During the past 32 years we have brought you the baddest, most insane, most expensive rides rolling on God's green earth-rides that have included full-size trucks and SUVs, midsize cruisers, minis from all manufacturers, and yes, even vans. But what constitutes a truck or van worthy of gracing our pages? We receive tons of e-mails wanting a reader's truck to be featured in the magazine, but most of them are not fully built or trucks that are almost there but lagging in one area or another. My question for you this month is this: does a front-wheel-drive, unibody van or small SUV belong in the magazine? My answer is a definitive yes! Custom is custom and cool is cool. If a soccer mom passes on her minivan to her son or daughter and they turn it into the sickest minivan ever, then by all means, allow me to pull out my camera, please. Check out this Caravan from APC; it's the best looking minivan I've ever seen, and it has a supercharged V-6 under the modified hood, and it tucks the 19s hard. As always, let me know your thoughts at dan.ward@primedia.com.