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  • 1999 Chevy Frame - Off-The-Hook Happenings- Positive Offset

1999 Chevy Frame - Off-The-Hook Happenings- Positive Offset

Steve Warner
Sep 1, 2004
Photo 2/2   |   1999 Chevy Frame front View
Take for example the drop-in cover image of the highly detailed '99 Chevy frame. Yes, that's off the hook, too. This is a frame that will eventually make its way under an equally stunning truck body and bed, so once the truck is completed, you are not going to see any of all the superb craftsmanship displayed here. We decided to do a full feature on the frame itself. I am sure you will agree it was well worth the effort. We will also be following up on the truck once it has been mated to this simply gorgeous frame. Here again, the images do not do the frame justice, as there are too many details for the naked eye to take in at once. Other than on a multi-hundred-thousand dollar street rod, when was the last time you saw a chassis detailed to this level? Who would have ever pinstriped the truck's framerails? Trick? You bet. Can your custom truck project say the same thing?
Since this is the September issue, it is also our annual wheel and tire special featuring well over 50 of the top manufacturer's latest and greatest in high-dollar rollers. Some are definitely for the bling-bling crowd, while others will appeal more to the hot-rod set. Regardless of your flavor, I am sure there will be something in here that catches your eye. Also, take a look at the five necessary products most overlooked after dropping your truck. A few months ago, we published an article on the top 10 products needed after lifting your truck, so we are following it up in those areas most everyone and every suspension kit manufacturer often overlooks. After all, we all want the look and feel of a canyon-carver, but rarely will you ever achieve this simply with a bolt-on suspension kit.
You will also find in this issue continuing coverage of our year-long celebration of 30 years of Truckin' magazine. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our December issue; we have something really special planned to cap this year-long celebration. I promise you will not want to miss it. It's funny, while we planned and talked about how we would actually commemorate the 30th year of publication, we started looking at old past issues. If you read Managing Editor Carl Calvert's column last month, he showed you photos of each staff member as they appeared 30 years ago. Most were not even born yet, and a few of us, myself included, were mere toddlers. Anyway, as we started looking through the old issues, lo and behold, we realized vans were all the rage then, which is why we brought them back. But guess what else was also in the magazine? Most of the van runs featured back then all took place at lakes - and guess what else was featured in that van run show coverage. Yes, boats. So while many people love our Water Toys section of matching trucks and boats, we realize it is not for everyone. Just as the Mini Truckin' section probably isn't going to appeal to the fullsize truck owner, nor will all the classic truck owners who read the magazine really dig the 12-Volt TruckTronics section; we get it.
Truckin' is for the mass reader, not the smaller niche publications, such as Custom Classic Trucks, Truckin's SUV, and Mini Truckin'. So, when we thought we were being really clever coming out with our Water Toys section two years ago, boy were we wrong about the uniqueness of it. Who knew we were simply reliving our past even more than we are now?
So, sit back and enjoy the fruit of my staff's labors, as each and every one of them has worked incredibly hard to put together the best custom truck publication out there. I also want to personally introduce you to our latest addition to the editorial staff, Harley Camilleri. Harley comes to us from years of working in the custom truck and SUV scene, having personally built numerous vehicles for many television series' on MTV. Guess what? Now he is going to try his hand at putting words to print. We welcome him, as I am sure you all will once he starts hitting the local show scene. See ya' next month.
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