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SEMA's Top 25 Best New Products

Cool New Gear Heading Your Way

Allyson Harwood
Dec 26, 2011
The Specialty Equipment Market Association's annual trade show is a spectacle, with crazy, over-the-top trucks and sport/utilities on display inside the Las Vegas Convention Center and outside the halls. But just as important as the wall-to-wall eye candy is the wide array of new products introduced at this show. Here are some of our favorites. Many of these were not on sale as of press time, so pricing wasn't available. Consider this a preview of the cool aftermarket products coming your way in the near future.

Escort Live!
Escort Live! brings the idea of social networking to your truck -- and it may save you money. This accessory cord includes a Bluetooth connection to link your new or recent Escort detector to your smartphone so that when you encounter radar or laser, the location of the threat is broadcast and shared with other Escort Live! users in your area. $80, plus membership fee.
Photo 2/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products 01 Escort Live
Escort/Beltronics Radar Detectors

Mickey Thompson Classic Big-Rig WheeL
Do you want the look of a 10-lug wheel on your six- or eight-lug truck? Consider Mickey Thompson's Classic Big-Rig wheel. It looks like a 10-lug, but no adapters are needed here. Other wheels in the Mickey Thompson collection include a beadlock-style in black or chrome, the SideBiter, and the Classic II in black or chrome. About $350.
Photo 3/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products 02 MICKEY THOMPSON Classic Big Rig Wheels
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

Cam Caster Adjuster Kit
BD, a company typically known for diesel products, has expanded to include non-diesel and suspension components as well. Shown here is the company's cam caster adjustment kit. If your truck rides on oversize tires or you've had a suspension-lift kit installed, your truck may not drive straight. This kit helps correct negative caster angles on Ford 2005-2010 Super Duty pickups. $215.
Photo 4/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products BD Diesel Performance Cam Caster Adjuster Kit
BD Diesel Performance

Extreme Outback Compressor
The ExtremeAire Velocity is the first synthetic-oil-lubed 3/4-hp compressor available in 12- or 24-volt applications. It has a 100-percent continuous duty rating, a 225psi restart capability, a high flow rate, and a 3000-hour lifespan. $480.
Photo 5/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products EXTREME OUTBACK COMPRESSOR
Extreme Outback Products

Monster Hook
This is a safe, strong recovery hook rated with a 45,000-pound recovery load. Made of forged titanium, it comes with stainless-steel hardware and has a polished finish. The 24-pound hook measures 16x7 inches, fits any 2-inch receiver, accommodates large tow straps, and has a 3.5-inch stainless-steel safety latch. $190-$200.
Photo 6/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Monster Hook
Monster Hooks Inc.

Trail D-Vise
Ever wished you had a bench-mounted vise while out on the road or on the trail? As long as you have a 2-inch ball-mounted receiver, Mac's Trail D-Vise gives you just that. Slide the D-Vise into the receiver, pin it, and you're ready to make repairs. $160.
Photo 7/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Trail D Vise
Mac's Custom Tie Downs

Daystar Cam Can
Daystar offers the Cam Can in a variety of colors. It stores in the center of a Jeep or Toyota's rear-mounted spare tire, and can carry 5 gallons of water. Universal mounts are also sold for trucks, trailers, and UTVs (utility terrain vehicles). $60-$120.
Photo 8/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Daystar Cam Can
Daystar Products International

Dominator D4
Go Rhino! introduced several new steps at this year's SEMA show, many of which are ideal for use on lifted or tall trucks. Pictured here is the Dominator D4. Each set of steps is application-specific. It uses a 4-inch oval design, making it easier to get into and out of your truck, and the large-size pad makes it safer, too. No drilling is required to install a set. $545 (black), $824 (polished stainless).
Photo 9/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Dominator D4 Go Rhino
Go Rhino! Products

