Remember last year's GoPoint Technology goLINK cable? It plugs into your OBDII port under the dash and connects to your iPhone or Android smart phone running an app that turns it into an engine fault-code reader. It also provides a rough guestimate at instantaneous fuel economy (this number tends to be fairly inaccurate) and also displays real-time values for myriad engine functions like catalytic converter temperature (it's fun to watch how fast those babies heat up in the morning). Well, the BT1 replaces the cable with a small connector that connects to your devices via Bluetooth. This eliminates the clunky cord for folks who wish to monitor their engine's internal workings on the go (an admittedly small minority, I suspect). It's still perhaps most useful as a diagnostic tool, and the app translates the mechanic-ese raw code data into layman's terms, which should make it easier to either order the particular sensor that's bad from your parts store and install it yourself, or convince your local dealer that you're smart enough to know the engine only needs a knock sensor, not a cylinder-head re-grind. Register your car on the app and it will also pull in recall information when applicable. It's compatible with iPhones now, Android operating systems early next year. $119.99 at RadioShack (goLINK cables are $99.99 available at WalMart).