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Championship Off Road Racing - News

Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) Announces Enhanced Race Schedule For The '06 CORR Lucas Oil Racing Series

Jul 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   championship Off Road Racing truck Doors Open Driver Side View
Well, we've finally broken him in and he's no longer the new guy. Would-be new guy Kevin Aguilar is officially off the hook here at the office and here's why: The same day FNG Galen Armenta started working for us was the same day that Kevin received multiple tickets for infractions of the California Vehicle Code. The story goes something like this. Kevin took Galen out for his first Sport Truck photo shoot and got popped by the Po-Po for tinted windows, missing windshield wipers, altered lighting, no license plates, and so on. It was a damn respectable amount of fines for his under-construction S-10. So, we'd like to salute old, new guy Kevin by printing his "mug shots" and welcome FNG Galen by printing...well, nothing about him. After all, he is the new guy and should be treated accordingly.
If you like trucks and the prospect of watching them race side by side in the dirt and maybe crashing, flipping, jumping, and creating mayhem, then check out the CORR series.
CORR organizers announced changes and improvements to the Lucas Oil Race Pro and Sportsman series' schedules.
Midwest Sportsman Series races held in Crandon, Wisconsin, Bark River, Michigan, and Antigo, Wisconsin, will feature all Sportsman classes, including Light Buggy, Single Buggy, Super Buggy, Stock Truck, and Sportsman 2. The Midwest Pro Series racing will feature Pro Lite, Pro 2, and Pro 4 classes.
Because of the success of the format in 2005, the Western Sportsman Series held in Chula Vista, California, will consist of Single Buggies and invite desert class 1600 to race alongside. Super Buggies will also compete and invite Class 10 and Class 12 Buggies to race alongside. The Western Pro Series racing will feature Pro Lite, Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes.
Within the Sportsman Series, there will be the two distinct geographic points champions, Midwest and Western, while within the Pro classes there will be one unified champion as determined by cumulative points. Sportsman Series racers are invited to race in each other's geographic series.
Within the Western Pro Series, there have been two new money races added to the regular points series races for each of the four weekends. The races will be a shoot-out format with a purse of $20,000 per race. This means that Pro 2 and Pro 4 racers will race twice on one of the weekend race days. The money races will alternate between the Pro 2 and Pro 4 classes on Saturday or Sunday.
Television coverage on Speed TV, which currently is available to 68 million households across the country, will feature four hours of television coverage for each weekend of Pro racing. This exciting new format will feature two races from the Pro Series racing and highlights from the Sportsman Series racing, except Light Buggy, in each episode. For updated information, please log on to
Sport Truck Slang Term Of The Month
BODY DROP - Different than lowering the suspension of your truck, a body drop is when you effectively lower the outer body panels of your truck in relation to the framerails, adding several more inches of visual drop to your truck. A body drop is what allows the rocker panels or even doors of some trucks to sit on the ground after an adjustable air or hydraulic suspension puts the framerails on the pavement. Traditional body drops are executed by cutting the floor of the cab and bed away from the outer sheetmetal, repositioning the floor higher than stock and then welding and gusseting the panels back into place. A stock floor body drop accomplishes the same task with rebuilt frame sections to lower the entire body of the truck, rather than cutting up the body.
Holy Welders, Batman!
Check out these spy shots from inside Fabtech's manufacturing facility in Chino, California. Fabtech has two types of welding work cells. The largest and most important is the traditional welding booths. They consist of 32 booths in full operation, 24 hours a day, six days a week. All welders are trained in-house, learning Fabtech's signature welding technique of dime-on-dime welding. This provides excellent penetration for strength with superior uniformity. In this industrial environment, Fabtech uses Miller Electric welding power sources throughout the 32 welding booths.
For high volume welding, Fabtech has initiated robotic welding cells. These automated welding cells use Lincoln welders with Fanuc robotic controls. The robots can weld three times faster than a human with unsurpassed strength and consistency. Fabtech uses these robots for smaller high-volume parts that don't require welding by hand. Many times, Fabtech is asked if robots will replace all the human welders in the future. Fabtech's President Brent Riley states, "Both our robots and our welders have there own place in production. Robots never call in sick and can weld non-complex parts very fast for super high production. But, for the core of what we build, such as crossmembers for IFS 4WD systems, they are larger and require technical welding techniques that only our skilled welders in the booth can do properly."
See, humans and robots can live together in harmony. That silly I, Robot movie got it all wrong.
Guy Buys Bedliner And Wins Sweet Off-Road Vehicle
Phil Grant of Blue Jay, California, has won the Rhino Linings Climbing the Hills of Hazzard Sweepstakes. Grant, an avid rock climber for the last 10 years, wins the grand prize of a Rhino RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) from Rhino Off-Road Industries, valued at $25,000. The RTV, a hybrid ATV/Monster truck off-road performance machine, is designed to perform in any environment, including desert, bush, sand, snow, dirt, mud, and rocky terrains.
