It's time for our annual wheel and tire extravaganza. This issue is important because the first impression of any vehicle is based on its overall appearance. This attitude is mostly constructed of a vehicle's stance and rolling stock. This is why wheels and tires are the first modification made to most custom trucks. Yet, with all the rolling stock manufacturers out there, how do you find out what's available? Sport Truck, that's how. We compiled a few rim and tire manufacturers we've found mounted to some really sick haulers we've seen at truck shows. So, this list will give you a pretty damn good idea of what the 2005 market has to offer. Keep in mind, manufacturers are constantly expanding and changing their line of products. This guide is simply to provide a visual aid, so you can use your imagination to workout what your truck would look like with these accessories. We don't have the room in our editorial pages to cover a complete application guide, but the contact information is there for you to use. Feel free to contact the manufacturer of choice and ask if they have a fitment for your rig.