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2005 TRUCK & SUV Gear

2005's standout products to enhance appearance, performance, and versatility....

Editors of Motor Trend
Sep 29, 2005
Photographers: The Manufacturers
November/ December 2005 Truck & SUV GearTruck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Valley Industries, B&W and, many more!

Photo 2/34   |   Backseat RumbleIs the kid in the sports car one lane over drowning out your radio station? Then consider upgrading your audio system with some solid low end. Infinity's BassLink T low-profile powered subwoofer system is designed with the tight confines of a truck in mind. Inside the slick polymer enclosure are a 10-inch sub, two 10-inch passive radiators, and a 250-watt Class-D amp with user controls for phase and EQ. A remote control allows level changes to be made from the driver seat. Infinity; 516/
Photo 3/34   |   Basket CaseThere are times when you could use just a bit more space in your truck or SUV. Valley Industries' hitch-mounted folding basket carrier locks in place when not in use. When the basket's down, you have 60x20x6 inches of added storage. It's made from powdercoated heavy-duty steel, in 5/8-inch-diameter tubing, has a steel mesh floor, and can hold up to 500 pounds of gear. It fits in two-inch receiver hitches with a minimum Class-III and IV rating. Valley Industries; 209/

Photo 4/34   |   Stow ItB&W's Tow & Stow Receiver Hitch is designed to stay attached to your vehicle at all times. When you're not using the hitch, you can stow it under your truck. Made to eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts, the Tow & Stow is available in six-, eight-, or 10-inch models, with a dual- or tri-ball configuration. It's rated for up to a 10,000-pound GVW and/or 1000-pound tongue weight. B&W; 800/
September/October 2005 Truck & SUV Gear
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as MagnaFlow, AMP Research, TruckVault, and many more!
Photo 5/34   |   Roll-Up CoverProtect the gear in your truck's bed with the Lorado roll-up cover. Its frame and hardware are made of aluminum and the cover itself is UV-protected, double-coated vinyl fabric. The Lorado has an all-new front Element Seal for weatherproof protection. Agri-Cover, Inc.; 866/
Photo 6/34   |   Deep BreathingThese sealed air-intake systems replace OE components with less restrictive parts. Horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency are said to increase, and the system retains the factory air box. Each kit comes with True Flow's foam air filter, designed specifically for diesels. Intakes are available for Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks. True Flow, 866/
Photo 7/34   |   Stepping UpPower-retractable steps make life easier and help preserve a truck's ground clearance. AMP Research has new full-length, fully retractable runningboards for 2000-2005 Ford Excursions. The boards come down when the doors open and disappear from view when the doors are closed. AMP Research; 888/
Photo 8/34   |   Getting HitchedThis hitch cover's fold-out step is made of aircraft-quality aluminum, has a molded grip surface to prevent slippage, and locks in place when not in use. Ford, Hummer, Chevy, and Ram insignias are currently available, as is a plain silver finish. California Car Cover Company; 800/
Photo 9/34   |   Safe and SoundOutdoor activities aren't exactly neat and tidy, and gear for these adventures often must be under lock and key. The Extreme series locking all-weather vaults have a heavy-duty surface coating and contoured design for organized storage that's protected from the elements. TruckVault; 800/
Photo 10/34   |   Piping HotMagnaFlow's turbo-back exhaust for 2500/3500 Rams with the 600/610 engine is said to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, while lowering EGT. It has five-inch stainless-steel mandrel-bent tubing, a six-inch polished tip, and a round straight-through muffler. MagnaFlow; 800/
July/August 2005 Truck & SUV Gear
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Meguiar's, Banks, Sony, and many more!
Photo 11/34   |   Flip-Down Family FunKeep your passengers entertained while you drive with the Myron & Davis combination monitor/DVD player. It's the first aftermarket unit built for the modular overhead rail system available in many 2004-and-newer trucks and vans. Audio/visual goodies include FM modulator, inputs for game consoles and camcorders, wireless headphone transmitter, and remote. Myron & Davis; 866/
Photo 12/34   |   King of SoleIf work and play are hard on your feet and shoes, consider Wolverine's MultiShox Boots. Multipurpose individual compression pads on the outsole and a gel insole help absorb shocks to the feet. The lightweight polyurethane sole is slip-, oil-, abrasion-, and heat-resistant. The soft upper is durable full-grain leather. Available in pull-on Wellington boot and six- and eight-inch lace-up boot styles. Steel toe optional. Wolverine; 800/
