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  • August 2005 On The Floor Editorial - Hola!

August 2005 On The Floor Editorial - Hola!

Mike Finnegan
Aug 1, 2005
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I'm not a very spiritual person, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and if you pay enough attention, there are usually brightly lit signs to explain the unusual occurrences that happen in everyday life.
For example, about a month ago, I received a phone call and a job offer. The timing couldn't have been less perfect, because I was already busy with my current job, but the idea of coming to work with three gearheads on a daily basis to put together a truly great custom-truck magazine was all the motivation I needed to say yes. I'd been removed from the truck world for a little less than a year, working at a high-performance boating magazine and putting very little effort into working on my trucks, or even thinking about them for that matter. Although it seemed like an extended vacation, I knew I'd be lured back into working on trucks again at some point. I just never planned on it happening so fast.
Two minutes after accepting my new position here at ST, I clicked off my cell phone and cranked up the stereo in my truck. And then the left rear lower shock mount promptly broke off the axle of my dualie (no, I didn't install it), leaving the worn-out damper to drag on the asphalt as I cruised the freeway. I smiled as the truck driver in the adjacent lane made odd hand gestures in an effort to draw my attention to the sparks flying out from beneath my truck. He likely thought I was an idiot because I was laughing so hard, but really I was laughing at the amazing coincidence that had just occurred. I would be back working at a truck mag and my truck just broke. I pulled over to the shoulder, tied the shock to the framerail with a ratchet strap, and kept on truckin'. Ah, yes, it was time to wrench on trucks again and it felt good. It felt good the way an old pair of jeans does. You know the ones your wife keeps threatening to throw out because they're ripped, stained, and broken-in from time spent under your truck, but you still insist on wearing them on the weekend.
Two weeks later, I was making the trek up Interstate 5 toward Sport Truck headquarters, trying to beat the morning rush and arrive early for my first full day of work. Twenty miles south of the office, my truck began overheating. Great, I thought, another thing to tinker with and a good excuse to spend some cash on other necessities my truck may need under the hood. I nursed the wounded beast to the Primedia parking lot and discovered a leaking heater hose fitting on the big-block. I smiled again, shut the hood, and headed into the building. My truck overheating was yet another sign that I should be working on my trucks again, and its been that way ever since I took this job. It's as if my dualie has decided that my vacation is over and it's time to pay more attention to her - beyond the usual oil change every other month. Anyway, that's how I came to write the column at the front of your favorite custom-truck magazine.
Like I said at the beginning, I'm excited to work with gearheads again. Calin Head and Gary Blount are arguably two of the most knowledgeable automotive journalists in the industry when it comes to wrenching on trucks, and I'm sure I'll learn a great deal from these guys. Our art director, Joel Chadwick, has some amazing ideas for making Sport Truck more fun to read. And you'll see his influence in full color every month. Together, we plan on giving you the best hands-on resource on the planet dedicated to modifying your custom truck. We'll give you all the tools to make your truck lower, louder, faster, quicker, and yes, even higher, if that's what creams your Twinkie. Unfortunately, a week before I arrived, feature editor John O'Neill moved on to greener pastures, so you'll likely miss his great show coverage and photography from now on, as I will. We wish him the best of luck, though, and are sure he won't fall off the face of the custom-truck world.
Now, on to the good stuff. There are going to be some changes in your favorite truck magazine over the next few months. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but I promise that the next few issues of Sport Truck will blow your doors off. Until then, say hello to the guys who will make it all happen - the Sport Truck staff - by dropping us a line. See ya next month.
- OF


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