy-duty switch can handle 400 amps continuously and has a completely sealed waterproof design. For security and safety, the switch features a lockout that allows it to be padlocked in the “OFF” position.
Flaming River Industries
(800) 648-8022
Photo 46/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema BD Diesel Fuel Heater
Gell Stopper
Fuel gelling is a common problem for diesel engines that are subjected to cold temperatures. For trucks equipped with a BD Diesel Performance Flow-Max, Fass, or AirDog lift pump and fuel system, BD offers its new Flow-Max Fuel Heater Kit to help prevent low temperatures from making a mess of the diesel. The self-regulating system is highlighted by a 320-watt heating element that fits between the water separator pre-filter and filter head, with sealed electrical connectors.
BD Diesel Performance
(800) 887-5030
Photo 47/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Edge Products Stage One Performance
Performance Package
Edge Products combines its Evolution CTS2 programmer and Jammer cold-air intake, making a new Stage 1 Performance Kit for diesel engines. The upgrade package, available for most Ford, Dodge/Ram, and Chevrolet/GMC trucks, optimizes power and fuel efficiency for late-model diesel pickups.
Edge Products
(888) 360-3343
Photo 48/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Air Lift Load Leveler 7500Xl
Next Level
In order to meet the higher weight-hauling demands imposed on today’s ¾- and 1-ton trucks, Air Lift Company introduces a new Load Lifter 7500 XL air spring kit. The 7500 system incorporates the same bolt-on features as the company’s Load Lifter 5000 setup but with a larger 7-inch air spring for increased load-leveling ability.
Air Lift Company
(800) 248-0892
Photo 49/49   |   Diesel Truck Parts Sema Cummins 2.8l I 4 Crate Engine
Straight from the Crate
Designed to help simplify the engine-swap process, Cummins’ all-new R2.8 is the first offering in the company’s “Repower” crate-engine program. The turbocharged 2.8L I-4-powerplant is a compact, lightweight, electronically controlled, high-pressure common-rail package that’s perfect for most small pickup and SUV applications. The kit includes all the major components necessary for the engine’s operation to help ensure that even novice DIY mechanics have almost everything they need to make a Cummins Repower installation as painless as possible.
Cummins Inc.
(800) 343-7357