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Positive Offset

Steve Warner
Nov 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   audio And Video speaker
I have heard in the past, the key to a man's heart is through gadgets. It doesn't seem to matter which kind of gadgets, so long as these items are new and hold some interest to the recipient. Gadgets, such as new audio head units, video monitors, subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, fared caps, wiring, DVD players, CD changers, iPod's, Bluetooth technology, and so on, all seem to be high on the wish lists for editors of Truckin' right now. Frankly, we as editors pretty much live in the world of make believe. We see hundreds of trucks a week. It doesn't matter which year, make, model, or style. Some are completely tricked out, some are buckets; but all have the pride of their owners, for good or bad. So, when we see these large quantities of masterpieces, you can imagine, we've become a bit jaded when it comes to high-tech gadgetry.
We often wonder how, in today's day and age, anything coming from the dealer could not include an overhead video monitor? And, how in the world did people ever survive without in-car navigation? You mean, you don't stop off at the gas station anymore to ask for directions?
This issue is all about the guys. It was designed by the guys, for the guys, with guys thoughts in mind when it came to gadgets. I mean, check out the cover truck. Does one person really need that many video monitors in a truck or that many amplifiers? In guy speak, hell yes! Not because it is practical, mind you, but because it is just plain and simple frickin' awesome. Why else in this issue would some guy install 65-yes you read that correctly-65 video monitors in a pure show Hummer H3? Why? Trust me, we asked. His answer was, "Why not?" He had never seen it done before. Seems like a logical reason to us.
Which pretty much sums up our love for gadgets. It's not bad enough to have all of our contacts for people in multiple places, cell phones, iPod's, blackberry's and whatnot. No, we need these contacts on our in-dash video monitors, too. We need to have a gazillion songs stored in our iPods to listen to days and days of music, when the reality is, we probably only listed to roughly 100 songs over and over again. Ladies, consider the men's gadgets as your purses. Why in the hell does one woman need 25 purses that probably cost on the average of $100? So men, the next time your wife or girlfriend brings up the subject of gadgets, hit her back with the purse argument. Case closed. Gadgets rule. So please, check out the insane features we present this month outfitted with the coolest of cool and the latest the audio industry has to offer. Even if you are not into extreme audio, you'll be impressed with this arsenal of features, tech, and how-to's. If you are not, please go back and reread my argument regarding the ladies....Enough said.
- OF


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