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  • Editor's Note - Exciting News In The Schedules We Keep - Positive Offset

Editor's Note - Exciting News In The Schedules We Keep - Positive Offset

Steve Warner
May 1, 2006
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Let's face it. We all work or live by schedules. Well, at least most of us do, unless you're super wealthy and time doesn't really matter. For the rest of us working schmoes, schedules are our lifeblood. We wake up at a certain time to head off to work, but not before dropping the kids off at school. We have to get to work by a certain time and stay there for a predetermined amount of hours before we get to go home again and start the process all over again.
What does this have to do with the magazine you hold in your hands? Well, not a whole lot except to explain that in the magazine publishing industry schedules are a must. All magazines must live within a certain schedule so they can be printed and hit the newsstands in a timely fashion so that you can ultimately purchase them and keep us all gainfully employed for another month or so. Here at Truckin' we work under an even tighter schedule than most of our other Primedia comrades. Why is that, you may ask? Well, quite simply, we produce 13 exciting issues per year, unlike the majority of the rest of the company, which only builds 12 issues over the course of a year. So every 28 days we are off shipping the next latest and greatest issue of Truckin' to the printer just in time for our readers to get the latest automotive industry news, the best feature trucks, and the most up-to-date show coverage.
By shipping a new issue every 28 days, you can imagine our schedules are even tighter than most, so we are constantly planning further and further ahead in order to meet our deadlines. Part of meeting these quotas is also trying to visually increase the awareness of Truckin'. We (meaning the entire editorial and sales staff of Truckin') are really pleased, and I mean really pleased, to announce that beginning with the issue you hold in your hands, this will be the beginning of a highly collectible FREE monthly pull-out poster that any and all of you can hang on your garage, shop, bedroom, or bathroom walls if you want. This month's poster, I feel, is especially cool thanks to the superb talents of our resident art whiz, Rob Munoz. Each of the remaining posters for the year ought to be just as special.
Also, on another note, I want to welcome the latest addition to Truckin'. Bob Carpenter has joined our illustrious family as our New Initiatives Editor, and you will see his name from time to time in Truckin' as well as our sister publication Diesel Power. Bob was the original founding editor of our other sister publication Custom Classic Trucks magazine, but took a few years off to work in another capacity at a different publishing company before we were able to get him back and take advantage of his enormous talents. So, Bob, we welcome you. Until next month, enjoy the fruits of our 28 days' worth of labor.
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