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  • Custom Truck Show Season - Whew! Once Again

Custom Truck Show Season - Whew! Once Again

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Steve Warner
May 1, 2005
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It's hard to believe that show season is upon us once again. Hopefully, for all of our faithful readers out there who planned or made changes to their rides over the winter months, those tasks were accomplished. For those of you still in full thrash mode, it's now or wait until next winter to accomplish those tasks.
So what does show season mean to each of you? Around here it means planning who among the staff will attend each and every show we will go to this year. This year promises even more surprises as we have amended our schedule to include some smaller, not-so-publicized events. This serves a two-fold purpose: First, it almost guarantees us exclusivity at many shows so we don't have to worry about our competition shooting the same vehicles. Second, it helps turn the smaller venues into full-blooded mega events. Now, before I hear the claims that we are abandoning some of the shows we have gone to for a number of years, here is our logic. Many of the smaller shows we have attended for the past couple of years basically have either grown as much as they will ever grow, or we have shot as many feature-worthy trucks and SUVs as the show has had to offer.
A couple of seasons from now, after there has been a new crop of truck owners who have either extensively rebuilt their rides (we're not talking about adding new wheels), there will be that many more trucks to choose from. For those of you not sure where to start your custom project, check out the hundreds of advertisement pages within this magazine. There are quite literally hundreds of new parts and accessories available for practically every popular truck model and make out there. Think I'm kidding? Check out the websites for the following companies to see just how many new products there are for your trucks. Stylin' Concepts, Godfather Customs, AIM Industries, Sport Truck Direct, Giovanna Wheels, Lexani Wheels, American Racing, and Truck Performance are just a few of many companies whose offerings for new trucks and SUVs are extensive. Will one of these company's products find its way onto your truck for the upcoming show season?
As I stated earlier, we are adding numerous shows to our schedules, and we are also planning a grass roots movement of sorts at many of the more traditional, larger shows to connect and show our appreciation to our readers. Our goal is to hit many of these shows and to have a booth geared specifically to you. Personally, I think this is one area we as an editorial staff haven't addressed in many years. We go to shows and shoot coverage and feature trucks, shake hands with a few people, jump on a plane, and then head home. However, the No. 1 question asked so often by our readers is a simple one: How can they get a T-shirt? Our standard answer is usually to call an 800 number and they can order one. Stickers also go a long way toward building brand awareness, and again, it is one area we often overlook. Not this year. As part of our grass roots approach and with our budgets permitting, we will have posters, models signing those posters, T-shirts, hats, and stickers. So when you see us, and hopefully you will make it out to many if not all the biggest events, come by and hang out with us for a little bit. Then come and take away all of our free goodies.
And speaking of big shows, don't forget to mark on your calendars our first large-scale event to take place: our Havasu Spring Break Nationals in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This event was moved from Las Vegas and promises to be super huge and loads of fun for everyone in attendance. Plus, did I mention, it's spring break? Do I need to say more? As I said, we are about to be knee deep into show season. Are you ready?
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