Product Spotlight: Prolong Engine Treatment

Benson Kong
Jan 29, 2010
Prolong Engine Treatment is a pour-in motor oil additive formulated to offer additional engine protection from friction and heat. The treatment is based on Prolong’s Anti-Friction Metal Treatment technology and coats metal surfaces in the oil-lubricated engine sections to prevent metal-on-metal grinding. Motor oil viscosity is not affected.
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Engine Treatment is available in 8- (0.25 quarts) and 12-ounce (0.375 quarts) sizes. The standard 12-ounce treatment is intended for vehicles with 4- to 5-quart crankcases, while the 8-ounce Booster size is used to refresh a preexisting treatment’s protection qualities. For vehicles with larger crankcases, Prolong recommends adding an Engine Treatment fill equivalent to 10 percent of the crankcase’s oil volume.
Prolong Engine Treatment also comes with a free Limited Lifetime Product Engine Warranty. For all terms, conditions, and qualifications, visit the Prolong Web site.
Prolong Super Lubricants
Phone: 800.540.5823
POMONA, Calif. -- Prolong® Super Lubricants offers its industry-leading Engine Treatment and Booster System to protect gas and diesel engines from the two leading causes of engine wear: damaging friction and heat.
Prolong Engine Treatment is formulated with the company’s exclusive Anti-Friction Metal Treatment™ (AFMT) advanced technology to chemically bond to metal surfaces in the engine to generate a protective layer that prevents metal-on-metal grinding -- the cause of unwanted friction and increased heat. It is designed to restore engine efficiency, optimize fuel economy and protect the engine in the event of oil or coolant loss.
“Motor oil is a flowing lubricant and when it is under extreme pressure conditions, it can be squeezed out and away,” said Jeff Victer, Domestic/International Sales Manager, Prolong. “Prolong Engine Treatment adheres to the metal offering constant lubrication protection for both new and older, high-mileage vehicles. The engine is even protected when the motor oil is not yet fully circulating.”
Prolong’s 12 oz. Engine Treatment bottle is poured directly into 4-5 quart engine crankcases and is recommended for use as part of or in between oil changes. For continued protection, Prolong offers an 8 oz. Engine Treatment Booster that can be used during each oil change to renew Prolong’s engine protection to its maximum level. The engine treatment company offers a free Limited Lifetime Product Engine Warranty on its engine treatment products, which are available for vehicles that are less than 10 years old or have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. To register, users can complete and mail in the warranty registration form that comes inside the 12-oz. Engine Treatment package.
Prolong products do not alter the viscosity of the motor oil or transmission fluid and car owners are encouraged to follow manufacturer’s recommendations regarding oil weights and service schedules.
Prolong Super Lubricants, a brand of GoldenWest Lubricants, Inc., produces a wide range of chemicals and car care products, including engine, fuel and transmission additives; chassis and wheel lubricants; rust, vinyl and leather protectants; and waxes. Its Anti-Friction Metal Treatment™ (AFMT) advanced technology treats and modifies the surface of metal to reduce metal wear, heat and friction. For more information, visit, or contact Prolong at 1937 Mount Vernon Ave., Pomona, Calif., 91768; phone: 800.540.LUBE (5823); fax: 800.966.LUBE (5823).
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