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  • News - September 2005 - Old-School Datsun Bulletside Out Of Hiding

News - September 2005 - Old-School Datsun Bulletside Out Of Hiding

Sport Truck Staff
Sep 1, 2005
Photo 2/11   |   datsun Bulletside Truck datsun Pickup
Old-School Sport Truck Out Of Hiding
Sport Truck reader Danny Tinsman of Las Vegas sent in these snaps of his Datsun Bulletside pickup, which ruled the streets back in the day and has been in mothballs for the past 15 years. When the truck was painted red, it was used in this OG advertisement for Walt's Custom Snow Gear (check out the slick model guy), the only snow-going apparel for the custom truck owner in 1986. The pictures of the truck in primer were snapped a few days ago, since Danny prepares to finish off the pieces for its debut on the show circuit next summer. Check out the early '80s Corvette shoes and molded ground effects. Sweet!
Photo 5/11   |   datsun Bulletside Truck diesel Power Magazine
Power Hungry
Check out Primedia's newest truck title, Diesel Power, a new quarterly magazine geared directly toward all you gearheads who would rather smoke the tires on your diesel-powered pickup than stare at Pamela Anderson fully clothed. The second issue went on sale June 14, and since the demand for this high-horsepower mag has been so great, a fifth issue is in the works for 2005. Check it out.
Clean Cut Creations Builds Another Box
John Meyer from Clean Cut Creations in Webster Groves, Missouri, is at it again. We met John last year when we shot his 'bagged Colorado for our November '04 cover. The second time we ran into John, he was kicking back next to his "Bread Sled" and we were even more impressed with his work. Who wouldn't like to drag an old-school panel truck? Well, he is at it again-this time working his magic on a '57 Chevrolet Dubl Duti Package Delivery, dubbing it "The Snow Sled." On completion, the truck will house a fully functional snow cone apparatus to chill showgoers. What will get them over there is going to be the style and flat-out stance this sucker has.
Featuring R&B Obsolete front clip with narrowed Barnyard Customs tubular arms and an Air Ride Technologies triangulated four-link, it not only tucks the Billet Specialties Rails 22x10-inch wheels but it can actually drive and turn a 1/4-inch from the ground. For a little more oomph, they ripped out the old inline-six and replaced it with a 400hp GM crate small-block with a 700-R4 tranny. We will bring you a full feature on this killer box when he has finished the leather interior, but for now, this is just a tease.Clean Cut Creations(314)
Warm Weather Wear-Out
NAPA Auto Parts encourages summer travelers to prepare their vehicles for the wear and tear caused by high temperatures, since summer road trips can be as stressful for cars as for the people operating them.
Hard driving combined with heat from the highway and stop-and-go traffic can cause parts to fail, resulting in time-consuming breakdowns and costly repairs, according to Jeff Walker, 2005 NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year and owner of Walker's Automotive Services in Pleasantville, New Jersey.
"Automobiles are expensive, high-tech equipment that require care when operating under extreme summer conditions," said Walker. "Preventive maintenance is key to making sure a vehicle is dependable and operating efficiently, which can help reduce fuel costs and extend the life of the vehicle. Consumers should ensure their automotive technician checks everything from fluid levels to belts and hoses, tire pressure, filters and brakes."
Belts, hoses, batteries, and tires are the parts most likely to fail during the summer. Rubber belts and hoses often deteriorate on the inside, making the damage nearly impossible to see. As heat builds beneath the hood, a frayed belt can break and a hose may spring a leak. Summer heat is also a battery's worst enemy. Hot temperatures can accelerate the chemical reaction in a battery, causing it to break down faster than usual.
Contrary to popular belief, heat will build up faster in a tire that is under-inflated rather than over-inflated, which makes checking tire pressure essential.
Although most drivers know to have the oil in their cars changed routinely, many overlook transmission fluid and antifreeze. Both substances have additives that deplete over time.
"It's important to make sure the vehicle's cooling system is working and that fluids are at proper strength because heat can damage a transmission and an engine quickly," cautioned Walker.
Walker recommends routine maintenance year-round for cost efficiency and longer vehicle life. NAPA AutoCare Centers offer a preventive maintenance program that includes a complete inspection and regular monitoring of vehicle systems. Consumers can learn more about the preventative maintenance program by contacting their local NAPA AutoCare Center.
"Too often, consumers tend to think about their cars and what they need to do to keep them going down the road when it's too late," Walker said. "Planning ahead can save precious vacation time and help ensure a safe trip."
Photo 10/11   |   datsun Bulletside Truck 2004 Ford F150
Say Hello To Project Dark Horse
Dick Deloach of Lowrider Magazine fame approached us a few months back with an idea and rendering for one cool truck. The truck, an '04 Ford F-150 Fleetside extended cab, would be dubbed Dark Horse and be built with styling cues taken from high-performance Mustangs and a hammered stance. Sport Truck will feature most of this truck's buildup in upcoming issues. Here is a rundown of what you'll find here at ST: a complete Chassis Tech air suspension installation performed by our friends down at GO EZ in Placentia, California, rolling stock from Nitto Tires, huge brakes, 22-inch Equis wheels, and all the pertinent body mods. Look for paint and graphics to mimic the Ford GT500 and a gang of audio and video stuffed into the leather interior.
Photo 11/11   |   datsun Bulletside Truck toyo Tire
Buy A Set Of Tires, Score A Free Dragon!
Toyo Tires announces its Shades of Performance promotion for the summer of 2005. The promotion celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Toyo Group with an offer to score a free pair of Dragon sunglasses (suggested retail price of as much as $90) with the purchase of Toyo Proxes tires. Buy any set of four Proxes T1R, Proxes T1-S, or Proxes4 tires for performance sedans and coupes-or a set of four Proxes S/T tires, which are popular for large performance sedans and wagons, sport trucks, and SUVs-and get a sick pair of men's or women's Dragon shades for free. Toyo's Proxes line of ultra-high performance tires set the benchmark for performance and style. Enhance your look for summer by outfitting your car or truck with great-looking Toyo Proxes skins, and score the hottest look in personal eyewear. The Shades of Performance promotion begins July 1, 2005, and ends on Labor Day weekend, September 5, 2005. For more details, log onto In addition to the Shades of Performance promotion, don't forget to log onto for the Catch Our Drift Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will drive away with an '05 Ford Mustang GT, styled after the Toyo Tires Ford Mustang Drift Car. The Catch Our Drift Sweepstakes runs from June 1, 2005, to December 31, 2005.



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