Grant, who got into the sport of off-road rock climbing 10 years ago, travels frequently around Southern California and Baja Mexico to search out uncharted terrain. In fact, out of nearly 19,500 entries, Grant was a perfect match for the RTV. "This is right up my ally," commented Grant. "Up until now, I have used Jeeps to rock climb, but with my new RTV, I can climb rocks I could have never attempted with my Jeeps. The RTV is a natural progression."
This past summer, Grant was having his second vehicle in less than a year sprayed with Rhino Linings at Rhino Linings of Corona and Norco, California, when he entered into the sweepstakes. "You hear about people winning all the time, but you never expect it to happen to you," shared Grant. "It was a great surprise and I still can't believe it!"
The Rhino Linings Climbing the Hills of Hazzard Sweepstakes ran July 11 through September 12, 2005. Entrants had a chance to win the Rhino Off-Road RTV (as seen in The Dukes of Hazzard), a trip to Hawaii, and other great prizes, including three free Rhino Linings bedliners. For a complete list of official sweepstakes winners, visit our website at www.rhino
The sweepstakes was part of Rhino Linings USA's partnership with Warner Brothers Pictures and its feature film, The Dukes of Hazzard, in a multi-million dollar promotional, media, and ad campaign. The campaign also featured the Rhino Linings General Lee Tour which took off July 26, 2005, from San Diego and made its way cross-country, ending August 7, 2005, at the big weekend race in Indianapolis. The touring caravan featured the General Lee, two Rhino Linings Pit Crew trucks, and a Rhino Off-Road RTV.
Bridgestone Offers Unique Guarantee On Its TiresIn a world where little is for certain and there are few guarantees, Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC (BFNT) company will take the fear out of buying tires by offering a very special type of guarantee.
"The Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee puts consumers in the driver seat," said Phil Pacsi, executive director, consumer tire brand marketing, BFNT. "If after 30 days or less you are not satisfied with the performance of our tires, we will refund your money."
"We know that tires are a necessity and not a commodity," Pacsi continued. "In fact, the consumer is often swayed by price or what meets the eye because they cannot see the technology that lies within each tire."
Pacsi added, "The Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee is evidence that as a tire company, BFNT is not just trying to hook consumers with a typical promotion. We are committed to the integrity of our brands and their performance in the real world. And, we back that commitment with our guarantee."
So, as Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire makes the offer: Seize the moment and the day-test new tires your way-they are guaranteed!
The Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee does not apply to tires supplied as original equipment on new vehicles or a select number of performance or run-flat specialty tires.
Is This The Next-Generation Factory-Built Sport Truck?
It makes you wonder what's in the water at the DaimlerChrysler design office in Auburn Hills. At the recent 2006 Chicago Auto Show, partially upstaging the introduction of the all-new Toyota Tundra, Dodge took the wraps off of its Rampage Concept truck. Think of it as a Honda Ridgeline injected with a dose of high-potency steroids, a design that stretches the envelope as to how a modern sport truck can be defined.
As long as a Dakota, as wide as a Ram, part pickup, part SUV, and God forbid, part minivan, the Rampage takes the best functional elements of all three and mixes the brew into a unique hybrid. Fabricated on a purpose-built unitized platform, the Rampage is equipped with a 6.1L Hemi driving just the front wheels, the first time the Hemi has been applied in a FWD application. (The concept could feature electric motors at the rear for all-wheel-drive capabilities.) This allows the interior designers the opportunity to integrate a full five-passenger stow-'n'-go seating package with all but the driver seat folding flat into the floor, giving the truck the ability to cart home from Best Buy a 60-inch plasma monitor within its cab that features sliding rear doors.
A retractable backlight (rear window) moves down into the motorized bulkhead separating the passenger compartment from the cargo bed, giving a flat load floor that can extend all the way back from the front seat to the motorized tailgate/ramp, great for driving your ATV right up into the bed. If that's not enough versatility for you, drop the rear bumper fascia, and there's a hidden compartment for hauling 4x8 sheets of plywood or sheetrock from Lowe's, a functional benefit coming from the elimination of a conventional rear differential and axle.
While currently just a concept, there's some speculation as to how the Rampage can be integrated into the future Dodge product portfolio. Our best guess? It could be spun off of the next generation minivan/Pacifica platform due in the next 12 to 18 months. Certainly, expect to see such innovative and versatile packaging in both the minivans and an updated Pacifica sports tourer, all which share a unitized, rather than body-on-frame, architecture. While here at Sport Truck we believe that real trucks are body-on-frame, the designers and engineers at DaimlerChrysler must be applauded for bringing this level of fresh thinking to a genre in dire need of innovation.
