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BOLT It Down And Keep It!

Protect Your Vehicle With One Key For Every Lock

Team Truckin
Sep 4, 2018
Photographers: Jeremy Cook
If you’re anything like us, providing security for your trailer or the bed of your truck is an afterthought at best. Even if we have a lock for our trailer coupler, we usually can’t find it, and a ¼-inch bolt gets used in its place—or that off-trailer coupler lock is lost in the back of the garage somewhere, leaving our trailer vulnerable for theft. And what about the many times high-dollar items are in your truck bed and you forgot your lock? Even worse, if you do have any of the above items handy, what did you do with the keys?
Boats, car haulers, utility trailers, and more need to be secured to the truck during transport, when parked, or when the trailer must be separated from the tow vehicle and left somewhere such as a hotel, the side of the road in an emergency, or the parking lot near the lake. But securing those items comes at the cost of multiple locks with different keys. Securing your accessories is incredibly important to prevent theft, but it can turn into a hassle quickly depending on how many different locks you have and the total number of locks you need.
A hitch and a trailer can require at least three locks: a receiver lock, a coupler pin lock, and an off-vehicle coupler lock. That’s just to prevent your hitch from being stolen when the hitch isn’t in use, secure the trailer to the hitch when using the hitch, and ensure the trailer cannot be placed on another vehicle when the trailer is off the vehicle. Add in cable locks and padlocks to secure toolboxes, gas cans, ladders, or bikes if the trailer or bed is open rather than enclosed, and the number of locks and keys to look after quickly starts to add up.
Photo 2/19   |   Our full BOLT setup is actually a quintet of items, including the 5/8-inch Receiver Lock, 2-inch Padlock, Coupler Pin Lock, Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock, and 6-foot Cable Lock. And, as you will soon see, they will all be programmed to a common ignition key.
We decided to outfit the Truckin parts hauler with five BOLT locks, which feature the company’s breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, because the product line helps kill two birds with one stone: securing our trailers and accessories without cluttering up the keychain. Our new setup features a Receiver Lock, Coupler Pin Lock, and Cable Lock as well as an Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock for the trailer and a BOLT padlock. Coupler Pin Locks fit couplers from ½ inch to 3 3/8 inches in 1/8-inch increments, providing a snug fit. Receiver Locks come in two sizes: ½ inch and 5/8 inch with ½-inch fitting Class 1 and 2 hitches and 5/8-inch fitting Class 3, 4, and 5 hitches.
The way the locks work is simple—just insert your vehicle’s ignition key into the lock and make one complete turn. After that, the specially crafted tumblers inside the lock are permanently programmed to unlock for your ignition key. No more sacrificing security because you’re not sure where the keys are, or having several keys on your key ring you don’t use every day. BOLT Lock’s proprietary technology is weather-resistant and prevents picking and bumping to further protect your equipment. Even better, the technology is simple to install and use. The company provides a variety of locks for many different makes, models, and years, so finding a complete lock setup is as easy as checking out the BOLT Lock website. Check out the photos below as we put our new BOLT products to good use.
Photo 3/19   |   We began with the 5/8-inch Receiver Lock (PN 7018445). It works with Class III, IV, and V receivers. We immediately appreciated the stainless pin and fully weatherproof lock mechanism.
Photo 4/19   |   Under the weatherproof cap, we noticed the BOLT locks came with a plastic seal and a sticker covering the keyhole, ensuring the lock mechanism stayed clean and untouched until we were ready to program the lock permanently. Then we simply inserted the key and made a complete half-turn and—boom!—the lock is programmed.
Photo 5/19   |   We slipped the pin through the receiver and popped on the lock. Just like that, we were one step closer to a safe and secure trailer setup.
Photo 6/19   |   The Coupler Pin Lock (PN 7025283) also features a stainless pin and a weatherproof lock mechanism. Once again, we removed the seal, inserted and turned our key, and soon had a permanently programmed lock.
Photo 7/19   |   We slid the pin through our boat trailer, slid the lock on, and turned the key. Now our trailer and receiver hitch are secured to the truck. And the best part is, we will always have our key with us.
Photo 8/19   |   When the trailer is unattached or being stored, the BOLT Off-Vehicle Coupler Lock (PN 7032489) provides maximum protection. The lock works with 1 7/8-, 2-, and 2 5/15-inch couplers. It’s made of hardened, powdercoated steel in red, so it is corrosion-resistant and a visible theft deterrent.
Photo 9/19   |   The only assembly required is to attach the correct-sized ball with the provided bolt and snug it down with a ¾-inch wrench.
Photo 10/19   |   Then the coupler plate can be locked in place in the trailer’s coupler.
Photo 11/19   |   The strap is placed through the holes in the plate, then the stainless pin can slide through from either side.
Photo 12/19   |   We programmed the coupler’s lock mechanism to our ignition key once again, and now our trailer is noticeably secure.
Photo 13/19   |   The BOLT 6-Foot Cable lock (PN 7018449) features 1/4-inch coiled cable with 1/16-inch black vinyl coating for strength and durability. Having a pin on one end and a loop on the other makes it suitable for a variety of uses and a more adjustable length.
Photo 14/19   |   Once more, we removed the seals, inserted our key, and programmed the weatherproof lock.
Photo 15/19   |   Finally, we opened up the BOLT 2-inch Padlock (PN 7018517). It features a hardened steel shackle and a corrosion- and weather-resistant body.
Photo 16/19   |   Like all the other BOLT Lock products, it features a key opening that is sealed with plastic and a color-coded sticker, so you know you bought the proper lock for the key you’re using and that nothing gets inside until you permanently program your key.
Photo 17/19   |   We inserted our ignition key for the final time and made a half-turn. We now have a full setup that is controlled by only our truck’s ignition key! BOLT calls this “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology.”
Photo 18/19   |   Since we often travel with custom bikes in the bed, we know this cable lock will come in handy and provide added security.
Photo 19/19   |   And this padlock will go great with the 10-foot cable we use for bikes, spare wheels and tires, and anything else we haul. How safe is your trailer and the items in your truck’s bed?


Bolt Lock
Milwaukee, WI 53209



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