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Mar 8, 2017
Photo 2/9   |   Product Profile Banks Intercooler

Bank On It

Eliminating airflow restrictions and boosting air density, the Banks Power Intercooler for the '13-'17 Ram Heavy Duty with the Cummins I-6 is a great way to cool off the air charge entering your engine. Everything about the intercooler is bigger than the stock unit: a larger core, bigger mandrel-bent boost tubes, and larger-diameter inlets and outlets for improved flow. Banks claims its intercooler reduces pressure loss by 55 percent, with an overall 44 percent improvement in cooling volume. All this leads to more power, lower EGTs, and better fuel economy, making it a best-of-all-worlds solution.

Banks Power
Photo 3/9   |   Product Profile American

Come Hell or High Water

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) wants to help add clearance for huge tires to the Ram 2500/3500 without having to resort to a massive lift that’ll ruin its ride and handling. The company’s Highmark fender flare kit provides the space and coverage to run 41-inch tires with only 3 inches of suspension lift. The Highmark is made by rotoforming, the same process used to make sport kayaks, and AEV claims it’s the strongest fender flare on the market today, with OEM quality and durability. When paired with the company’s DualSport suspension system and 17-inch Katla wheels, Highmark fender flares look very cool.
American Expedition Vehicles
Photo 4/9   |   Product Profile Pro Comp

Stage II Super Duty

Now that the ’17 Ford Super Duty is hitting the market (and aftermarket), suspension legend Pro Comp is getting in on the action. The company’s Stage I and Stage II lift kits (available in both 4- and 6-inch applications) provide altitude to the big truck. The Stage II kit pictured here features upgraded heavy-duty radius arms constructed from laser-cut 3/16-inch steel with a black powdercoated finish. With suspension bits this pretty, you’ll be glad your elevated truck shows them off a little.
Pro Comp
Photo 5/9   |   Product Profile A R E

Top It Off

While most modern tonneaus do a decent job keeping cargo safe and dry, some stand out from the crowd. Setting the A.R.E. LSII Series bedcover apart from some of its competitors are sleek OEM-level styling, color-matched fiberglass, and gray upholstery on the underside of the cover. The tonneau is reinforced for added strength, and A.R.E. offers such optional extras as LED lighting, a 12-volt power strip, and even keyless locking and unlocking. The LSII Series is now available for the ’17 Super Duty.
Photo 6/9   |   Product Profile Pacific

Panning for Gold

By replacing the stock ’01-to-’10 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax oil pan, PPE’s Heavy Duty Replacement Oil Pan improves heat dissipation and performance thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction, unshrouded oil pickup, and flat-bottom design that eases oil changes. A hardened steel magnetic drain plug attracts metals, keeping oil cleaner and improving performance and protection.
Pacific Performance Engineering
Photo 7/9   |   Product Profile AMP

Power to the People

AMP Research is upgrading its famous PowerStep retractable running board with dual electric motors and an aggressive step platform for improved grip. Called the PowerStep XTreme, it is designed for taxing environments and features a high-texture powdercoated finish, die-cast aluminum construction, and OEM-quality motors, wiring, and drive system. And all PowerStep systems (including XTreme) can now be upgraded with a three-position switch that allows the user to operate the step in up-override, down-override, or automatic operating modes.
AMP Research
Photo 8/9   |   Product Profile Diablo

Running With the Devil

The DiabloSport Trinity and inTune i2 are now available with tuning coverage for the ’16 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD equipped with the 6.0L V-8. With preset tunes that prioritize power, efficiency, or a mix of the two, DiabloSport customers can also opt to keep power output the same while adjusting shift parameters, idle rpm, and torque management. DiabloSport offers speedometer calibration when running oversize tires, and the tuners have performance monitoring so you can track your acceleration.
Photo 9/9   |   Product Profile Prestone

Corrosion Prevention

Prestone’s bread-and-butter offering is antifreeze/coolant, and it’s now been enhanced with the addition of Cor-Guard technology. Cor-Guard provides five times more corrosion protection than competitors, according to Prestone, and it prevents the damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze. Prestone antifreeze/coolant with Cor-Guard is available in concentrated form to refill the cooling system after a flush or in a 50/50 prediluted formula that can be added to any cooling system or existing coolant.



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