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How To Mount A Power Tank In Your Wrangler JL

Adding on-board air is as easy installing a new bracket for your existing Power Tank.

Oct 20, 2020
Power Tanks are one of those products that once you have used one, it's tough to go back to anything else. In addition to being well-built and well-engineered, they are portable, fast, and can power air tools, engage air lockers, or quickly refill your tires. They also last a long time with minimal maintenance outside of the bottle recertification every five years. To air up at the end of a trail day, we typically rely on the 10-pound model, which lasts between 3 and 4 trips.
One of our favorite aspects of the Power Tank is that it can easily be transferred from one rig to another, and Power Tank offers myriad universal and vehicle-specific mounting solutions. We recently traded our Wrangler JK for a Wrangler JL and were relived to find out that Power Tank already had a couple of mounting options available for our new rig.
For the JL, Power Tank offers either a Behind-The-Seat (BTS) mount that utilizes the hardtop bolts and positions the tank right behind the rear seat, or the Sports Bar Mount, which takes up less precious cargo floor space and installs to the Sports Bar. The BTS can handle a 5, 10-, or 15-pound tank, while the Sports Bar Mount, which we installed for this story, is limited to a 5- or 10-pound tank.
The powder-coated Sports Bar Mount uses the factory soft top mounting holes on the sport bar and is made from 3/16-in steel for strength and durability. It is available for in either a driver or passenger side version. Installation takes only basic hand tools and can be done in just a few minutes. It's also easily reversed for those who want to run the soft top.
In addition to installing the Power Tank mount on the driver's side, we decided to play around with some of the different parts Power Tank offers to create a JL mount for our 6-pound Worthington propane cylinder. Although this isn't necessarily a sanctioned Power Tank offering due to the modifications we made to mate their propane cylinder bracket to the JL Sports Bar Mount, we were able to make it work, getting our propane tank secured.
For more information, check out www.powertank.com and read on to learn more about how to install a Power Tank bracket in your Wrangler JL.
Photo 2/14   |   002 Jl Power Tank Bracket
The JL Sports Bar Mount consists of a Super Bracket to hold the tank and the Sports Bar Plate to mount the assembly to the Sports Bar.
Photo 3/14   |   003 Jl Power Tank Bracket
All of the hardware needed for the installation is included and can be installed with simple hand tools.
Photo 4/14   |   004 Jl Power Tank Bracket
To begin the install, we mounted the Super Bracket to the Sports Bar Plate.
Photo 5/14   |   005 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Next week flipped the assembly over to install the Sheeley Brace, which stabilizes the assembly.
Photo 6/14   |   006 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Because we were mounting a 10-pound tank, we had to remove the rubber trim piece.
Photo 7/14   |   007 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Next, we removed the plastic trim from the Sports Bar to reveal the soft top mounting holes.
Photo 8/14   |   008 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Using a T25 Torx bit, we removed the bolt from the lower trim to allow the Sheeley Brace to be installed.
Photo 9/14   |   009 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Before bolting the mount assembly in place, we coated the mounting bolts in blue Loctite to prevent them from loosening from vibrations.
Photo 10/14   |   010 Jl Power Tank Bracket
Next, we lifted the bracket into place and installed the hardware.
Photo 11/14   |   011 Jl Power Tank Bracket
With the bracket in place, we finished the installation by installing the Sheeley Brace to the Sports Bar.
Photo 12/14   |   012 Jl Power Tank Bracket
With the bracket installed, we were able to mount our 10-pound Power Tank up and out of the way of the cargo floor, freeing up valuable space while securing our tank.
Photo 13/14   |   013 Jl Power Tank Bracket
After mating the propane tank bracket to the passenger-side Sports Bar Mount by drilling a couple holes to match the bolt pattern between the two parts and modifying the Sheeley brace, we repeated the installation process on the passenger side of the vehicle.
Photo 14/14   |   014 Jl Power Tank Bracket
With the two mounts in place, we are able to secure both a Power Tank and a 6-pound propane cylinder without taking up much valuable cargo space.


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