Vortech Raptor Supercharger
This is an early preview of a new product from Vortech. The company unveiled a preproduction version of its supercharger for the 6.2-liter Ford Raptor at SEMA. While the fuel calibration is not final, Vortech anticipates the power increase over stock will be 40-45-percent more hp and 35-40-percent additional torque. It is expected to go on sale in early 2012. Price unavailable.
Photo 10/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Vortech Raptor Supercharger
Vortech Engineering

Superchips Vivid PAQ
The Vivid PAQ uses Android-based software, a touch-screen tablet, and Bluetooth technology in this multi-use device. You can tune vehicle performance, acquire and store data, display a variety of gauges, and connect to the Web. Tunes are offered for high-performance, heavy-load towing, fuel economy, or off-road. It's also GPS capable with the option of topographical off-road maps. Price unavailable.
Photo 11/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Superchips Vivid PAQ

American Force 8/10-Lug Adapter
If you're eyeing a set of 10-lug wheels that you want to fit to your eight-lug truck, American Force has a wide variety of adapters to do the job. Pictured here is one of the adapters for 2011-2012 Chevrolet and GMC 2500HD and 3500HD trucks. Adapters are also offered for earlier Chevy and GMC trucks, as well as for Dodge/Ram Heavy-Duty, and Ford Super Duty. $850-$1200 for a set.
Photo 12/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products AMERICAN FORCE 810 LUG ADAPTER
American Force Wheels

Weld Wheels
Weld introduced its forged-aluminum truck wheels at the SEMA show. Shown here are Weld Racing's dually wheels, which are load-rated at 3500 pounds. There are 10 wheel styles and two finishes -- black anodized or polished -- from which to choose, with 5, 6, or 8 lugs. For those who tow, there are also matching forged trailer wheels. Price unavailable.
Photo 13/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products 02 Weld Wheels
Weld Racing LLC
Bestop TrekStep
Have you ever had trouble getting at the gear that's stowed at the front of a truck bed? Bestop's side-mounted TrekStep makes the bed easier to reach, and can also facilitate getting tools out of bed-mounted toolboxes. It works on half-, 3/4-, and one-ton trucks. It'll extend and retract with the push of your foot, and can hold up to 400 pounds. About $300; contact your local Bestop dealer.
Photo 14/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Bestop TrekStep
Bestop Inc.

Extang EnCore Tonneau
Extang's EnCore tonneau cover is the first three-panel folding hard cover that has both an opening front panel and a rear fold-up design. This makes it easier to store and retrieve cargo. Its SecureShut system has a heavy-duty rear latch that locks the cover at the tailgate, and there's a separate latch and lock at the front. The sealed tonneau is made of UV-resistant materials and has rubber corners and a powdercoated frame. $889.
Photo 15/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Extang EnCore Tonneau
Extang Corporation

Superrail Mounting Kit
If you already use B&W products, PullRite's SuperRail mounting kit converts the B&W for use with PullRite's automatic SuperGlide sliding fifth-wheel hitches for shortbed trucks. The SuperGlide automatically moves the trailer away from the cab while making turns, allowing up to 90-degree turning without stopping or slowing down, and returns the hitch and trailer to the safe towing position over the truck axle when the turn is completed. $775.
Photo 16/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products SUPERRAIL MOUNTING KIT

Easy Puller
This versatile tool drew a lot of attention at the show. Clamp the pliers on to the item you want pulled, and slide the 2-pound hammer quickly along the slide bolt to the end, creating a pulling force. It's a heavy-duty vice grip with a slide hammer attached. It can also be used as traditional locking pliers. $40.
Photo 17/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Easy Puller
Las Vegas Tool LLC

Rugged Ridge Dual Battery Relay Kit
Whether you've added a winch, air compressor, or extra lux accessories for long stretches on the road, it might be time to install a second battery in your rig. Rugged Ridge's dual-battery relay kit will let you properly and safely wire two batteries to the vehicle's electrical system, and manage battery use. $190.
Photo 18/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products RUGGED RIDGE DUAL BATTERY RELAY KIT
Rugged Ridge

