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  • July 2008 On The Floor - Can't I Have Both? - Editor's Letter

July 2008 On The Floor - Can't I Have Both? - Editor's Letter

On The Floor

Mike Finnegan
Jul 1, 2008
Photographers: Wes Allison
Photo 2/2   |   Model: Nikki Christian
How awesome would it be to have both a lifted sport truck and a lowered sport truck at the same time? I know I'd love to own both at once. I'd rock the lifted truck during the winter months when the weather sucks and on any day that I don't feel like slowing down for potholes or speed bumps. I'd roll the lowered truck on the sunny days when I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere and just want to cruise and be seen. Lifted = practicality and performance, and lowered = pure style and maybe better cornering. Both suspension designs are appealing, and I can't say one is better than the other because I've been in love with both for awhile now.
My first taste of the lifted lifestyle came late in life. All of my own trucks had been lowered and most of my friends weren't into the lifts either, so when I got a ride in a truly huge truck it was an eye-opener. My buddy Jerry, who is in the club Relaxed Atmosphere, had this gigantic white Ford Super Duty that towered over a set of 44-inch Boggers. It was amazing-looking because this was back when driving on 44s on the street was a rarity, even at a car show, which is where I first saw his truck. After the show was over, I headed to the airport with my friend, Courtney. Our flight was cancelled, but we figured we could make our connecting flight if we grabbed a ride to the next airport, a few hours away. Jerry came through, and we all climbed aboard the white monster.
The view from up top was cool. For the first time in my driving career, I could see more than a few hundred feet in front of me. I didn't have to tilt my head 90 degrees at an intersection to see the traffic light on the other side. I could also check out hotties in convertibles. My perch inside Jerry's mighty Ford was liberating. He didn't even swerve around road debris like I did in my little truck. I will admit though that the howling tires were a bit annoying at freeway speeds, and the truck didn't exactly want to drive straight all of the time. But these seemed like small prices to pay for lording over the highway, and Jerry was obviously willing to pay the price of admission.
Since that day, I've lifted three of my own trucks, although not nearly as high as Jerry's. Each one had a different type of lift as I looked for the perfect balance of driveability, off-road prowess, and of course, the all-important style of a great-looking ride. I never strayed from the lowered lifestyle for very long though because I still think a lowered truck is one of the most fun rides you can have. But until I start playing the lottery and actually win it, I'll have to sacrifice one for the other when the mood strikes me to switch up my driving style.
Part of this issue is aimed at the guy who's about to lift his truck and for anyone who already owns a lifted ride. We've compiled a buyer's guide of swag that you might have forgotten to purchase at the time you had your truck sky'd, and we've got a couple of new lift-kit installs and reviews. And if you don't give a damn about lifted rides, then we've got plenty of cool tech articles and feature trucks for you lowered lovers as well. See ya next month.
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