We found a video with a Nissan GT-R in it, on curvy roads with a beautiful woman driving -- and a Chevrolet Silverado ends up stealing the show.

This is a 7-minute video, which starts with a woman driving a GT-R -- fast -- on twisty roads in the desert, then warning lights are seen on the dash, she has to pull over, and the fun is over. So it seems.

Meanwhile, Monster Energy driver B.J. Baldwin, in his Chevrolet Silverado-based Trophy Truck, is seen tearing it up in the same stretch of desert, his ride only happening in the dirt. His truck puts out 800 hp according to his website, and it looks like he was having a blast using every bit of it. In case you aren't familiar with Baldwin, he is an accomplished racer, and last year, was the first person in history to drive the entire SCORE Baja 1000 (point to point) and win overall.

Back to the damsel in distress. As she tries to find cell service in the middle of nowhere, here comes B.J. Baldwin, who jumps the GT-R and comes back to help. She puts on a driving suit and helmet, and they go for a ride through the desert. The truck made awesome jumps and high-speed turns look easy, with a modified 458 cubic-inch small-block and custom suspension that would make stock trucks jealous.

By the end of the video, it's easy to forget there was ever a GT-R in it at all.

Source: Monster Energy via YouTube