New Audio, New-Look Plastics, New Seats In our final look at defeating the soccer mom SUV blues, we open the four doors (and the hatch) to update and upgrade the passenger confines. Families on a budget my not have a fully-loaded SUV with goodies such as leather, navigation, or a dressed up dash, but with some smart purchases, the family hauler can quickly turn into the family limo. A family that customizes together, stays together. This story focuses on getting rid of the factory audio and adding Memphis Audio space-saving bass to the equation, along with replacing the nasty, fake wood trim in favor of Liquid Print's brushed aluminum-looking pieces. Finally, the '07 Yukon's seats were wrapped in soft leather from Roadwire for a touch of class. It's easy to turn the ho-hum mom-mobile into a fun-to-drive and still functional SUV. These easy steps will make a huge impact on your parking lot credibility.