TruckTrend was recently given behind-the-scenes access to the vehicles (or more accurately, the characters) that star in the upcoming movie "Transformers," slated for a July 4 release. For those who don't know much about its history, Transformers started as a Japanese toy line in the mid-1980s, then became a comic book and Saturday morning cartoon, not to mention a popular line of toys in North America.

The film is about competing alien forces that make Earth their final battleground. Autobots (the good guys) fight alongside humans against the Decepticons (the bad guys). If that isn't hokey enough, the Autobots hide among us as General Motors cars and trucks (GM ponied up a huge chunk of sponsorship money to be part of the movie), while the Decepticons hide as military and enforcement vehicles--a fighter jet, a helicopter, and a Saleen-built Mustang police car.

Normally, we don't get too involved with Hollywood affairs, but how could we resist after seeing Ironhide, a mean 2007 GMC TopKick?

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