Ultimate Ford F-150 Work Truck: Part 2

Making Our Bed As Secure As Fort Knox

Dan Ward
Nov 1, 2012
Photographers: Team Truckin
Photo 2/28   |   To enter for a chance to win this Ultimate F-150 Work Truck go to www.facebook.com/masterlock
In our second installment of building the ultimate F-150 work truck, we tackle one of the biggest problems facing general contractors, tradesmen, and construction workers—theft. A truck's bed is more than just a place to haul things; it's also a place to store tools, materials, and heavy-duty machinery. Despite the heft and large size of many of these items, thieves can still make quick work of removing them from your truck and taking off with your valuables. We have big plans for the bed of our work truck, including adding a Harbor Freight 4,000-watt generator and Vulcan multitask ladder, but we were concerned about these high-quality items being stolen. Thankfully, Master Lock has met the needs of people who use their trucks for work and play with a full line of truck security devices.
With a vast assortment of security solutions, Master Lock can help you retain your tools whether they're strapped to the ladder rack, sitting idly in the bed, or held down with cargo management. Master Lock now has ladder locks for ladder racks, stake pocket and bed cleat locks for cable or chain locks, utility track locks for GM, Ford, Ram, Nissan, and Toyota tracks, along with hitch pin locks, mini hitch vaults for small personal items, as well as motion-detected sirens for expensive tools. To complement the hitch ball mounts, hitch balls, and hitch pin locks they make, Master Lock also has a wireless backup camera for quick and easy trailer connections. No work truck would be ready for the jobsite without the proper equipment, and we went on a shopping spree at Harbor Freight Tools to outfit our truck with general-purpose tools. Those tools were then secured using the Master Lock security devices. If you use your truck to put food on your table, check out how to make your tools and gear safe from theft with Master Lock's new work truck line. To enter for a chance to win this truck, go to www.facebook.com/masterlock.
Photo 15/28   |   13. A T-30 Torx bit was then used to tighten the bolts. This secured the locking tie-down into the track system.
Photo 28/28   |   26. Fully loaded with tools and the peace of mind knowing they were going to still be in the bed after leaving the truck in the driveway overnight, we were ready to get to work. Enter for a chance to win this ultimate F-150 work truck by going to Facebook.com/masterlock.


Harbor Freight Tools
Master Lock (Truck)



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