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  • Letters To The Editor - Mail Truck - May 2009

Letters To The Editor - Mail Truck - May 2009

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Mike Finnegan
May 1, 2009
Photographers: Charlie Hayward
Photo 2/5   |   mail Truck lowered Ambitions
Greetings From Canada
I am sending this email on behalf of my truck club. We are a little lowrider truck club from the city of Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Our club name is Lowered Ambitions. We were wondering if you can or would do a spread on clubs like ours. I have pictures of our trucks and would be interested in sending some in maybe to end up in your magazine. We would like to be more than just a reader's ride however. Please get back to me and thanks for your time.
Kris Hauser
via email
We don't usually profile specific truck clubs in the magazine but we might be willing to with the proper motivation. Do your club members have any special skills? Can they make a killer pepperoni pizza and send it to our office? If not, then you could mail us some high-resolution photos of your trucks and information on the modifications and if they warrant more coverage than our Homegrown Haulers section offers, we'll call ya.
The Net Will Save Ya
I drive a black Scion TC and am doing a project that involves painting the interior of my car at home. How would I do this type of project at home the right way and not the wrong way?
Vince N.
via email
Since you're obviously an Internet-savvy fellow, you'll love visiting the ST website. Its chock full of tech articles that we've printed in the magazine before. One of the more recent ones is an article where Kustom Werx showed us how to paint interior plastics. Here's the link if you don't want to go searchin' for it:
Letter From Canada #2
I think that with the price of oil being so high that Ford, Chrysler, and Chevrolet should team up together and produce a fuel-efficient vehicle. A 1,600cc motor is sufficient and gives 35 miles per gallon in the city. With this new model, the loans to the government could be paid back. Try to keep the price under $10,000 per car. Good Luck!
H. Connolly
via email
The Big 3 Working together? That's just crazy talk. But show us a truck that gets 35 miles per gallon and can still tow a trailer and we'll be the first guys in line to buy one.
Funny Stuff
I usually don't write into magazines but after reading your response to "ExoBlazer" in the Feb. 09 issue, I just had to. To refresh your memory, a gentleman wrote to you guys asking for some advice on toughening up his '99 S-10 Blazer without losing gas milage. You guys had replied by telling him to do a full external exo-cage. Ok, that's cool. I can see that. But then you tell him if he doesn't have the money, to use "exhaust tubing" and "galvanized gutter tubing" or even get them "airbrushed" on. Are you guys serious? Let me guess-you guys are the same guys who stick them stick on hoodscoops onto your trucks and think they're cool? This was by FAR the dumbest thing I have ever read by a person(s) who is supposed to be educated in this sport and for people to ask advice from.
Not only would this guy get laughed off the trails and streets for having some lame stuff on his truck (that YOU suggested) but probably have pretty good odds of getting his rear end kicked for being a moron. Since when did "ricin'" stuff out become cool in sport trucks?
If this is the kind of CRAP advice you guys give people, then I think you need to hire some new people or just leave this whole part out of the magazine. Not only is it bad for the Sport Truck name, but it's bad for the sport truck scene.
Andy Petterson
What better way is there to make a truck look tougher without adding a bunch of weight than to add cheap, lightweight tubing in a haggard and roughshod fashion? Sheesh! Tough room!
Photo 3/5   |   mail Truck 1984 Chevrolet Truck
I Can See Clearly Now
Where can I buy that solid side glass kit for an '84 Chevy truck? Thanks!
Steve Boles
via email
One Piece Products offers the windows you'd like to see through, Steve. The kits are constructed of good materials and work well. We dig the improved looks of square-body trucks without the original wing windows. You can find OPP at
Our Readers are the Smartest!
I have a 1970 Chevy C20 truck that's powered by an inline six-cylinder engine and a TH350 transmission. It's a great truck but sometimes when I shut off the engine I hear a "psssshhh" sound. Can anyone help me out?
via the forums
This response comes not from the Sport Truck staff, but from one of the forum members at Lost_1 replied to 10EM28's question with the following information:
"Its sound like a vacuum leak somewhere. What you are hearing is the vacuum equalizing once the source, in your case it's the engine, is shut off. If you have power brakes then either a check valve located at the vacuum hose inlet is bad or if the noise sounds like its coming fromunder the dashboard, then it may be a ruptured booster diaphragm. It's also possible that a vacuum line to the heater/air conditioning controls is broke. If the PCV valve grommet has gone bad then that would cause the sound you're hearing along with a rough idle condition."
A good way to check is to take a pair of Vise-Grips and clamp-off the vacuum hose going to the valve, then shut off the engine and see if the hissing sound goes away. If it doesn't, then do the same procedure to the power brake booster unit (just don't drive while doing this!)."
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