How About An Internal Combustion Engine That Runs On Wood Chips?
In his recent State of the Union speech, President Bush said, "America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world. The best way to break this addiction is through technology." Proe Power Systems, LLC of Medina, Ohio, was recently informed that the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved another patent to add to Proe Power Systems' growing portfolio of patents for exactly the kind of new technology that the President is calling for, "To change how we power our homes and offices."
Richard Proeschel, President of Proe Power Systems, states that the technology of the latest patent actually exceeds the President's goals. "President Bush asked for methods of processing agricultural waste to make ethanol fuel for conventional engines. Proe Power Systems is providing engine technology that can use that agricultural waste directly, without the need for an additional process to make the ethanol," said Proeschel.
Conventional internal combustion engines require a liquid fuel, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, or ethanol. With modifications, they can also operate on gaseous fuels, such as natural gas or methane. The problem in freeing America from its oil addiction is that the fuels that can break that addiction are almost all solids-waste paper, wood chips, agricultural prunings, and waste stalks are good examples. Converting those solid fuels to a liquid or gas fuel involves complex and expensive chemical processing facilities. Large steam powerplants can and do burn these solid fuels directly, but they are hardly ever located near where the solid fuel originates, and so transporting the fuel is a logistical expense and complication. Locating many smaller steam engines closer to places like agricultural sites and lumberyards would seem like a simple solution. However, small steam engines are impractical because they are very inefficient, and safety codes require the full time presence of a licensed steam engineer.
Proe Power Systems' new technology, the Proe Afterburning Engine, offers a solution to direct, clean, efficient, and low-cost conversion of solid fuel to turn a shaft or produce electrical power without the need for steam boilers. Furthermore, according to Proeschel, "All components of the Proe Afterburning Engine can be manufactured in any machine shop capable of rebuilding an automobile engine. The simple construction allows small manufacturers to enter the 21st Century power market with minimal new investment by producing powerplants that have high efficiency and low emissions, using the wide variety of fuels needed to break our addiction to oil."Proeschel emphasized the importance of the newly issued patent by saying, "The addition of this new Proe Afterburning technology to our already impressive patent portfolio now makes Proe Power Systems the leader in applying thermodynamic science to meeting President Bush's goals of promoting energy independence for our country while dramatically improving the environment. Although our technology is extremely simple and practical, it has the potential to radically change the power generation market."
Proe Power Systems is nearing completion of a prototype Proe Afterburning engine to confirm its claims. The company's Proe Afterburning technology is available for license. Additional information can be found at
American Auto Industry Woes Increase As Plants Ready For Closure And Ford Offers Buyouts To Employees
In January, Ford announced it would close 14 plants and cut 30,000 hourly jobs over the next six years in an effort to return the company to profitability. By February, the company had prepared several severance packages that some employees are taking advantage of and others are scoffing at. The most notable is a special $100,000 buyout offer for any worker willing to leave the company and give up all benefits with the exception of their pension plan. From the outside looking in, that sounds like a nice chunk of dinero, but for many employees that doesn't add up to their regular salary for a two-year period. Here are some of the other offers on the table.
* An Educational Opportunity Program to help workers move into a new career. The program provides workers with at least one year of seniority with as much as $15,000 a year for tuition to an accredited school of their choice for as many as four years. Those workers will receive full medical benefits and half their regular pay while they attend school. * Two early retirement programs. The first is for workers 55 and older who have 30 or more years with the company. They will receive a $35,000 check and begin retirement immediately, with full retirement benefits. The other program is for workers 50 and older with 10 or more years at the company. They will be provided a fixed level of income for life, though not as much as they would receive through the regular retirement program. "The amount will vary from individual to individual," Mulloy said. * Finally, a special pre-retirement leave program for workers with 28 years of service but not yet 30 years. Ford will allow those workers to take a leave, where they will receive 85 percent of their pay, until they reach 30 years of service.
Ford has announced plans to idle assembly plants in Wixom, Atlanta, and St. Louis, along with a transmission factory in Batavia, Ohio, and a casting plant in Windsor. Ford says it will add two more assembly plants to that list by the end of the year.
Ford has been contacted by a number of schools that are interested in the educational program, and the company is planning to allow some to set up information booths at the plants slated for closure.
From The Stupid Law Department
The SEMA Action Network proved its usefulness once again by thwarting a proposed bill in Virginia legislation that would restrict how far you could drive your classic truck from your house. Send your hate mail directly to the bill's sponsor, Virginia Delegate Danny Marshall. He proposed that "unsafe junkers" be limited to a range of 50 miles from your residence. And who is to say what is a "junker" or not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but working brakes are not.
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