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  • Fifth Annual State 2 State Cruise - The Modern-Day Cruise

Fifth Annual State 2 State Cruise - The Modern-Day Cruise

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Steve Warner
Aug 1, 2005
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I know I have written about this subject matter in years past, but here it goes again. For anyone living in a large city and driving in rush hour, have you considered that today's freeways may be the 21st Century's cruise spots? Look around you the next time you are stuck in a traffic jam. If you really are an automotive enthusiast, you are always scanning around and checking out whatever car, truck, or motorcycle is nearby.You may be checking out the wheels, paint, stance, or maybe even the people inside. I do it all the time and can't be the only person in the world doing the same.
Take Fridays, for example. Many people tend to work only four-day shifts, so consequently, the freeways are generally a bit lighter on those days. Friday is also the day before the actual weekend, and Friday nights should be for cruising. Those of us with more than one vehicle or something we just use on occasion are probably more inclined to drive it on a Friday than any other day of the week.Think I'm kidding? Check out the different spectacle of people on the road these days and see what I mean. A non-daily driven vehicle is usually the one with more custom stuff done to it, or it simply looks that much cleaner because it is so rarely driven. Next time you hit the road on a Friday, you may see what I mean.
That being said, Truckin' has once again created the modern-day cruise with our Fifth Annual State 2 State Cruise that ended in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, for our newly relocated Havasu Spring Break Truck Show. Despite the fact rain was pending, nearly 300 trucks in all states of customization showed up to make the trek across the desert. Those who attended were treated to some pretty cool stops along the way and visited with leading custom truck industry manufacturers, including Line-X of Huntington Beach, California, Sir Michaels of Huntington Beach, ATS Designs of Cerritos, California, and MKW Wheels of Ontario, California. With a lunch stop at a local A&W Restaurant and a final stop in Lake Havasu with a culmination party there, one lucky winner with the best five-card poker hand received a set of Toyo Proxes S/T tires, thanks to Toyo Tires, one of our presenting sponsors. Check out the cruise coverage and the actual event coverage from Lake Havasu. The show was an overwhelming success for a newly relocated event, so mark your calendars for next year's event because we plan to be back, bigger and better.
On this particular Friday of the State 2 State Cruise, I can only imagine what true automotive enthusiasts thought as many of those attending drove by while also stuck in early morning traffic. Think they were wishing to be in our shoes and hitting the road in their weekend driver? Or do you think they were thinking about how cool some of the trucks were that attended the show? Next time you are stuck in traffic and your mind begins to wander, think about it: Are our freeways and highways the next generation's cruise spots? Havasu, here we come.
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