Photo 13/34   |   Towing TremorsThe RoadTamer from Air Lift replaces a harsh leaf-spring ride with a more comforting air-spring suspension. A calibrated electronic control unit senses height changes and triggers the on-board compressor. Manual deflation (for easier loading and unloading), integrated shocks and damping system, and an expansion tank to increase capacity for larger trucks are optional. Air Lift Company; 800/
Photo 14/34   |   Flexible ProtectionNeed to cover or secure your load but don't want to lose the versatility of an open bed? The Retrax rigid retractable bed cover gives you both. A seamless sheet of Lexan and aluminum slides forward to allow access to the bed. Lock it open, closed, or anywhere in between. Engineered to resist sagging, it provides water runoff and the ability to support heavy snow loads. Applied Products, Inc.; 800/
Photo 15/34   |   Easy AccessTransporting pets can be traumatic for animal and human alike. Make it easier for both of you by taking the grief out of the initial loading process. Pet Loader ends a pet's need to jump in or out of the cab or bed, thus eliminating the possibility of injury, especially for the older or disabled ones. Portable and adjustable, the carpeted steps offer assurance and comfort for even large dogs. A'Wego Enterprises; 800/
Photo 16/34   |   Kick the BucketDoes washing your truck seem like a task on "Fear Factor"? Quit lugging that bucket around! Eagle One's Bucket-Free Car Wash is a concentrated spray-on cleaner. Apply to your wet truck, sponge off the dirt, and rinse. Each 25-ounce bottle will provide about 60 washes. Eagle One; 800/
May/June 2005 Truck & SUV Gear
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Meguiar's, Banks, Sony, and many more!
Photo 17/34   |   A Brush With GreatnessMeguiar's is serious about vehicle care--the company designed its own line of cleaning brushes and mops. This particular one, made for large trucks, SUVs, and vans, has a telescoping handle that extends to six feet and a swivel head with super soft material to prevent scratches. Also handy for large trucks is a wide-angle body brush with interchangeable handles in a variety of lengths. Meguiar's; 800/
Photo 18/34   |   More Torque, PleaseThe Banks billet torque converter (BBTC) can handle more torque, thanks to its CNC-machined, forged-steel billet cover and dual-disc lockup clutch assembly. It's designed to accurately match the torque band, helping improve power and acceleration. The slip-resistant lockup clutch allows the fluid temp to stay cooler, extending the life of the transmission. The BBTC is built for 1994-2003 7.3-liter Power Strokes with E40D and 4R100 transmissions and 1998.5-2005 5.9-liter Cummins with the 47RE or 48RE transmissions. Gale Banks Engineering; 800/GET-POWER (438-7693)
Photo 19/34   |   Raising the BarRancho's F-250/350 Super Duty suspension will give Ford owners enough room in the wheelwells for 35-inch tires, yet uses a proprietary radius-arm bushing that helps reduce bumpsteer. The system, which comes with all hardware needed for installation, is compatible with Rancho's nine-position adjustable RS9000X shocks and RS9000X Pro Series remote reservoir shocks. Rancho; 734/
Photo 20/34   |   Sony Gran Turismo 4 If you got carpal tunnel from playing GT 3, make your doctor's appointment today--Gran Turismo 4 is out! Yes, back are the long hours, bleary eyes, and aching joints symptomatic of PS2/GT addiction. This time, Sony packed in over 700 vehicles with at least a couple of your favorites. Even truck guys get a chance to humiliate a sports car or two in this one. This release features better graphics and more realistic (i.e., more difficult) driving dynamics. One problem though: no Dodge Ram SRT-10. C'mon, guys!
Photo 21/34   |   All-in-One HyperpacHypertech introduced a device that combines power-tuning programs, accurate dragstrip and dyno simulators, engine monitor, and diagnostics. All are controlled through a touch screen. The Hyperpac allows you to get your own vehicle's performance numbers at the track. It can read your truck's diagnostic codes and store all of the truck's data, so you can download it to your computer--even print out power curves. Hypertech; 901/
Photo 22/34   |   Not Just For Snow AnymoreIt used to be snow chains were just that: metal chains, useable only in snow. These durable polyurethane GoClaws are the newest technology in bad-weather traction. They can be used in mud, sand, snow, and, at low speeds, on roads; are self-cleaning; and can be installed in minutes, even if the vehicle is already stuck. Sizes fit most trucks and SUVs. GoClaws; 866/
March/April 2005 Truck & SUV Gear
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Toyo, Armor All, Borla Performance, Edge Products, and many more!
Photo 23/34   |   Toyo Truck TireReady to head out on the open road? The Open Country H/T, an all-new light-truck/SUV tire, is an OE replacement designed to deliver good all-around handling and a quiet, smooth ride. Initial sizes will fit 15- to 18-inch wheels, and the tires are rated up to an E load rating, meeting the needs of one-ton trucks. Toyo; 800/442-8696 (West Coast), 888/444-8696 (East Coast)
