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  • Four Week Production Cycle - What Can You Do In Four Weeks?

Four Week Production Cycle - What Can You Do In Four Weeks?

Steve Warner
Apr 1, 2005
Photo 2/2   |   four Week Production Cycle office
One of the many things I often forget about when putting together a monthly magazine on a four-week production cycle is how much fun it is to actually get out of the office and hang with the guys in the field, when they are doing their numerous photo and tech shoots.
You see, every four weeks we send an issue to the printer back east, who finalizes all our hard work so you, the end consumer, can read about all the latest and greatest ways to modify your truck to suit your own personal taste and style. Think about that. What can you do in four short weeks? Most people think four weeks is an ample amount of time, but in actuality it is a very short month or 30 days (20 business days), or 672 hours, assuming there are 30 days in the month. When there are 31 days in a month, we get an additional 24 hours to complete an issue.
In four weeks, around the hallowed halls of Truckin' magazine, we have been known to completely build a truck or two in four weeks, in addition to putting together the best editorial package known to man - especially when it comes to the SEMA crunch time. After all, we are the World's Leading Truck Publication. As we stand right now, we are already in the planning stages of our fifth issue of the year. By now, after the number of years most of us have been doing this, we have realized that you cannot actually wait until the third week of production and still actually create, build, write, layout, ship, and print a magazine that has any sort of vitality to it. No, we have figured a way to stretch a 52-week cycle (one year) and create 13 spectacular issues in one year. Why 13 issues you ask? The reason is we are often so packed with ideas, there is simply no way to achieve what we want to in the standard 12 issues a year. So, in theory, Issue No. 5 will be just as great or greater than Issue No. 4. Also, by doing an issue every four weeks, it doesn't afford us the luxury of time to clean up our desks or offices. We have often joked that our work areas are organized chaos. At least, that's true for me. Take a look at the picture accompanying this column to see just what I mean. My desk is a disaster, but I actually know where things are.
Another four-week responsibility is paying bills. If you are like me, you have to pay your mortgage every four weeks, as well as the numerous credit cards with some sort of debt from purchasing all the latest products to make your truck, SUV, mini, or boat that much cooler. Also, if you are like me, it is the credit card statements you tend to want to hide from the wife or girlfriend, because if they ever knew how much money you actually spent, they'd probably blow a gasket. That could be the reason why my wife hides her credit card statements from me, too. While you are pondering what else can happen in a four-week cycle, read through this issue, and take note of all the hard work contributed by the staff. We will be quite thankful if you appreciate it.
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