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2006 Ford F-150 - News

We're Giving Away A Custom F-150!

Aug 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   2006 Ford F150 custom Truck Driver Side Front View
That's right, we are teaming up with Belltech Suspension and Stylin' Concepts to build and then give away a full custom '06 Ford F-150. This year, Stylin' Concepts has put together a seriously wicked '06 Ford F-150, full of power, style, and attitude. With a little help from some very generous friends, such as Belltech Suspension, Magnuson Supercharger, and Boyd Coddington wheels, just to name a few, Stylin' Concepts has built the finest giveaway truck in the company's 20-year history. One very lucky winner will be awarded the truck at the '06 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, October 31 to November 3, 2006.
What's Under The Hood:
First, the stock F-150 was fitted with a 3/5 drop kit, courtesy of Belltech Suspension. The kit brought the front down 3 inches using specially tuned coil springs and lowered the back a full 5 inches using a rear axle flip kit.
Next, Stylin' invited LSD Doors out to the Stylin' Concepts' custom shop to install its revolutionary bolt-on Lambo-style door kit. Less than a day later, the ordinary stock doors were converted with the high-class look of LSD's Lambo door kit.
Then, the guys from Magnuson came out to install the company's new F-150 supercharger on the Stylin' Concepts' giveaway truck. The supercharger and intercooler promise an extra 140 hp and a tire-smokin' 140 lb-ft of torque.
To complement the supercharger, the Stylin' team asked their friends at Corsa Exhaust to build a custom exhaust system complete with Stylin's signature through-the-body exhaust tip. The guys at Dynatech linked up the Corsa exhaust to the supercharged engine with a set of long-tube performance headers and high-flow catalytic converters.
To feed more air to the newly supercharged engine, Stylin' called upon Keystone Hoods which provided its brand-new twin-scoop hood for the '04-'06 F-150.
For rims, the Stylin' build team selected 22-inch Boyd Coddington Gotcha Series Magnum wheels, wrapped by Hankook 295/30R22 Ventus ST tires from Terry's Tire Town. To accent the new wheels (and bring them to a safe and speedy stop), the team also added a Tri-Power caliper kit and slotted rotors, courtesy of Stainless Steel Brake Company.
After a few extra mods, such as a Sir Michaels roll pan and a Street Scene bumper cover, side skirts, and Cal-Vu sport mirrors, the team was ready to turn the truck over to Mike Gunnoe at Gunnoe's Auto Body & Customizing in Medina, Ohio, for prep and paint.
Sherwin-Williams provided Stylin' with its new Planet Color automotive paint for a fresh look with dynamic shine.
Additional modifications/accessories include:
* Wise Bed Rug
* Gaylord's X-2000 hard tonneau cover
* IPCW LED taillights
* AMI chrome door handles and buckets
* Shaved antenna and emblems
* Precision wire mesh grilles
* Cal-Trend neoprene sport seat covers
* Woodview brushed aluminum dash kit
* Lloyd custom floor mats
* Nordskog digital gauges-boost and fuel pressure
* Auto Meter gauge pod
* VPA power window conversion kit
* Billet Pro interior dash control knobs
AIRAID(r) Premium Filters Tested Baja Tough!
For nearly 40 years, the Baja 1000 has proven itself as the toughest of off road proving grounds. Littered with rocks, sand and silt finer than baby powder, the Baja has left many a man and machine broken by the wayside. It's a place where Survival of the Fittest takes on a whole new meaning, and where winning is more the result of having solid equipment and good driving skills than being in the right place at the right time.
The Baja is also the perfect testing grounds for serious off road products, especially air filters. That's why AIRAID Premium Filter Company teamed up with Fontana Motorsports of San Rafael, California on their Class 8 Chevy pickup to challenge the Baja 1000. And when the dust settled and the checkered flag fell, not only did the AIRAID Premium Air Filter stand up to the rigors of 1000 miles Baja Off Road Racing, it helped Fontana Motorsports to win the Class 8, modified full-size pickup division.
"The AIRAID air filter worked excellent," commented winning driver Keith Fontana. "We ran only one AIRAID filter for the entire race. We could have easily run another 500 miles on that filter before cleaning it."
Fontana added that it is the famous Baja silt that kills motors in Baja. "When the truck pounds through a silt bed, the silt bounces off the bottom of the truck and is sucked into the engine compartment."
While an AIRAID pre-filter helped keep the loose stuff from getting into the engine, the real winning secret, and what helped Fontana Motorsport's Chevy go the distance, was AIRAID's patented SynthaFlow(tm) Technology.
In terms of filtration, all AIRAID Premium Filters with SynthaFlow(tm) are a specially-blended combination of gauze and synthetic layers that consistently filter down to two microns, providing superior protection against dust ingestion at no extra cost. The filters are also made with hand-poured urethane for superior sealing against the air cleaner housing. The urethane construction also prevents cracking and shrinkage in the extreme conditions found under the hood of a Baja Race Truck. Best if all, AIRAID Premium Filters are washable and re-useable and offer a lifetime "No Hassle" guarantee.
So if an AIRAID Premium Filter can go the distance in the Baja 1000, think what it can do in your truck!
The Sport Truck10 mostly worthless factsIn Pennsylvania: "Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes."
The '94 model-year marked the end of the R12 (Freon) era of air-conditioning refrigerant in all GMC trucks. The company switched to the more environmentally friendly R134a.
In 1986, everyone added the third brake light.
Gasoline is a blend of light and heavy hydrocarbons obtained from crude oil. Chemically, it's made up of hydrogen, carbon CH8-18, sulfur, and if we are talking race fuel, then it also contains lead.
Sport Truck Slang Termof the Month
UNIBALL- Slang term for a spherical bearing, which in high-end suspension design takes the place of a typical ball joint because of its potential to pivot at a great angles. When combined with a high-misalignment spacer, a uniball can pivot as much as 30 degrees in any direction, whereas the typical ball joint can only pivot 22 degrees. When implemented in a control arm, a uniball can offer greater suspension travel and increased durability which means you can tuck a larger set of wheels.
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