Why is it that when I bust out my camera gear, the police automatically think a crime is happening? My camera, lenses, and tripod are no different than those of the professionals at National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Newsweek, yet if I'm out and about, trouble is sure to follow. You see, anyone can pull a truck in front of a tree and snap off a photo. We've been doing it for 31 years and are ready to move past those days of boring, monotonous photos and enter a new era of automotive photography. Our biggest drawback unfortunately is the po-po. I'm not robbing a liquor store with my telephoto lens, and I'm not doing anything indecent in public with European models, but despite my best attempts to tell Officer Jerk I'm not doing anything wrong, all he wants to see is me walking toward the truck and leaving. Please keep this in mind next time you see a cool new backdrop, location, or scene in the mag. We're working hard and breaking the law, without actually breaking it every day for you. I'm hungry for some Krispy Kremes, see you next month.