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  • What Did You Do All Winter? - Positive Offset

What Did You Do All Winter? - Positive Offset

Jul 30, 2005
Photo 2/2   |   0507tr Z Positive Offset
It seems as though the winter months and all their ugliness have drawn to a close. Around the normally beautiful offices here in sunny SoCal, winter usually isn't that big of a deal. We don't sit around the water cooler and complain about what a drag it was to shovel the snow in our driveways, to drive in frigidly cold conditions with ice on the road, or to put up with severe thunderstorms. However, since the beginning of the year, the normally sunny SoCal area has been besieged with upwards of 34 inches of rain, something we rarely see. Our typical rainfall amount averages roughly 12-14 inches, so as you can imagine, double that amount and put it in a suburban metropolitan area, and one can only guess as to the numerous traffic snafus we encountered.
However, the good news is that with all this rain, it should have meant more time in the garage fixing our rides and getting them ready for the upcoming summer months. All the latest and greatest stuff we have been working on over the winter should have already hit the roads by the time you are reading this. Personally, I know from a staff perspective, most everyone's personal creations have hit the streets and hit them hard.
Feature Editors Dan Ward's S-10 and Travis Noack's C10, featured on last month's cover, have been seen at many local SoCal truck shows and cruise events as well as at SEMA, although neither truck was completely finished by then. Senior Tech Editor Bob Ryder has been working at a feverish pace to complete our Big E Ford Econoline van that will make its debut at our Havasu Spring Break bash that will be highlighted in next month's issue, so stay tuned for that. Personally, I have finally finished my personal Chevy HD and matching boat project that were also featured in last month's issue.
My question is this? How much money did you actually spend on your trucks this year, and what did you spend it on? Thumbing through the latest issue of Truckin' magazine, I personally came across a host of items I have installed over the past winter. Many of my purchases came right from the same sources yours did. The new floor mats and doorsill protectors I ordered from Stylin' Concepts arrived just in time for a local winter show I attended. The Amp Research running boards made a welcome addition to my lifted truck, and the new Gaylord's tonneau cover made putting things in the bed easier knowing these items would be protected from the elements.
By my estimate, I have spent more than a couple of grand to make both functional and cosmetic upgrades to my truck that I didn't really need but thought would be cool. Now my only problem is trying to hide the credit card statements from my wife, who will probably flip out when she sees that the money for the new carpet she so desperately wanted ended up in my truck.
As I said from the get go: How much did you spend this winter? When we meet this show season, let's compare credit card statements.
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