Optima Batteries Digital 1200 Battery Charger
Controlled by a microprocessor, this digital battery charger charges, conditions, and maintains 12-volt AGM and flooded batteries. It can also recover deeply discharged batteries and is said to extend battery life. The charger has a three-color LCD display for charging, maintaining, and fault mode. You can select charge profiles by battery type, and there's even a USB input for you to charge an iPad, smartphone, or camera. Price unavailable.
Photo 19/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products OPTIMA BATTERIES DIGITAL 1200 BATTERY CHARGER
Optima Batteries

Hi-Lift Off-Road Base
The Hi-Lift jack has been the ultimate trail recovery device for off-roaders for decades. Responding to suggestions on how to make its product better, the company has made a new base. It has a serrated edge on one side, making it easier to dig into soft, uneven surfaces, and there's a through-hole where you can put the jack when storing it. $50.
Photo 20/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products HiLift
Hi-Lift Jack Company

BOLT Locks
The BOLT series of locks "learns" your truck's key the first time you turn it, and stays secure from that point on. When you put in the key, the lock's spring-loaded plate tumblers move until they match your key. Shown here is a replacement toolbox lock retrofit latch kit, but there are applications for hitch receivers, tailgates, cables, and trailer spare tires. Locks are weatherproof and made of automotive-grade stainless steel. $41.
Photo 21/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products BOLT Locks
BOLT Locks

Warn PullzAll
Warn has created this clever product based on its long history of winch expertise. There are two versions of this hoist, one with a cord and one that's cordless. The PullzAll is a portable lifting and pulling tool that can lug up to 1000 pounds. You can use the cordless 24-volt version to control the unit from inside your truck. You can carry lumber, pull pipe, or even transport a trophy after a day of hunting. It includes two rechargeable battery packs and a charger. $500.
Photo 22/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Warn PullzAll
Warn Industries Inc.

Dynatrac Free Spin Hd Hub Conversion
We don't like to admit it, but all trucks have weak links. This is an area where the aftermarket can be tremendously helpful. Dynatrac's hub conversion line was expanded to include a kit for 2009-and-newer Dodge 2500/3500 Heavy-Duty trucks. It's said to use more durable components than OE and improve fuel economy, as well as reduce steering effort and noise, vibration, and harshness. About $2100.
Photo 23/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products DYNATRAC FREE SPIN HD HUB CONVERSION
Dynatrac Products Co.

Banks Brake
At SEMA, Banks Power showed its newest applications of aftermarket exhaust brakes. Seen here is the brake for 2004-2010 Chevrolet and GMC Duramax 6.6-liter engines, which works with Banks' iQ interface. These all-electronic exhaust brakes are plug-and-play, and work by modulating systems already found on the vehicle. $1440 including iQ.
Photo 24/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Banks Brake
Banks Power

Cargo Ease Ramp
This is a pullout (from a first-time SEMA exhibitor) that makes it a lot easier to access the gear stored in the middle of the truck bed or near the back. The pullout can help prevent the need to crawl into the bed or stretch over the bed sides. The Cargo Ease has a spring-release handle that twists to release the pullout, and A ramp is also available to make it easier to load and unload cargo. $700, $1700 with ramp.
Photo 25/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products Cargo Ease Ramp
Cargo Ease Inc.

StrongBox Trailer
SnowBear's StrongBox is an 8-foot trailer that's part of the company's new Transformer series. This one folds into a 2.8 x 4.3 x 2.6-foot secure box. The trailer is made of fully welded tubular steel and has a solid, corrugated floor. It weighs 600 pounds, and can carry up to 1000 pounds of gear. $1500.
Photo 26/26   |   2011 SEMA Top 25 Products StrongBox Trailer
SnowBear Ltd.



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