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  • Letters To The Editor - Mail Truck - July 2009

Letters To The Editor - Mail Truck - July 2009

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Mike Finnegan
Jul 1, 2009
Photographers: Charlie Hayward
Photo 2/6   |   letters To The Editor general Motors Corp
An Open Letter To Bob Lutz At General Motors
Hi Bob,
My name is Greg Carson and I have been a Chevy Guy since I was 14 (now 59). I have "bowties" in my blood. I now have a '54 Chevy wagon project, a Canadian '55 1st Series Chevy 1300 pickup project, a '72 Chevy Custom 10 pickup, an '81 El Camino project, and an '03 Silverado. I'm getting astounding mileage with this truck and have only done brake pads, rotors, and a computer tune-up, and just now have 270,000 km on the odometer. I wouldn't consider buying an import brand vehicle, and I have been doing automotive appraisals for past 22 years.
I have an idea concerning GMC, Chevrolet, and all of the other North American auto manufacturers in this current economic crisis. I live and breathe cars, trucks, and bikes as do millions of other enthusiasts. My idea for you to implement is selling an "enthusiast stock" with nice collector-type certificate. This would be a real share of GM stock, starting at $100 each. I'm not rich and famous, or my vehicles would not still be projects after all these years. But, I understand if a fella went to buy stock at this moment, the buy in is somewhere over $5,000. Like I said I'm not rich, but at $100 I'm ready to buy now as would millions of other enthusiasts. This could really help GM raise revenue.
I do believe that all large business and government is "top heavy", with stupid money being paid to the top people and this has to be changed in the future. In fact, I believe that our capitalist system is a large pile of cookies (pyramid scheme), and the ginger snaps on the bottom are starting to crumble. I've already sent similar mail to GM Canada and received a phone call already
Greg Carson
Bentley AB, Canada
via email
PS: The upfront money has already been spent on the Camaro Z28, and it should be built and sold!
That's a good idea, Greg. Bob Lutz retired though and is no longer the vice chairman for global product development. He's staying on as vice chairman and senior advisor to Chairman Rick Wagoner until the end of the year though.
Photo 3/6   |   letters To The Editor kodye Elyse
Dude Looks Like A Lady
My friend swears that Kodye Elyse, the pin-up model in August '08 issue, is a she male. If she is, he has a hot body. Help me with this one.
Chris Dalton
via email
If your friend thinks this is a guy then he needs to have his eyes checked. Besides, Calin swears that she's a she. How does he know? He's not sayin'!

Photo 4/6   |   letters To The Editor 1985 Chevrolet C10
Back Issues Rule!
Have you guys ever swapped a '91 Blazer front clip onto an '85 Chevy C10? If so, what issue was it in? Thanks!
Robert James
via email
In the June issue, Mike wrote a story called "Burnt by the Grille," which was about swapping a late-model grille shell and insert onto his '73 C10. There was a sidebar covering the highlights of the front clip swap in that story as well. While it's not the same year of the trucks you mentioned in your email, the procedure is the same.

Photo 5/6   |   letters To The Editor chevrolet Silverado
Smokin' Silverado
I am sure you get a lot of inquires about getting featured, so add me to the list. My changes are too many to list but the short story is that it dynos at 572 rwhp and 540 lb-ft and I am one of the few that actually did a six-piston brake kit as well. In this picture, you can see my intercooler scoop below my front bumper. I have a lot more pictures too. Thank you for your time.
via email
Did you say intercooler? By all means send more pictures of your Chevy. We'd love to see what you've got going on under the hood, and if the rest of the truck is as nice as the other ones you see in the magazine, a feature shoot can be arranged.
Photo 6/6   |   letters To The Editor colorado Customs
Gone But Not Forgotten
One of your photographers took pictures of my truck and had promised to get me copies but never did. I have been trying to track down copies for awhile and noticed that you have pics on your website of my truck. Is there any way I can order copies and do you have more pictures of my truck? My truck was stolen and it was my pride and joy. By the way, I put 20-inch Colorado Customs on it after those pics where taken.
Ray Barnett
via email
Ray, because its such an old photo, we have no clue where that photo was taken or who took it. Sorry man but we can't help you out much. Perhaps some of our readers will recognize your ride and have photos of it from a show they attended. If anyone does have photos, please post them at
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