What was your first truck? Not the one you could drive, but the one you could play with. For me, it was a bright yellow, all-steel Tonka dump-truck. It was awesome, equipped with huge plastic wheels that made me feel like I could climb or drive over anything, and it had the dump bed so I could load up all of my GI Joes or rocks from the back yard. Something that sticks out in my mind is putting stickers on that little toy in an attempt to distinguish it from other yellow Tonka trucks. This was my first experience in the world of custom trucks. The bug has never left my Georgia bones, and in the case of making things my own, it probably never will. One thing to keep in mind when you're looking for inspiration: you can always look back at your childhood when things were simpler. After all, if I had a real Tonka truck now, I'm sure it would be on 'bags with custom paint, and it would race down the driveway with a supercharger.