Photo 24/34   |   Armor All Gels SystemThe truck needs a wash but you can't find the bucket. Sound familiar? Go bucketless with Armor All's two-component wash/dry/wax gel system. Wet down the truck. Squeeze a stripe of Power Wash Gel on the hood and body panels and lather away. Hose off. Apply the Wax-It-Dry Gel and towel dry. Armor All; available at your local auto-parts
Photo 25/34   |   Jeep Desktop TelescopeDon't let a clear night go by while stuck behind your desk at work. Pull out the Jeep Desktop Telescope with its 15x magnification, 30mm objective diameter, and high-quality optics, and draw nearer to those millions of stars in the sky. Jeep Gear; 800/789-JEEP (5337)
Photo 26/34   |   Diesel ExhaustBorla Performance now manufactures diesel-exhaust systems for trucks including 6.6-liter Duramax-powered Silverados and Sierras, Cummins-powered Rams, and Power Stroke Super Duty Fords. This package, for 2003-2005 F-250s and F-350s with the 6.0-liter Power Stroke engine, comes with a mandrel-bent four-inch exhaust, performance downpipe, and Borla's XR-1 muffler. Borla Performance Industries; 877/GO-BORLA (462-6752)
Photo 27/34   |   Evolutionary ProgrammerEdge Products offers the Evolution handheld programmer for late-model gas-powered Ford pickups. It comes with three tuning options: Level 1 provides firmer shifts, increasing transmission life; Level 2 adds improved performance and sharper throttle response; and Level 3 tunes fueling and ignition timing for more horsepower and torque. Edge Products Inc.; 888/
Photo 28/34   |   Tool Logic T1 Series Business CardThe right tool for the job isn't always at your fingertips. However, it can be 12 steps closer with the Tool Logic T1 Series Business Card. This palette of 12 petite implements, within a credit-card-size container, is a collection of sensible mini tools. From screwdrivers to a prethreaded sewing needle, this is a card you can use without going into debt. ToolLogic; 800/
January/February 2005 Truck & SUV Gear
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Extang, Valley Industries, Seattle Sports Company, Winfield Consumer Products, and many more!
Photo 29/34   |   Safer StorageExtang and Roll-N-Lock are jointly offering Cargo Manager, a sliding divider built for truck beds. The divider will securely hold small objects in place and will be available as a bolt-on option for Extang's range of tonneau systems, ensuring that your cargo will be protected from the elements. Extang Corporation; 800/
Photo 30/34   |   Having a BallThe Stow-A-Ball Gooseneck Hitch from Valley Industries allows full use of the truck bed when not towing. The tow ball can be turned upside down and stored inside the ball socket, flush with the bed. The hitch uses safety chain loops--made to be placed in the lower rib section of the bed--that won't rattle while stored there, and features a Twist-To-Lock cable that can be mounted anywhere within four feet of the locking pin. This hitch is rated at 25,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight. Valley Industries; 209/
Photo 31/34   |   Going UpThe Sherpak Elevator Step provides easier access to the truck bed or the roof of your truck or SUV. It's made of heavy-gauge steel mesh, improving traction and making the step more lightweight. It attaches to the rear wheel, can be sized to fit most tire widths, and has three height-adjustment positions. The step is 22 inches long with an 8.5-inch-wide stepping area. Seattle Sports Company; 800/
Photo 32/34   |   Husky Floor LinersWant to protect your truck's carpet from the elements (mud, dirt, and the dog)? Husky Liners' 3D Molded Carpeted Floor Liners will do the job. Liners are offered for front and back rows, and the drivers-side liner comes with a molded-in heel pad and underside fastening system. They're made in OE interior colors. Winfield Consumer Products; 800/
Photo 33/34   |   Super PowerThe engineers at Whipple got their hands on a 3.0-liter Ford Ranger and designed a supercharger for 2002-2004 models. The twin-screw-type unit is said to produce up to 60 percent more power and torque over the entire rpm range. It's a bolt-on system that doesn't require body mods for installation. The system has self-contained lubrication and comes with Whipple's air-bypass system, providing OE-quality idling and fuel economy. Whipple Superchargers; 559/
Photo 34/34   |   Towing MirrorsCIPA's custom towing mirrors slide over the existing side mirrors, providing increased visibility around a trailer. Because of the slide-on design, no tools are required to put them in place and the mirrors leave no holes or marks on your truck or SUV. They're fully adjustable and maintain the aerodynamic shape of your mirror to prevent wind noise or vibration. CIPA Mirrors; 800/ or



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