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Positive Offset - Power To The People

Steve Warner
Oct 1, 2004
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We don't always talk about trucks and their ability to fry the hides. We often reminisce back to our high school years when many of us were still working on our first cars or trucks and making whatever engine parts we could work. And, of course, whatever we were driving back then - I don't care if it was a Ford Pinto, a Chevy Vega, or a Chevy Luv truck - to us and anyone listening, these cars and trucks were the coolest around. No one had anything nicer or ran faster than our high school cars - even if our memories are entirely better than the actual vehicles themselves. What does this mean to you? Well, nothing really, except any reader who reads the magazine or any automotive magazine on a regular basis will always look at the numerous car and truck features every magazine puts within its pages and simply dream.
While the vehicles featured in this magazine may often be well beyond the budgets of the average Joe, they do represent a certain element of desire and make you explore the inner cortex of your mind, dreaming of what you could create from within these pages with the hulk of metal sitting in your driveway or garage.
With that said, we have a compiled a list of parts for the annual power parts buyer's guide that should offer a little something for everyone. There is, of course, the proverbial numerous after-cat exhaust systems and air intakes from a variety of manufacturers. These are often the first true steps to making power in your truck or SUV. Then, there is a load of step-two power upgrades, including many supercharger offerings from the likes of Whipple Industries, Vortech/Paxton, Magna Charger, and ATI/ProCharger. As if that were not enough, we also had resident tech genius, Bob Ryder, provide his thoughts on the most effective ways to make power - be it with bolt-on items or completely tearing down the motor and replacing its internals with better, stronger, faster parts that will ultimately achieve their desired horsepower numbers.
Also within this issue, you will find our extensive coverage on our 2nd Annual Vegas Nationals. It actually rained on the morning of the event, but through perseverance and a whole lot of luck, the sun eventually came out and it even got hot - Vegas hot. With the show affectionately being dubbed Midnight Madness because that's what time it was supposed to end, the show ultimately came off without a hitch.
Having done this show now for the second year, it couldn't have been pulled out without the tremendous support we received from the many volunteers who helped organize and coordinate the event, namely Amber Pierce. Also, without the loyal following of our sponsors, Chevy Trucks, Vortec Engines, J.C. Whitney, Vortex Spray-On Liners, Smeding Performance, Stylin' Concepts, Tijuana Dogs, ATS Designs, Makoto Auto Trends, AIM Industries, Gibson Performance Exhaust, Lady Luck Casino and Hotel, Pro Car Parts, KAIK Products, APC, Rhino Linings, Magna Charger, RBP Diesel Performance, Dealers Sport Truck & Automotive, aFe, Alfa Otto, Street Scene Equipment, Tuckers Classic Pickup Parts, Volant, and Vandemon Custom Paint, we simply would not have had a show for our readers to participate in. Mark your calendars for next year's event, or pay attention to the magazine on a monthly basis because we might be dropping hints about our super-secret location for next year's event. We say it's super-secret because we have quite a number of fun and exciting things to offer up that should make the 3rd Annual Event even larger and triple the amount of fun. Stay tuned, as we are all about power to the people.
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