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Truckin' Magazine Editorial - In The Chamber - Revolver

Bob Carpenter
Sep 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   Bob Carpenter parties the night away in a trendy South Beach night club with famed model Nikki Zeno. Just one of the benefits of working for a high-class operation.
I 've been here for five months now and you can say that I've "assimilated" into the culture of Truckin' magazine.
That means I know what to expect when the crew piles into a high-performance SUV for a "quick" ride to lunch. It also means I've gotten used to the idea of having a full staff that's eager and willing to put out whatever effort it takes to make this magazine better.
With no holes in the staff box, Truckin' has been able to really plan ahead, and the results have been apparent in the magazines you've been holding in your hands the past year or so. Honestly, Truckin' has continued to widen the gap between itself and the other truck-related magazines on the market. I've seen the way this magazine does business from the inside out and I'm impressed. Never is it more obvious than when I go to a truck show. Wandering around the show grounds with a Truckin' staff shirt on is a trip. Everyone wants to talk to you; everyone wants to tell you about their truck; everyone wants to know which vehicles you are planning to shoot. I've had people follow me around and try to convince me to shoot their truck and include it in the show coverage. It doesn't matter if representatives from other competing magazines are there or not. Truckin' is simply the big dog at the park when you're at a truck show. That's because Truckin' knows how to run a magazine and the staff knows how to produce quality content.
But it's not just show coverage and features that set Truckin' apart. Have you read this issue's three-way shootout between the Ford, Dodge, and Chevy one-ton dualie diesels? That's the kind of serious testing that shows why Truckin' is considered the authority within the industry. Each truck was dyno tested, drag-strip tested, tow tested, brake tested, and comfort tested. You just don't find this kind of complete testing elsewhere in a truck-specific magazine.
This issue, we offer a wheel and tire guide that is more complete than anything you will find anywhere else. We've scoured the globe and come up with a bunch of options that maybe you weren't even aware of. And that's another one of those things that makes Truckin' a valuable resource on a monthly basis.
So, maybe I'm a bit transparent bragging on my own magazine, but I think it deserves some praise. After all, they don't call Truckin' the "World's Leading Truck Publication" for nothing.
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