Day-to-day things run smooth as glass around the headquarters of "The World's Leading Truck Publication," how-ever, there are those days when we screw up. I tend to screw up royally. I leave the little screwing to other editors. My best example of one major mishap is with Jenn Lacey's amazing '91 S-10. Jenn is one of the coolest people in the truck scene. Not one of the coolest chicks...just person; and her S-10 is, in my opinion, one of the sickest customs to come out of the show scene in the last decade. We asked her if we could shoot it, and she said yes, after it came out on the cover of our sister publication, Mini Truckin'. Everyone was in agreement and after a gorgeous sunny Texas morning photo shoot, we went back to SoCal and she back to Florida. Upon my arrival home I did what I always do: wash my clothes. In my pocket was a memory card filled with images of Jenn's truck. All my images were gone as the poor little data storage unit exploded into pieces. Screwed! That's what I was, and still am. Unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist and refuse to show you lackluster pics of Jenn's one-of-a-kind truck from other photographers. Because of this it hasn't appeared in the mag yet, but it will. To Jenn, I'm sorry, but I will make it up to you with a sick spread of your truck. It'll just be a little late. So next time you screw up, remember: Endurance and determination make or break you. Go big or go home!