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  • MT News - February 2008 - Toyota Boshoku America Grand Opening

MT News - February 2008 - Toyota Boshoku America Grand Opening

From The Inside Out

Erne Macias
Feb 1, 2008
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A Different Toyota Brings Jobs to Kentucky
Governor Ernie Fletcher joined Kiyoshi "Nate" Furuta, Chairman and CEO of Toyota Boshoku America, in announcing the grand opening of the company's head office. "We announced in April that Toyota Boshoku America would locate its head office in Erlanger, and I am proud to be back in Northern Kentucky for the grand opening," said Governor Ernie Fletcher. "Toyota Boshoku America is a premier automotive interior system manufacturer and has brought high-paying professional jobs to this region."
"Toyota Boshoku America is proud to have its head office in Northern Kentucky. This location is close to our six manufacturing plants in Kentucky and Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc., our major customer," said Kiyoshi "Nate" Furuta, Chairman & CEO of Toyota Boshoku America. "Toyota Boshoku America is a growing company and Northern Kentucky is a good place to live, has the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport, and a strong labor pool to support us."
Toyota Boshoku America has hired 40 employees in the head office and is on target to reach its goal of 100 employees by mid-year 2008. The company is also expanding its Research and Development Center in Novi, Michigan.
The Toyoda (now Toyota) Boshoku Corporation was founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1918. The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded by Sakichi's son, Kiichiro Toyoda, as an automotive department of Toyota Industries in 1928. Toyota Motor was made an independent company in 1933 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Toyoda Boshoku provided financial and employee assistance to the Toyota Motor Corporation in its early stages. The famous Toyota Production System (TPS) was created with the former employees of Toyota Boshoku. In 2004, Toyota Boshoku merged with the Araco Corporation and Takanichi Co., Ltd. to become Toyota Boshoku Corporation.
Photo 3/3   |   toyota Boshoku America Interior System Manufacturer think Green
Think Green
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So, figure out how to ditch that four-banger for an Earth-friendly truck.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
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