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Gear: Drive Enhancers

Performance for your truck

Bruce W. Smith
Aug 29, 2005
Contributors: Keith Burton
Photographers: The Manufacturers
The inventive products for trucks and SUVs are one of the best aspects of the automotive business. New or old, gas or diesel, there's always something different out there that makes driving more enjoyable. We did a survey of manufacturers who specialize in bolt-on performance products. As you can imagine, these items are popular--especially the ones made for diesels. What we found ranges from supercharger kits to brakes--and a few things in between.
Photo 2/29   |   Expedition IntakeAIRAID's intake system ($299) for 2005 Ford Expeditions with the 5.4-liter V-8 is said to add 19 rear-wheel horsepower and 28 pound-feet of torque. AIRAID; 800/
Photo 3/29   |   Pro-Tuner EFIGood news for Chevy big-block fans: Edelbrock now offers MotoTron Pro-Tuner Electronic Control Units to convert engines to EFI. Pro-Tuner kits include the ECU with Power PC, 32-bit micro-controller, Pro-Tuner software, distributor, injectors, all sensors, and wiring harness. Edelbrock Corporation; 800/

Photo 4/29   |   V-8 SuperchargerWhipple Superchargers' intercooled supercharger kit for 2004-2005 5.4-liter engines produces nearly 60 percent more power (475 horsepower/550 pound-feet) across much of the rpm range. Whipple says the kit installs in four to six hours. Whipple Superchargers; 559/
Photo 5/29   |   Turbo KitThe S300 Air Werks turbo ($1245) is designed by BD Diesel Performance for 12-valve 1994-2004 Cummins 5.9-liter engines. The turbo provides low engine rpm spool-up, resulting in a 75-150-pound-foot increase in torque. It also reduces smoke emissions with 100-250 degrees F drop in exhaust temperature at peak load levels. BD Diesel Performance; 800/
Photo 6/29   |   Titan ScavengerFlowmaster's cat-back for the Titan consists of a two-into-one Scavenger Y-pipe assembly, a three-inch inlet pipe, 70-Series muffler, and dual mandrel-bent 2.5-inch tailpipes. Flowmaster; 800/
Photo 7/29   |   Xtreme ExhaustFord Power Stroke owners looking for 20 extra horses and 70 pound-feet of torque will like DieselPro's new four-inch 304 stainless-steel exhaust, which comes with a huge six-inch exhaust tip. The mandrel-bent system has great deep tone with more turbo whistle at lower rpm. $575 tax-free price includes free shipping. DieselPro; 877/
Photo 8/29   |   Quick-Spool TurboHigh Tech Turbo S300G/HTBG ($900) is a quick-spool turbo for Dodges with a second- or third-generation Cummins engine. Quick spool-up builds boost quicker than many hybrid turbos--for plenty of boost at low-end, for towing and, well, for sheer fun. High Tech Turbo; 801/
Photo 9/29   |   Duramax ExhaustThis 6.5-liter GMC Duramax diesel exhaust kit is a straight-through four-inch-diameter 304L stainless-steel system. It uses Corsa's Reflective Sound Cancellation, which enhances the vehicle's sound while eliminating most cabin resonance. Corsa; 800/486-0999.
Photo 10/29   |   LS2 Chevy HeadersIf you own a 1999-2003 Chevy truck or SUV, Hedman Hedders has three 50-state-legal headers with lifetime warranty. All feature 1-5/8-inch mandrel-bent primary tubes for smooth exhaust flow, and 3/8-inch head and OEM-style collector flanges to eliminate exhaust leaks due to warping. Hedman Hedders; 562/
Photo 11/29   |   Dual-Fuel ProgrammerWith the price of gas on the rise, Hypertech's 87Max Dual-Fuel tuning power programmer for 2004-2005 GM trucks/SUVs adds 17 horsepower--on regular fuel. With a 20c average difference between the cost of regular and premium, you could save $400-$500 a year. Hypertech; 901/
Photo 12/29   |   Power ChipNissan truck and SUV owners rejoice. Unichip now has a plug-and-play power chip kit ($795) for the Nissan Titan and Armada. The fully programmable kit includes computer module, harness, installation instructions, and a Unichip LED keychain. Unichip; 866/
Photo 13/29   |   Power Stroke Power BundleThe Big Hoss Bundle ($3125), Gale Banks' top-of-the-line power system for 2003-2005 6.0-liter Power Stroke pickups, adds up to 156 horsepower and 275 pound-feet for improved acceleration and load-pulling muscle, plus improved engine durability. Gale Banks Engineering; 800/
Photo 14/29   |   Half-Ton BrakesStainless Steel Brakes offers several disc-brake kits for 1999-2004 GM half-ton trucks and SUVs. At the top of the list is the Force 10 Tri-Power Kit, which uses three-piston calipers to generate up to 36-percent-greater clamping force than the heavy factory calipers. Stainless Steel Brakes; 800/
