Flying from coast to coast, I pull up my frequent flyer miles and the sheet reads like a Rand McNally roadmap. Trips to places with one stoplight, no potable water, and truck owners who think the bigger the body lift, the better. And then there are trips where I'm actually impressed with the city, the people, and the culture. In October, I flew to Houston to shoot two covers and found myself enjoying the old-money attitude of the oil industry. Do you have a killer truck, like Ricky Holly's revamped Silverado shot in front of the Texas San Jacinto monument, and do you think it's in need of a photo shoot? Send me your pics and a brief description of what makes it stellar. This crazy shot shows Ricky's truck resting below the 570-ft monument with even the 34-ft star in the image. It's hard to beat a super-wide angle lens for pics like this.