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Truckin Magazine Team - What It Takes

Bob Ryder
May 1, 2006
Photographers: Bob Ryder
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As the senior tech editor of Truckin' and senior in age on the staff, it's great to be surrounded with such a talented young staff. Truckin's dynamic and innovative editor, Steve Warner, has continued to maintain this magazine's pinnacle position with the newsstands and subscription sales in the industry. Heading up the Truckin' "young guns" is Senior Editor Dan Ward with enhanced leadership skills, mechanical knowledge, and creative photographic talent. Harley Camilleri brings superior tech wisdom, hands-on experience, and humor to our award-winning publication. Mark Halvorsen is known for his bizarre writing linguistics and ability to maintain a reputable relationship with the OEMs in obtaining vehicles for testing and staff evaluations. The new guy, Brandan Gillogly, a NoCal transplant from Prunedale, Cali, (just north of Salinas) is a recent graduate of an institute of higher learning.
The guy responsible for making the features look so dynamic, tech articles so brilliant, and the layout of Truckin' flow smoothly is our creative art and design director, Rob Munoz. Kelly Nomura makes sure our editorials and features are turned in and the production schedule is maintained so Truckin' will ship on time. Our well-versed copy editor, Joe Barrett, makes sure all of the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed, that commas and periods are properly used, and any run-on sentences are eliminated. Joe makes our collaborated editorial content sound and read like a novel. Then there is Bob Carpenter, my next-to-senior. He is a well-seasoned photojournalist. BC has been in the custom car and truck publication wars for 23 years. In doing so he brings a lot to the table. Bob and I were previous teammates at another publication years ago when he had hair and I didn't have a journalist midriff.
The majority of the immediate staff at Truckin' are in their mid-20s. Heck, they're old enough to be my kids. I would like to thank Steve, Dan, Harley, Mark, and Brandan for putting up with my "way back when" and "I can remember when" stories. I never thought I would be addressed as Pops, Ol' Fart or Crusty. I must say the "young guns" we have at Truckin' are very knowledgeable, dedicated, and innovative. I must thank these guys for keeping me young of mind and heart. I think it's a great balance mixing some old with the young. It gives Truckin' kind of a "newstalgia" flavor.
The above staff members of Truckin' magazine are what makes it "The World's Leading Truck Publication." It's great to be a member of such a dedicated and talented team.
Two Thumbs Up!
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