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  • Havasu Havoc Truck Show - Positive Offset - October 2007

Havasu Havoc Truck Show - Positive Offset - October 2007

Steve Warner
Oct 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   truckin Editors Note truckinweb
It has often been said, every successful magazine needs to have a successful website, as well. Truckin' magazine is no exception. While we have had an Internet presence for many years, it has not been very good nor served you readers exceptionally well. We did not really offer web-exclusive content, show features, or technical articles. But, that has all changed. Now, we have exceptional web-exclusive people, namely Ed Sanchez and Monica Thompson, who are generating Truckin' web-exclusive content. This is a stark contrast to the past few years.
Also, another new thing is an almost daily web-editor blogs forum, from the very same people whose names you currently read in the print side of the magazine. So, if you really want to find out what Brandan is thinking about while driving to work in his bucket-beater truck-his words, not mine-go to the site and search for his inner-most thoughts under editor's blogs. There is also a whole host of other information from every one of our editors.
Additionally, the proverbial question everyone of our staff faces constantly, "How do I get my truck in the magazine?" can now be answered. You, as a reader, can simply post the picture of your very own pride and joy, as well as provide details about it. Check back in the next couple of months, because for one very lucky reader who posts their truck onto our site, we will also be doing a Truckin' Readers' Ride of the Month off of the Internet site. It will probably be a page or a half page feature kicking off the print sides' Readers' Rides section.
In addition, we currently have show coverage up from our Truckin' Havasu Havoc show, which you can see more of inside this issue. Also, you can check for other web-exclusive show coverage before it hits the print side. One common problem all of the enthusiast magazines have is show coverage. Simply put, if you went to a show, the odds are there will be some truck or automotive-related website there shooting show coverage. Quite literally, within 2-3 hours, at the conclusion of the show, you can hit "Enter" on the computer keyboard and see show coverage from the event. We print-magazine guys are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to show coverage. By the time you read it in the print titles, it will be extremely old news, sometimes three-to-six months later.
Yes, we have finally entered the electronic age and have a website that looks, feels, and operates just as a progressive magazine should. It's only taken a few years to generate it, but if you'd like to check it out for yourself, then visit the website Please, feel free to offer feedback. We welcome it. Or, if you want to post your own topic of discussion, you can do that in our open dialogue forums, as well. So go ahead, click onto our website and add it to your bookmark section of your home web page. Also, be sure to check out our new page, as well, under the heading of Truckin' magazine. It will link you directly back to the No. 1 premier truck website on the net,
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