Photo 15/29   |   F-150 SuperchargerIf you're looking for a way to make your new 5.4-liter F-150 kick serious butt, consider this Roush supercharger ($5199). The Roots-style blower adds 112 horsepower and 137 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels. It takes about eight hours to install, and Roush covers the truck's factory warranty. Roush Performance; 800/
Photo 16/29   |   Oil-Cooler UpgradeWith this kit, DSG Canada has solved the severe-use oiling problems common in 1993-and-newer 6.5-liter Chevrolet/GMC trucks. It includes an oil cooler with 50-percent-more cooling capacity, and its stainless-steel hose and leakproof fittings ensure no cracks or leaks. DSG Canada; 800/
Photo 17/29   |   H2 Brake SystemNew for the Hummer H2 is this high-performance brake system upgrade from The Brake Man. The Storm brake system ($4342) uses a forged-aluminum four-piston caliper that's so strong it's patented. The kit includes street-performance brake pads, steel-braided brakelines, brackets, and hardware; no vehicle modifications are necessary. The Brake Man; 805/
Photo 18/29   |   Nissan Cat-BackBorla Performance Industries has designed a total-performance cat-back system for the 2004-2005 Nissan Titan V-8 5.6-liter engine. Borla has designed this dual exhaust as a true bolt-on for 2WD or 4WD shortbed crew-cab and extended-cab trucks. Borla Performance Industries; 877/
Photo 19/29   |   Colorado and Canyon IntakeTrue Flow's air-intake kit for the I-4 and I-5 engines, which includes a powdercoated seamless-steel tube, is said to improve performance by more than six horsepower and 11 pound-feet of torque and increase fuel efficiency. True Flow; 866/
Photo 20/29   |   Digital Propane InjectionWhen propane's injected into a turbocharged diesel engine, there's a power and torque increase--and MSD's all-new, closed-loop Digital Propane Injection system is said to be the safest available. Each DPI system is programmed for the specific application--there are no jets to drill or external adjustments required. MSD; 915/
Photo 21/29   |   Bolt-On ExhaustThis bolt-on application from Billy Boat Performance Exhaust increases power in the 2003-2005 Duramax ($900). B&B products are built as direct bolt-on replacements for stock exhaust components and include all hardware and gaskets. Billy Boat Performance Exhaust; 623/
Photo 22/29   |   Titan PipesStillen's Titan exhausts have been developed to provide a mild aggressive tone and offer a solid 13-horsepower increase at the wheels. There are three versions: single- or dual-swept side exit, or dual-split rear exit. Steve Millen Sportparts; 866/
Photo 23/29   |   Diesel NitrousNXd Street Performance's Module Nitrous system can add 50 to 200 horsepower--and two more mpg, depending on the setting you choose. Nitrous Express; 940/
Photo 24/29   |   GM BrakesThe Power Slot Plus Big Brake System ($539) for the 2002-2005 Chevy Avalanche 1500 uses a larger-diameter brake rotor that works with the original factory brake calipers. Power Slot; 818/
Photo 25/29   |   Ford Power ModuleThe 6.0-liter Power Stroke Big G Diesel power module with in-cab monitor ($1077) improves performance and maximizes engine efficiency. Module features five levels of tune, and its top performance level is said to add 120 horses and 240 pound-feet of torque. Granatelli Motor Sports; 805/
Photo 26/29   |   Nissan Stopping PowerStillen has an affordable brake upgrade ($1395) for Nissan Titans with 18-inch or larger wheels. This kit features 51mm dual-piston calipers, made of steel for added stiffness, and massive 14-inch two-piece curved veined rotors (cross-drilled and slotted). Steve Millen Sportparts, Inc; 866/
Photo 27/29   |   Ram Cat-BackBorla has developed a new exhaust for the Dodge Ram 2500/3500 turbodiesel. The kit includes an XR-1 race muffler and four-inch mandrel-bent T-304 stainless-steel pipes. Borla; 877/
Photo 28/29   |   Ford SuperchargerThis Whipple-built Lightning replacement supercharger ($3650) is now available for 2001-2004 F-150 two-valve 5.4-liter V-8s as well as the three-valve found in the 2005 F-150. The twin-screw supercharger, which adds 80 horsepower, is available in satin or polished finishes. Ford Racing Performance Parts; 586/
Photo 29/29   |   Hemi IntakeAdvanced Flow Engineering released a cold-air intake system that adds 18 horsepower and 21 pound-feet of torque to the 2004-2005 Hemi Durango. Power comes from a free-flowing oversized filter with integral velocity stack coupled to a contoured tube that steps up air velocity into the engine. Advanced Flow Engineering; 951/



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