Today's relentless rising costs in oil prices have forced many people to seek out more efficient forms of transportation. The result has been an increase in both demand and production of hybrid-gasoline-powered cars for the average civilian's daily commute. But what about our local police cars that drive anywhere from 20 to 300 miles a day? Shouldn't they be fuel-efficient too? Carbon Motors Corporation has designed a police cruiser they claim will be faster, safer, and more fuel-efficient than current fleets. The cruiser, codenamed the E7 (nicknamed "The Machine"), will sit on an aluminum space-frame body structure, and the rear of the car is said to be capable of withstanding 75-mph impacts. It is said to be powered by a 3.0L diesel rated at 320 hp and 420 lb-ft-we speculate it may be a more potent version of the 3.0L CRD Mercedes diesel V6 offered in Jeep Cherokees. With a curb weight of only 4,000 pounds, Carbon Motors claims the E7 will run mid-14-second quarter-mile passes at 98 mph. Fuel economy is said to be around 28-30 mpg in combined city/highway conditions, which is more than double what many cruisers are averaging as we speak. With fuel economy like that, police officers will be better-equipped to do their jobs.