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  • Driver's Seat - January 2005 - Do Something Great: Do It Yourself

Driver's Seat - January 2005 - Do Something Great: Do It Yourself

Joe Pettitt
Jan 1, 2005
Photographers: Joe Pettitt
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If you want something done right, do it yourself. I don't know for sure how long that bit of folk wisdom has been around, but it's got to be nearly as ancient as the wheel and the first repair of said device. This judgment on other's work springs from the idea that I could do it better. It's a matter of pride and ego, two traits that sport truck enthusiasts have to have in abundance to dream up and execute some of the wild creations that make this sport the captivating, challenging, and entertaining hobby that it is.
In other words, it's also about taking risks. Doing it yourself means you have to face the fact that you could fail - the project and finish work might not achieve a professional level of execution. You might have to go back and try it again, or perhaps even a few times, to get it right. But the reward for persevering and being able to set the project on its wheels after overcoming unforeseen design and engineering challenges is a personal satisfaction that's the true driving force that animates the sport truck enthusiast.
That's why this issue's theme is doing it yourself, and why it's filled with a range of projects in a range of skill levels from beginner to the fairly accomplished.
For the entry-level guy we have a story on tuning up your computer-controlled truck. It's easy to do, though what it entails is not that obvious. So if the underside of your hood is "Indian country," this story is for you. If you're in the middle skill-wise and you want a quick and easy way to enhance your truck's street presence or improve the sound quality of your stereo, we have a couple of DIY projects. Our story on replacing your stock hood and door handles shows you how easy it is to get a great new look for your truck. If you're up to that level, then take a look at how easy it is to dramatically improve the sound of your entertainment system by installing sound-damping material. For more advanced and adventurous sport truck builders, check out how to supercharge the Gen. IV 454. If you're into hauling toys or just plain haulin' this story will give you the gotta-have-its in a big way.
For all skill levels, we have our first DIY Sport Truck Calendar. The trick to this project, which one of our staffers explains in some detail, is that the calendar, much like a sport truck project, can be as simple or involved as you have skill, talent, and desire.
We're also in the process of retuning our departments. This month, we have a totally new department dubbed Bustin' Knuckles, in which we show a new custom truck in a raw stage of its build. It's sort of a preview of coming attractions. In addition, we're launching a column called Brainstorm, where we plan to catalog the strange, the true, and the fabricated reality of the sport truck world as your humble correspondents see it. We're launching the column with a psychological briefing on the staff. It's always good to know who your friends really are.
We'll be rolling out more changes to the book in coming months and I hope you like them. But as always, feel free to let me know how you feel by e-mailing me by going to and clicking the Contact Us button.
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