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  • Editor's Note - Positive Offset - December 2007

Editor's Note - Positive Offset - December 2007

Things You Just Gotta Love

Steve Warner
Dec 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   truckin Positive Offset things You Love
Let's face it, we are in the business of information. We dispense information to you readers every month, hopefully the type of stuff you want to read about, and then keep coming back for more each and every month. We, the staff of Truckin', get hundreds of e-mails, from a variety of sources, on the hour some days. Everything from spam to actually useful information is disseminated. It is that type of stuff we generally will place into the title you hold in your hands. I have heard from several people within our organization and outside of it as well, that content, meaning the verbiage you read here, is king.
I am not quite sure if this is true or not, but I can tell you the Truckin' staff packs more information within about 300 pages than any other automotive magazine out there, bar none. I am not even going to get into our competition, based upon the last issue I saw from them. Our content has made the aftermarket truck industry what it is. It is also why we get upwards of 20-30 emails a week from companies inquiring about a certain person who has contacted them, who asked for free parts, on the assumption their trucks will be shot for either a cover or an extended-length feature in Truckin'.
Our amazing content, images, and words are so great and take so many pages to fill, we have to shoot, write, and attend lots of meetings to make the printed version come to life every 28 days. That's right. Be sure to check out your local newsstand every 28 days for the next latest-and-greatest issue, because just when you think we can't possibly fill our pages with anymore content, we will have already done so again and again.
And no, we will not revisit the same trucks or truck clubs on a monthly basis, unlike other mags that have done and continue to do. We are the title that every competitor has tried to emulate for years-hell, most worked on it, or for our parent company, at one point in his or her lives.
To no avail, though, every one of these titles has either died a slow death, been relaunched as an online magazine, or just simply attempted a poor redesign, all in the hopes of dethroning the king of all truck publications, Truckin'.
Many readers, or so-called readers, will post positive and negative reviews about us on various custom-truck related forums. But, guess what? We don't care. If no one was posting anything either positive or negative, we'd be really worried. Some people either will love our content, or hate it, but odds are the haters will still check back every month to see if what they think they hate has been corrected and when it hasn't, they post negative comments, someone reading those comments is bound to go and check out the issue to see just what is so offensive. And guess what? Because we offer so many things within our pages, there is bound to be something in it the original hater guy now may become a fan. Heck, we don't like everything we put in the mag, either.
First and foremost, we are a magazine designed to engage our readers in thought, to help our advertisers sell product, to showcase the best-built reader and corporate trucks in America, and to dispense useful commentary that hopefully will sell more single copies in America than any other automotive newsstand publication.
And as if that were not enough, our website,, can and will act as our 24/7 voice. So, just in case you cannot wait those additional 28 days for the next issue to hit, check out the website for more useful, almost up-to-the-minute information and content.
- OF


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