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  • Driver's Seat - Sport Truck Of The Year - February 2005

Driver's Seat - Sport Truck Of The Year - February 2005

Sport Truck Of The Year With Digital Slams, Hemi Tech, And More

Joe Pettitt
Feb 1, 2005
Photo 2/2   |   sport Truck Of The Year Digital Slams Hemi Tech custom Trucks
We anchor this month's issue of Sport Truck magazine with our annual Sport Truck of the Year competition. Every year, we put the new crop of light pickups through a battery of tests and subject them to weeks of driving and compulsive nit-picking to determine the best of the best for the current model year.
This year, we saw a tough battle between three midsize trucks and a fullsize four-door. All three midsize trucks are completely new this year and bring exceptional performance, style, and capability to the class. Given the cost of fuel, we expect the midsize pickup to appeal to more buyers this year. They have adequate room, are easy to maneuver in parking lots, and fit in most garages. And besides, this crop comes packing a lot of heat. They're fast and powerful, with handling that rivals some sports coupes.
And although there could only be one Sport Truck of the Year champ, we have to say you almost can't go wrong with any of the product offered this year. So if you're in the market for new iron, plan on spending a lot of time test-driving all the new iron - and believe us, it's going to be tough to decide.
We're also trying something a bit different this year. With so many pages devoted to stock trucks, we felt the need to customize the new metal. So we had Kutting Edge Graphix gen up some digital concepts on the '05 models tested in the Sport Truck of the Year competition. You have to check 'em out and tell us what you think. The concepts provide a natural transition into our supporting theme of showing you several smart styling moves that'll give your ride a whole new look and a few that just tune it a bit.
Hemi fans will want to check out the first of our two-part story on the buildup of our 528 Hemi crate motor. We found a lot of power just in the blue-printing, and we've got an in-depth, detailed story on how to take the Hemi crate motor to the next level. We also have a 5.7L Hemi header, high-flow cat, and exhaust system that'll add to your appreciation of that bad-boy V-8 under your hood.
As always, we round out the issue with a full complement of feature rigs and killer show coverage, as well as our world-famous columns. If we've left anything out, be sure to drop us a line, either by post at the address in the masthead or by e-mail by using the "contact" link at www.sporttruck.com.
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