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Sep 15, 2017
Photo 2/9   |   Product Profile Powerstep

Step by Step

AMP Research, the company known for making it a bit easier to climb into lifted trucks, is turning its PowerStep magic to the Ford Transit van. The power-deploying side step automatically extends when one of the side doors opens, making it easier to climb aboard. Then, once everyone’s out of the way and the doors are closed, the step retracts, preserving aerodynamics and ground clearance. It’s available as a single 79-inch step that spans both passenger-side doors or as a set of two steps for both sides of the van, and AMP delivers the Transit kit with dual motors, helping ensure long-lasting durability.
AMP Research
Photo 3/9   |   Product Profile Fuel Tanks

Titan + Titan

One of our few complaints about the Nissan Titan XD is its relatively small fuel tank. At just 26 gallons, it’s only good for about 500 very careful miles before needing refueling. Sharing a name with the truck, Titan Fuel Tanks can help expand the big pickup’s usable range with a 50-gallon replacement tank. Fitting within the truck’s existing empty space, the tank requires no cutting or fabrication, and it preserves cargo space. Constructed of military-grade materials, the replacement fuel tank is also tough enough for truck duty. Expanding theoretical range to a bladder-busting 1,000 miles, it’s perfect for long-haul drivers who want to minimize their time spent waiting at the fuel station.
Titan Fuel Tanks
Photo 4/9   |   Product Profile Diff Cover

Cover Your Rear

The Heavy Duty Aluminum Rear Differential Cover from PPE helps protect the running gear of your Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500 pickup by offering improved passive cooling thanks to internal heat sinks and external cooling fins. Also protecting the differential’s sensitive moving parts is an extra quart of fluid capacity, plus a magnetic drain plug that pulls damaging iron particles away from any moving parts. The Heavy Duty Aluminum Rear Differential Cover is available in three finishes, and it fits all ’70-to-present Chevrolet and GMC trucks with the 10-bolt, 8.5-inch rear axle.
Photo 5/9   |   Product Profile Coolant Filter Kit

Coolant Cleaner

Now available for ’01-to-’15 General Motors Duramax trucks, Sinister Diesel’s Coolant Filter Kit can prolong the life of your engine’s cooling system. Designed to remove large debris and small particles from the coolant, the kit helps keep mineral buildup to a minimum, preventing overheating and maximizing cooling system efficiency. As with all Sinister’s stuff, a sleek, anodized blue coolant filter block adds a little visual pop.
Sinister Diesel
Photo 6/9   |   Product Profile Trans Kit

Built to the Max

The Allison experts at Merchant Automotive have a new solution for your work truck: a strong transmission kit designed for ideal smoothness and plenty of holding power. The Maximum Work Series transmission kit optimizes the potential of the Allison transmission with stronger materials, hydraulic improvements to maximize line pressure, a deep transmission pan, and optional add-ons for the torque converter and valvebody. Perfect for hardworking trucks with added power, it’s a good balance between stout performance and smooth road manners.
Merchant Automotive
Photo 7/9   |   Product Profile Intercooler

Fresh-Air Ford

Turbocharged engines have the tendency to produce high intake air temperatures, sapping power on hot summer days. Mishimoto’s direct-fit intercooler can help solve that issue on the ’11-to-’14 Ford F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V-6. Thanks to its unique design that takes advantage of otherwise wasted space behind the front bumper, it lowers intake air temperatures by 50 degrees compared to the factory intercooler. The result is up to 11 hp and 13 lb-ft more to the wheels on a stock tune or 39 hp and 33 lb-ft more on a performance tune. It also gets Mishimoto’s signature lifetime warranty.
Photo 8/9   |   Product Profile Decked
Photo 9/9   |   Product Profile Decked Cargo

Summit’s Storage Solutions

Pickups are perhaps the ultimate versatility vehicles. But although there’s plenty of space back there in the cargo box, it’s not always easy to keep it organized. That’s where DECKED In-Vehicle Storage Systems come into play. Now available at Summit Racing, DECKED systems feature two storage drawers and a wide variety of accessories to keep items organized, large or small. And the high-strength deck on top preserves much of your truck’s cargo space for larger, heavier items. DECKED is available for vans as well as pickups.



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