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Aftermarket Truck Parts - The Punishment Of Fun

It's The Waiting Game That Kills You

Harley Camilleri
Jan 1, 2006
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We all acknowledge that we love our sport, our industry, and our hobby. What is it that punishes you about the hobby of aftermarket vehicles? Where in this sport does fun-sucking set in? I know where it sets in for me. It sets in for me in the wait. That unholy demon of parts-ordering, shipping, and back-ordering is the monkey on my back. The wait will make me come apart at the seams.
Where does all this stem from? What could possibly have Big H on the warpath? Well, it's like this. If you can recall the 454 we were building ("Turn and Burn" Vol. 31, Issues 9 and 11) with Holley's finest ingredients, you're probably wondering what happened to me talking about a Part Three, where we were to build a real bottom end. Honestly, it was going to be a simple 454 bumped out 0.060 over to a 468 and fit with solid internals. Then, the same bumpstick, heads, carburetor, and ignition from Parts One and Two were going to be cinched down and back to the dyno for some more "whee" time. Things went off the charts from there.
As is the normal scenario, I am a horsepower junkie. Heck, if we're doing a new bottom end, why not start from scratch? My cajones got in the way of my brain, and this is where my rant sets in: the waiting game. If a 468 is OK, then a 502 is better. Actually, the difference between a 502 and a 509 is just the bore, so let's do a 509. Wait! A 540 is just a different crank in a 509. Well, 540, it is! Heck, let's add a blower, too. So, I proceeded to gather the necessary parts to make it all happen. And the waiting game began.
So much for editorial deadlines and what I said in our great magazine. If you looked for Part Three and never found it, it's because I am still sitting on it. Parts are still not where they need to be and there isn't a friggin' thing I can do about it-except sit here and stew. I have boxes-lots of boxes-but not all the boxes. So, the cat is out of the bag, I guess, because unless you missed something, Part Three of "Turn and Burn" is going to be a full-bore monster. We're going forward with the 540 BBC, and it's going to be a low-compression blower motor. ATI is on board, as well as Lunati, Holley, Weiand, World Products, and Davis Unified Ignition. Just to get your juices flowing, we're looking at somewhere north of 1,000 horsepower at about 6,000 rpm. It should be fun.
I would like to apologize if you searched for Part Three to no avail. It was unavoidable and I'm so far in that it's unstoppable. So, here I sit, stewing, angry, mad at the world, and still without boxes of parts I need to bring you the story I promised. Waiting is not for me. Gratuitous, instantaneous, and immediate are all things I need. I hate waiting for anything. Call me a product of my unbridled SoCal environment. The waiting game is the breaking point for me. I lose interest and want to walk away from the project. Waiting sucks, and I hate it. Do you?
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