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  • Show Season - How-To: Draggin' Knuckles - Skid Row

Show Season - How-To: Draggin' Knuckles - Skid Row

May 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   show Season truck Side View
Well, it's that time of the year again! No, it's not December when the jolly, ol' fat man puts the annual lump of coal in your stocking. It is the beginning of the show season, and it's time to bring your trucks out to show them off. Whether you are going to a local show or trekking some great distance for distant people to stare at your creation, you will have the opportunity to win a shiny award.
If you are like me, then you have a check list of things to do before you can even think about showing your beauty. When you're on the brink of finishing your project, then you have to think of every last part that you want to get painted or chromed. There can be many parts on the list, so it could take some time to finish, but that's OK because you had all that time in the winter to work hard in the nice warm garage while the chilly air outside could freeze your cajones off.
Either way, we all know that the best vehicles are done at the last minute and sometimes even finished while on the trailer. Then, sometimes, even after it has been unloaded, the owner will assemble the last bits and pieces. Then, once the truck is finally put together, it's time to put that coat of wax to the freshly painted...everything. After it's all nice and shiny, the beat owner will pop out a lawn chair and try to catch up on some sleep, which can be hard to do when the weather is boiling hot.
As the day goes by, it gets more exciting every passing moment. Once the judging is done and most of the show crowd passes, you try to kill some time before the awards are given out. Usually, I would end up downing too many beers and hitting on all my friend's women, which always seems to get me and them in trouble. But, when I'm not drinking, I try to cruise around the grounds and get my drag on.
But, therein lies a problem with these small, low trucks and big tall mofos trying to fit in them. Getting into a body-dropped truck, especially one that's been channeled or chopped, is difficult when you want to go cruising. But, thankfully, you have me to show you how to get your big ass in a small tin can of a truck. Even though we spend major time and money on making low trucks even lower, we forget that someday it should be driven around in. And your big butt is hard to maneuver in such a small space. It's like riding around on one of them lil' clown bicycles that are only 1-foot tall-it just ain't gonna happen without the proper technique.
You can call this my first tech article, but unlike the stuff that Kevin, Mike, and Calin write about, you'll actually care to read this one. It's got some very useful information. Take a gander at the following steps, and you'll be on your way to fittin' in that midget mobile. And remember that the more bitchen low the truck is the more uncomfortable it should be to drive. So, by my math, the more uncomfortable the truck, the cooler it is.
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