The town of Biloxi, Mississippi, is a tranquil coastal villa eleven months of the year. Its multitude of casinos, luxury hotels, and miles of windswept sandy beach always draw tourists, yet the town remains relatively peaceful. However, all this changes each June, as the arrival of Scrapin the Coast transforms this town into a bustling mecca of custom vehicles. The show, which has been held in Biloxi each year since 2003, draws the finest custom cars, trucks, and bikes from as far as Florida and Arizona. This year’s show, located at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, lasted from Friday, June 22nd through Sunday evening, and was jam-packed with events, competitions, vendor booths, and even a mobile dyno. Live music and the scent of fried food filled the air, along with the region’s ever-present 90-degree summer heat and 80-percent humidity. Regardless of the weather, the show experienced an excellent turnout and had an abundance of jaw-dropping rides of every variety. Check out the pictures we snapped throughout the weekend, and for information on next year’s show visit